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Found 5 results

  1. Dundundun... I have a girlfriend! I met her on Tinder, and we went out several times and have been texting in between. After our 4th date, we agreed to drop the number from the front and add 'ing' to the end. She is totally awesome, very funny, sweet, loves her nephews and mine. She wants to come with me to the gym starting in a few days. We are going to get hot together!
  2. This picture always seems to resonate with me because - well - it's hard to explain, but I'll try. I wish that I would meet a girl who would see past all the pain, scars, and anxiety I have. I wish that I would meet a girl who would see past all of the defensive walls I put up when things start to look up. You see, I met someone - someone I really am starting to like and I can feel those defenses coming up again. Those feelings of "wanting" to push her away. I don't really want to push her away, but I start to do these things anyways. I know it's because I'm scared of getting hurt again. I know it's my fault, but I don't know how to fix it. All my friends say I'm a great guy - kind, intelligent, funny, and that I'll find someone. But here I sit, the most confident I've been in my life, after a night of insomnia because I'm terrified that I'm going to push her away again. When will someone stop seeing the Hulk and start seeing Bruce Banner? When will I stop seeing the Hulk and start seeing Bruce Banner?
  3. Brutal Bears Finds Balance Introduction Boss: Kuvira Health: (50/50) Brutal Bears the Lava Bender: Possible Attacks:
  4. So, my romantic life took off and kind of consumed everything else. It's still going strong (yay!), but it's time to step out of the love bubble a bit and into the real world again. I'm going to stick to just focusing on my goals and forget about the theme for this challenge. It's good to be back! Edit: So I was convinced that I had gained weight during my little fitness vacation, but when I weighed myself last night, I had not. Not necessarily a sign of any persisting good habits, but I am glad I didn't undo what I had accomplished. Part 1: Physical Health (72 points) Exercising 5 days/week - Belly dancing, walking, and weight training. I will do at least 30 minutes, but up to an hour when I can. (20 points)Tracking my caloric intake every day and keep within the limit set with my doctor (1,800 cal/day) - I get a pass on game nights. (24 points)Taking my meds - Morning pill every day (28 points)Part 2: Spiritual/Mental Health (45 points) Meditating 5 times per week - Meditation allows me to clear my mind so that I can reflect with an unclouded perspective. (20 points)Getting to bed by 11pm on weekday nights (16 points)Committing to spiritual study 2 hours per week - This can be anything from reading to lessons, to readings, to ritual, etc. (8 points)Read one book from year-long book challenge (4 points - 1 for each week I work on this, although I can take them all at once)Part 3: Financial Health (6 points) Planning my expenses and tracking free money for each pay period - Budgeting like this prevents me from spending foolishly and being unable to take care of needs. I need to also start budgeting for eating out when I know my schedule will keep me on the road, in combination with those times I am able to take food from home. (2 points)52 week challenge - Each week, I will put in a dollar amount equal to the week of the year; $1 for week 1, $2 for week 2. The total sum at the end of the year is over $1,000. (4 points)Note to self for when I have more time: check out year book challenge to see if it fits. Also need to assign stat values for this challenge.
  5. I have no idea what forum would be the most appropriate for this topic, so if I've placed it in the wrong one then I apologise to the mod who'll have to move it. Something that has been weighing on my mind a long time is the issues that come up in a romantic relationship between two people when one decides to make a radical lifestyle change that is not embraced by the other. For this thread, the example will be one partner chosing to become healthy while the other refuses. I have, am, going through it and a friend is too. I am just curious to hear the opinions and experiences of those on here. Some of the issues my friend and I have faced include not being able to do everything with our partners. For example, rock climbing, kayaking, and running. We encounter a lot of couples doing these things together and we both feel a little envious. Another issue is worrying about our partners' health long term. Will we have to help them face diabetes and heart disease? Trying to find common activities becomes hard. Similar to the first issue, but a bit different and more of an issue in my friend's relationship. He wants to go out more, run, hike, camp, etc... She prefers eating out, watching reality TV, and drinking with friends. At the same time, it is important to be sympathetic to our partners in these changes. When we entered our relationships, we had a lifestyle that was more in sync. We changed. It's something we did. For them, it's like waking up with a whole new life partner. Watching TV, shopping, drinking, eatting out, etc.. all this stuff was great a couple years ago. What have your experiences been? Going through something like this now? Thoughts on the subject?
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