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Found 7 results

  1. I'm sticking with keeping things very simple and foundational. Yeah, I'll still post about the PARKOUR!!!, but even with parkour, I'm going to work on some fundamentals. I'm not being boring. I'm just training like a Jedi. I'm going to make a spreadsheet and check the boxes each day to keep myself honest. A lot of these are just the bare minimum, and I hope that I'll often feel inclined to do more. 1. Darebee Strength protocol workout every weekday. These are short and simple, but they certainly facilitate doing strength work every day. I'm currently up to Day 7.
  2. Well I am back for another 4WC(5WC)!! I decided to have a little fun with the theme and go with Sonic this time Each goal will earn me rings to give me power to fight Doctor Eggman. So here's the goals: STRENGTH:X30 a week Sonic has to be strong in order to power through all of Dr. Robotnik's robots! (Need at least 100 rings to pass) Week 1: Week 2: WEEK 3: WEEK 4: SPEED: X12 a week What Sonic challenge would be complete without sprinting?! I will be doing sprinting drill 6 ti
  3. Because [Fitness] is what? Fundamental! So, I couldn't come up with a good theme, and I realized was going back to fundamentals. (I haven't done a mobility quest since my first challenge), and the word "fundamental" always makes me think of RuPaul Drag Race! I know Raptron did one a while ago, which was so much fun, so I decided to blatantly copy and bring it back. Quest 1: Splits: I can feel it, this challenge is the time, it's happening! I will do stretching work 4 times a week, for 6 minutes minimum. I can work on whatever feels tight, but I have to sit
  4. Main Quest. My main quest is to develop my confidence and physical health/fitness to the point where my low self esteem no longer holds me back from living life the way I'd like to. This challenge I'll be keeping things pretty simple by taking better care of my body, teaching it to move better, and doing a crap load of pushups. Quest 1 - Movement Training. +3 DEX Mobility/stretching every day Practice parkour rolls 3 times a week Quest 2 - Increase Pushups. +2 STR, +1 STA Continuing my quest to reach 100 pushups in 5 sets, this challenge the goal is 75. That means an improvement of 6 reps
  5. Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. YES! I am finally going with a science-fiction theme! It’s fitting because I will be doing things I don’t normally do: take care of myself I get incredibly high-strung on daily basis, I work out like a beast, and I rarely take the time to stretch and relax. This challenge, I am looking to change that. Meditation (+25XP) I don’t ever do this, yet I know how goo
  6. Events: IPF World Open - 10/11/2015 (live streamed on goodlift for those that are interested) Edinburgh BJJ Open - 21/11/2015 Southend No Gi Open - 29/10/2015 Newcastle BJJ Open - 6/12/2015 Goals: Competition: IPF Worlds - Top Ten STR - 3, Top 5 STR - 5, Podium (lol yeah right) STR - 7 Edinburgh - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, Bronze DEX - 1 Southend - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, SIlver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Newcastle - Gold CON - 1, DEX - 2, Silver CON - 1, DEX - 1, DEX - 1 Life Goals: Be more social Do at least one thing a week which isn't training related, even if i
  7. Copied over from my challenge thread, in which I'm training for my first kayak trip down a river: GUYS GUYS GUYS! I did it!! First day in my kayak, and I successfully performed my first combat roll! (meaning, I was underwater in the current, and I flipped myself over and out of the water) I spent the whole day at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC. First off, this place is SO COOL. If you're ever around Charlotte and have an interest in whitewater, climbing, biking, hiking, adventure courses, or zipline, check it out. I took two classes; in the morning I had a kayak samp
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