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  1. So possibly unsurprisingly if you followed my last challenge which was So You Think You Can Danced themed, this time around I'll be inspiring myself by sprinkling Dancing with the Stars (and Strictly) gifs around this challenge . I'll get back to my regularly scheduled nerdery in September XD So let's see, for anyone just joining me the main thing to know is that in the last year I have very seriously gotten into ballroom dancing, mainly latin (so cha cha, rumba, samba, jive, paso doble) but I dabble in smooth/standard (waltz/viennese waltz/foxtrot/tango/quickstep). I have my very first big competition the first weekend of the challenge on August 3 which I have been prepping like CRAZYYYYY during the past challenge. After that I have a small window to chillax and not be prepping for an impending big event (I've got an intramural/between studios/unofficial competition in September but it's not really a big deal) so I'm going to try to use this challenge to get a handle back on some of the things I've been slacking on in my life. Like domestic rangering, food stuffs, general organization, and being more consistent with lifting (for the past month I've pretty much just been lifting whenever I have time which sometimes is 3x/week and sometimes was 1x/week so it's just been all over the place). Here are my goals (bonuses are nice-to-dos but I won't consider it a failure if I don't do them): Goal 1: Lift Stick to a real lifting schedule of Monday Wednesday/Thursday and Saturday. My HRC meetings and private dance lessons vary from week to week in terms of Wednesdays/Thursdays so I'm OK with keeping that particular thing up in the air but I have to make a decision in the beginning of each week which day it will be. Bonus: Don't skip accessories! (usually I try to do curls, crunches, push ups, pull up work, and calf raises but I've been skimping on the accessory work as of late) Goal 2: Organize Use my bullet journal - post my weekly spreads here in the beginning AND end of the week. Bonus: Post my monthly spreads at the end of the challenge too! Goal 3: Eat Only eat out 3 meals a week or less. Bonus: Share my food log from my bullet journal here. Goal 4: Maintain ROMWOD (mobility work for those unfamiliar with it) and meditation 6x/week Bonus: Attend one or more restorative yoga class during the challenge Goal 5: Dance Continuing on from last challenge, share a dance video once a week. Next challenge I'll probably have to cut this down since I'm running out of material (I don't take the time to take videos every single lesson and don't really want to) but for now, especially after the comp, I should have 5 more weeks of stuff to share Bonus: Practice on my own 3x/week. I haven't really done this before aside from running my routines, but one of my teachers has been giving us great pointers on how and what to do for targeted practice on our own so even if it's just for 15 minutes I want to start doing this.
  2. Welcome one and all - to Weirdmaggedon! Something you probably didn't know about me - I EFFING LOVE GRAVITY FALLS!!! Like seriously, probably one of my top 5 favourite shows of all time - up there with Buffy, Farscape and Doctor Who. The opening theme song was even Mr. Raxie's and my recessional for our wedding (I walked down the aisle to something off a Doctor Who soundtrack though so it's not like it was a startlingly nerdy thing for us). We also dressed as Dipper and Mabel for Halloween this year. Seriously, if you haven't watched it, even if you aren't into cartoons - just go do it. It's only 2 seasons and it's just so warm hearted and simultaneously nerdy and really down to earth, and the overarching plot is seriously pretty amazing and it ends so beautifully and I literally cry every time. Ugh so good. Ok anyway so after taking the last challenge off due to my life basically exploding (many many weddings/rehearsal dinner/bachelorette parties, about 900 extra dance lessons to prep for an upcoming performance, and some cat illness drama, and meeting Jonathan Van Ness which I needed approximately a full week to emotionally recover from) I am really hankering for a serious high spirited challenge. And what better than a Gravity Falls themed battle challenge to rev me back up and start prepping for the new year? I have the excites. So with all that said, here's my challenge. I'll be fighting Bill Cipher, the final and biggest of Big Bads in the show (he's the pyramid dude in my gif up top). He has brought Weirdmaggedon down on Gravity Falls and it's up to Dipper and Mabel to stop him! Each of the five weeks (starting this week!) they will be fighting one of Bill's cronies and gathering friends for the bigger fight to come. If I succeed with my goals for the week that week's minion will be subdued and a new friend will join the party. Week 4 all the party members I've gathered will fight Bill and any undefeated minions. If I've collected enough friends we will be able to handle some undefeated minions at the end, but also if I don't collect any friends but manage to beat all the minions then just Dipper and Mabel will be able to beat Bill on their own so that's where some flexibility on the challenge comes in. My goals will be the same each week so it's just a matter of keeping them consistent to take down Bill. The final showdown with Bill will have different rules than weeks 0-3 which I'll post in a follow-on post. Initial rules are below with my goals! The Goals: "Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram" - Bill Cipher Dance 4x/week = 100 HP damage to enemy per party member Usually I don't set a goal for dancing because I'm going to be going anyway, but I really need to push myself to practice separately from my lessons and classes for the upcoming performance we have in December so I'll be tracking it. "This party never stops! Time is dead, and meaning has no meaning. Existence is upside down." - Bill Cipher Lift 3x/week = 100 HP damage to enemy per party member I've been pretty consistently been able to work back in 3 sessions vs 2 for the last 3 months ish, I find that the only time I fail to do this is when I don't plan ahead so I've just got to make sure I know when I'll be doing what each week ahead of time. "Songs Are Like Hugs that Mouths give to Ears" - Mabel Pines ROMWOD 6x/week = 1 new friend added to party I've been pretty good about ROMWODing, a few times a week but I need to get back to prioritizing it since I really started seeing improvements in my flexibility last time I did it almost every day and I want to be flexy. "If you're curious don't wait." - Dipper Pines Updates 3x/week = 1 new friend added to party One MAJOR thing I will be working on this challenge is my perfectionism. You know the whole "if it's not perfect why bother doing it" feeling that causes so many people (myself included) to say oh I can't stick to my meal plan so I might as well eat 100 slices of pizza? Or if I don't have time to clean my entire house why bother doing the little that I can? I've somehow gotten over all of this in my real life, but for the forums I somehow have not. I always want to post all my happy (or not so happy things) and battle-log style catalogue how things are going with me, to the point that if I don't have time or space to do so I just...don't. I need to seriously get over this because it has hindered me from keeping up with a lot of my past challenges, and ultimately I probably could have done the last challenge if I had just been OK with myself doing it all through Tapatalk. So this challenge I am redownloading Tapatalk, and I will be using Habit Bull to track my goals. If I don't have time to say anything, I can just post my Habit Bull progress screen shot and have that be that. Yes Tapatalk results in ugly posts and it makes me sad but it makes me sadder that I'm preventing myself from being here.
  3. I'm rewatching through Boy Meets World right now (thanks Hulu) and I decided to make my theme this challenge based on my very first original TV spirit animal - Topanga Lawrence! There are so many reasons I love her but I think the above two quotes pretty much say it all. If I have a moment of non-motivation during this challenge I'll just ask myself What Would Topanga Do? Be a badass independent woman and do what needs to be done, that's what. Prologue My first love is powerlifting, and have recently-ish started getting back into trying to lift heavy instead of just for maintenance. I'm still living the Stronglifts life right now but will probably be looking to graduate to an intermediate program before the end of the year. I also have semi-seriously been getting into ballroom dancing since December 2017 and it's kind of taken over my life. I love it. I'll be doing my first competition on my own (ie not with the formation team I'm on which I've done one competition with earlier this year) the end of the first week of this challenge doing a waltz to Hedwigs Theme. I recently did a huge decluttering of my apartment and am trying to settle on a good method of keeping-it-that-way. Last challenge I tried small daily tasks, I don't think it worked for me, so this challenge I'll be focusing on a new approach to this. I am really also into mobility (ROMWOD and Unbreakable Feet are my two go-tos, I've been dabbling in GMB's Focused Flexibility program) and fit that in where I can. I am a sufferer of Rangerbrain and earlier this year had to declutter my goals in order to focus on a smaller amount of things more seriously. I'm thinking of maybeeee trying to squeeze one of those things back in maybe before the end of the year? Things I wish I could do but just don't have time for and had to cut out but have potential to bring back: yoga, OCRs, rucking, boxing, rowing. Honestly I've got my eyeball on boxing but we shall see. It may make an appearance this challenge. It may not. I also volunteer for HRC and it takes up a lot of my non-work time. I've got meetings every week if not twice a week with them and then have to actually do the thing aside from that. Between that and dance my calendar is pretty much always full. I like it that way though. Goals 1) Lifty Lift Lift Strength Train 3x/week Self explanatory methinks. 2) Dancey Dance Dance Practice outside of dance class/lessons 1x/week I'm going to go to dance class and take lessons regardless of this challenge. I literally rearrange my social calendar so as to not miss classes sometimes so I'm in no way worried about that. I think the next step in upping my game is practicing things I'm struggling with at home. I'm not going to go too hard on this, I just want to get a feel for what it would entail. So 15 or more minutes once a week is all I'm shooting for for right now. That's enough time to practice one figure or something a few times. Or run a routine a few times. 3) Cleanity Clean Clean Comprehensive maintenance cleaning 1 day a week. No more daily tasks, do all of them in a few hour block once a week, for now scheduled for Friday but I think it might switch between Fridays and Sundays depending on the week. Reward I think I want to get a pair of practice dance shoes. I don't really neeeeeeed them, I have a pair of latin (strappy sandal-y) and a pair of smooth (closed toe and bendy) shoes but for days when I'm doing a few classes in a row and my feet hurt, or for salsa and hustle where I don't really want to be wearing either my latin or smooth shoes and feel weird when I do... I would really like to have a plain practice pair. So if I 100% this challenge I will get them - which sounds like a lot but I'm really only asking myself to do 2 things a week (ie goals 2 & 3, lifting is in my habit now so it's not something extra I'm doing but I'd like to keep track of it here), one of which is a 15 minute thing... so 100% is reasonable. I'll probably get black but like, there are also some crazy ones that I really like. I almost certainly won't get them, but look how cool they are: There are also ones with lips all over them hahah. Not sure if I'd absolutely love wearing them or regret it instantly. Anyway, that's my challenge. Here we go!
  4. I think I may have done a Harry Potter themed challenge semi-recently BUT I'm doing it again because I have a dance performance coming up and it's to Hedwigs Theme so I'm feeling pretty Hogwarts inspired right now However since I probably exhausted all the good old fashioned Potter gifs in my challenge a few months ago, this challenge will be hilarious and no-good HP gif themed. #sorrynotsorry Yeah we will see how long this lasts. Some background on me - my two main pursuits are powerlifting and ballroom dancing. Powerlifting I've been doing for a long while now and ballroom dancing I just got into back in December. I did ballet for 15 years when I was growing up so dance isn't super foreign to me but ballroom is SO FREAKIN' different and it's been 13 years since I've danced at all so it's definitely a challenge. I've actually got my first ever competition coming up in September (AHHHHHHHH), even though it's a super friendly not serious between some studios competition and not like... a real one. I did something similar with a performance team back in March but this one it will be just me doing a showcase (it's the Hedwig's theme dance I am basing this challenge around mentioned above). I'm ascared. But also still pretty darn excited. Lifting wise I've been more or less doing as a maintenance activity but the past 2 weeks I've been starting to step my game up again because I want to be stronger and I am finally feeling I am in a place where my body is used to how much dancing I am doing and it won't exhaust me. So far so good. As far as my challenge goes I usually end up using them kind of as a glorified battle log but I here are some goals anyway: Goal 1: Clean Fly Lady Daily Tasks 5x/week Last challenge I mostly focused on decluttering and making my apartment presentable and I succeeded! I have had people over semi-regularly and don't feel a wave of nausea inducing panic anymore at the thought of house guests. My first goal this challenge will be to maintain this as the status-quo. Honestly, I've been trying to do the Fly Lady thing for 3-ish years but I've never had a good baseline to go off of and it always just feels so overwhelming. Now that I've got a clean baseline apartment I feel like I can *gasp* actually do some maintenance cleaning?!?!?!? Should be interesting. Goal 2: Lift Strength workout 3x/week I have generally failed every darn time I tried to re-up my strength training from 2 to 3 days a week over the last few months and I think it was because I was still adjusting to my new dance schedule. The last few weeks I've been actually doing it super successfully and feeling pretty great about it so I want to keep this up. Goal 3: Dance Private lesson 1x/week I probably don't need to make this a goal because I'm going to do it anyway, but it's an easy win and I want an excuse to talk about it so there you go. So there you have it, a few days late but what are you gonna do. Time to do the thing!
  5. I am feeling super inspired by my re-playing through all the Kingdom Hearts games lately so... I'm going to stick with this theme for the second challenge in a row. I may do it again for the next challenge too because WHY THE HECK NOT?! I'm feeling a little lacking in the inspiration elsewhere but Kingdom Hearts seriously never ceases to get me riled up in all the best ways so it's just going to have to do for now Two challenges ago I didn't have very specific goals and just wanted to stick to my routine. Last challenge I tried to add a bunch of new things to my routine This challenge I'm going back to not really having goals, but this time my routine will incorporate some of the habits I developed last challenge (and some not that didn't really work for me). This pattern of chill then go hard then chill gain seems to be working pretty well for me. So this will be a chill challenge cycle GOAL 1: SHOW UP Post my weekly schedule and goals each week by the end of the day Tuesday. Try for Sunday or Monday, but Tuesday's fine. My weekly schedules will include my usual stuff like lifting, dance, and ROMWOD plus some new stuff from last challenge like Unbreakable Feet and meditation. GOAL 2: DO THE THING Do what I said I was going to do and stick to my schedule/goals for each week. GOAL 3: REFLECT Post what I ate for each meal of the week and why (if applicable... I don't need to post why for a meal prepped meal for example) and how each meal made me feel physically and mentally. This really worked for me two challenges ago so I'm going to do it again. GOAL 4: DANCE I want to start taking private lessons again, I haven't in a few weeks. So for this one I'll make it a priority to take at least 2 private lessons this challenge. Bonus: Figure out what the heck I'm going with my dance goals (ie do I want to compete and if so how soon and in what dances) ♥ And that's it! Woop woop let's do this!
  6. Considering that my user name is a Doctor Who reference, and that it is one of my most intense nerdoms (I’ve seen almost every episode of the old doctors 1-8 from 1963 and on, even sat through some horrible animated and audio recovered versions of the “lost” episodes) I was shocked to realize that I’ve somehow never done a full up Doctor Who challenge since I joined in 2013?! I think I subconsciously wasn’t ready to do something so close to my heart and have the chance to screw it up, so a few times I’ve considered it and said to myself “next challenge” or “oh I’ll have to put more thought into that before going forward with it”. Well you know what? It’s time. After a couple of taking-it-easy challenges ramping back up from taking a while off last year for my wedding planning, wedding itself, and honey moon, I’m ready. Last challenge was the most successful I’ve had in a really long time, and I have recently discovered a new love (ballroom dance) and started really diving into it, and am ready to ramp it up to full gear. I’ve got my sonic and I’m ready to travel time and space and get. shit. done. So as still not to dive in too quickly, because I've learned my lesson there, I’ll be ramping up my goals all through the challenge, each week I will face off against a new Doctor Who enemy alongside a different regeneration of the Doctor. By the end of the five weeks (I’m starting this week in zero week!) I’ll be all up to speed in All The Things. Well, not all the things because I’ll still be focusing on dance and lifting (continuing to suppress the Ranger Brain and not add other things in like a nut job) but I’ll be diving in HARD. I’m also going to go back to lifting 3x/week and give up doing barre once a week. I wanted to do it to get posture work in, but I’ll just add in more core-type accessories to my lifting days instead. I miss it too much. So without further ado, I present Raxie’s Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Challenge!
  7. Raxie

    Reclaiming Raxie

    Hooray we have made it to 2018!! I am pretty excited. The last year was a year full of ups and downs for me, but overall it was just horribly busy. Busy in both good ways and bad, but just when I look back at the year it just seems like a whirl wind of emotion and stress. I really lost track of my goals and a bit of the fun-loving, motivated person I have grown into over the past few years. This is the first year in YEARS that I don't already have 100 things planned, I can actually look at my calendar and it isn't CRAMMED full of things every single weekend. I am so beyond excited about this. I want to take this year to breathe - settle back into my habits that kind of got lost along the way, and reclaim myself, my time, and really focus on me. The last challenge was kind of a mental cleanse for me, I abandoned a lot of the side fitness projects I had been trying to do and overwhelming myself with. I really like what I ended up with, while I still want to pursue archery, OCRs, rucking, boxing, and gymnastics... I needed to break it down to the top couple of things to really focus on and I am really glad I did. I am going to continue with that for this challenge, but instead of focusing on the Rangerbrain decluttering portion of it, I am going to focus on really diving deep into those couple of things I have chosen to focus on. Those things are lifting, dancing, and food. The goals are below. Passing is meeting my goals 100% of the time for all 5 weeks. Variances are already worked into each goal so this isn't unreasonable. Fitness Goal 1: Pick Things Up and Put Them Down I did really well with reducing my lifting days to twice a week from three times a week and I'm going to keep on with that. Stronglifts 2x/week Variance: Can shift a workout to the next week and do 3x/week as a make up ONCE this challenge Fitness Goal 2: Dance Dance Dance I completely fell in love with ballroom dancing last year while learning our first dance for my wedding and I want to really focus on it. I did ballet for 15 years when I was younger, and I'm eyeing a ballet studio that I might hit up for adult classes when I work up the courage. If I don't, that's OK, I'll do online barre classes in my room. Either way I need to do stuff to work on my posture. Dance Class 3x/week Barre or ballet 1x/week Variance: Can do a quick 10-minute pilates workout instead of barre ONCE this challenge. Fitness Goal 3: Recovery ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day) has done wonders for me, and I picked up with it regularly again last challenge and I want to stick with it. I'm going to try to start doing it in the morning instead of before bed and see how that works for me, since I really miss my morning yoga practice but I don't want to add anything extra to my plate. ROMWOD 5x/week Variance: ROMWOD Warrior (a once a week twice as long WOD) can count as 2 sessions once a week as a make up TWICE this challenge Food Goal: Eat Clean My definition of clean isn't quite paleo or gluten free, but I know it works for me. Last challenge I took it easy and just wanted to not eat like an a-hole through the holidays... which aside from one holiday and pet-loss induced binge session I did really well. I'm ready to drill this down to be more specific. Here are my rules: No added sugar to recipes or beverages Gluten-free-ish. Whole grains are OK (and not like bread, like actual whole grains I can see and pick up, like farro or wheat berries) and this is limited to once a week. No cheese or milk. Dairy is OK in the form of ghee and sometimes butter in cooking. Eat out only once a week Drink alcohol once a week, and only up to three drinks are allowed that night. Try to stick to wine and cider, one of the three drinks can be beer only. Variance on sugar and cheese is allowed once a week (probably will co-align with eating out but it doesn't have to) Life Goal: Laundry & Decluttering I've been so busy my apartment has become my dumping grounds as opposed to my sanctuary. This needs to change. 15 minutes of decluttering per day 5x/week Laundry twice a week and put away clothes within 24 hours of washing them. Variance: Can skip TWO declutter sessions throughout the challenge. Laundry can be done less if it isn't needed.
  8. I have been wanting to do a Dark Tower themed challenge FOR EVER. This series is probably my absolute favourite of all time. I’m encouraged by the movie hopefully providing a wide availability of gifs so I'm finally doing it! I won’t be following the movie plot though, I’ll be sticking with the book characters and locations. This is going to be a 3 challenge long theme, with pre-planned variations and additions each challenge. This triple-challenge is all leading up to Mr. Raxie and I’s wedding in October, and then our honeymoon in early November! The first major thing I’ll be working towards is Mr. Raxie’s and I’s first dance. We started taking dance lessons last week I want to continue that. I also want to start taking group dance classes when I can because I remembered how much I truly love to dance (I did ballet for 15 years of my life growing up but it’s been quite a while since then) and every time we leave a dance lesson I feel so unbelievably happy and light. I want to get more of that feeling. A few weeks after the wedding is the honey moon! We were originally going to do something relaxing like going to an all inclusive resort or Disney or something like that and then realized that’s just not us, no matter how much we would love to pretend it is. So instead we are going to do a ~2 week backpacking trip across the Great Smoky Mountains via the Appalachian Trail! About halfway through we’ll be submitting Clingman’s Dome, which at 6,643 feet is the highest mountain on the Appalachian Trail and the third highest mountain on the east coast. It’s going to be really tough. I’m not concerned about being out in the middle of no where for that long as I feel adequately prepared in that sense, the terrain itself is just going to be hard as heck compared to what we are used to… so we are going to have to get really serious about training for that with as much hiking as possible between then and now, and rucking around the city when we can’t get out to nature. With all that said, I’ve got a pretty rigorous training plan for the next three challenges, and my challenges will include zero weeks so they are each 5 weeks long. Each challenge will be a leg of Roland’s journey to the tower with his Ka-Tet (for non-constant readers: the Ka-Tet is Roland’s tightly bound group of travelling companions through the series. They are so tightly bound they are essentially family and their destinies are entwined) and will be traveling towards a confrontation with one of the Dark Tower big-bads. The main Ka-Tet will come with me for each challenge, and each challenge will also have a guest member from the series for that challenge alone. Note: The characters that do and do not come with me, the potential deaths of big-bads, and how each relates to the locations of that particular challenge will have no correlation to book events, so it’ll all be pretty spoiler free.
  9. WOW GUYS. I somehow missed that last challenge was my THIRD FREAKIN’ NERDVERSARY!!!! I can’t believe what a wild ride it’s been, particularly the last year and a half. Obligatory pre-challenge Raxie brainings & a bit of background under the spoiler. AND NOW THE MOST EXCITING THING!!! I also have decided to integrate D&D concepts into this whole character thing a bit more. Big Show finding his true hybrid class really inspired me to find mine, and I realized I have already been secretly telling myself what it is via my D&D game! I’ve been after the Dragon Disciple prestige class for a while now, and am finally pretty close to attaining it in the game. And it is pretty much how I see my level 50 self translated into real life. Essentially, this class has magical powers and can cast arcane spells (WIS based – aka completing my PhD) but studies dragons so intensely that they also grow dragon scales, can fly short distances and have claws, so can also tank (power lifting/mobility) and melee (body weight work) pretty darn well. Essentially my D&D goal is to cast buffing auras to my friends (meditation/yoga) while fighting and using my claws to touch spell debuff the enemy (boxing). I can’t believe I never noticed how much this aligns with what I want to be in real life!!! This gives me so much excite I can’t even put it into words. Here's what a dragon disciple looks like in their fully leveled up glory (I can't find any women versions UGH so you will have to use your imagination): For those who don't know, Prestige Classes in D&D are basically secondary classes that have extraordinary abilities associated with them that can only be leveled upon once you have met certain requirements in a basic class. I think I have met my basic requirements in my NF journey to start leveling up on a new path that builds upon my old one, but will get me to new places. It’s time. TL;DR This challenge will be focused on my foray into Rings and Headstands, thanks to a well-timed NF course release, while maintaining my focus on competing sometime next year (to be more solidified after the new year) in PL, and keep on cardioing for funsies and heart health. I have also realized I am a Dragon Disciple. While this definitely is not a respawn, it is certainly a new start. I am going after my prestige class, so I am starting at level 1 Dragon Disciple – but I am already at a high level of my base class (Timelady Siren) and will maintain that level, but it is where I want it and it’s time to move on to bigger better things. I will be tracking this path over the course of many challenges, so things I earn here will continue to carry over to future challenges! The rules below will show the things I'll be working towards. Also, as I say nearly every challenge cycle but it bears repeating, you guys seriously rock my socks <3
  10. So last week for the second year in a row I got to spend an amazing 5 days (+2 extra in Atlanta) in the woods with THE MOST AMAZING NERDS ON THE PLANET! Camp was yet again one of the most mind blowing experiences of my life, and the things I learned and the people I met and reconnected with will stay with me always. There's a hashtag on social media we use #CNF365 to represent bringing all the goodness we got there into our every day lives. My goals this challenge, and until the end of the year, are to do this hashtag justice. October is also going to be in INSANE month for me. I'll be going to Maine to check out wedding venues, then traveling for work for a few days, and then going on a southwest vacation with Mr. Raxie to hit up some national parks, followed by hopping by Camp Ranger Fitness with Tank and Wolfie, and visiting some nerds in Austin and Dallas in the next zero week. So really, I don't have many "normal" days this upcoming month. It will be interesting. So I'm going to keep things kind of flexible as in I have to do things a number of times per challenge - not per week. I also realized at camp that part of my blah feelings lately have been that I have a great habit base set up right now for my work outs, and now that I've been doing it for so long I need something fresh and new. So I'm going to be forcing myself into doing archery once a month from now on (I LOVE ARCHERY I just never let myself find the time to do it) and also try to check out boxing at my gym which I absolutely fell in love with thanks to @Cheechoe and her amazing classes! I've never taken any fighting classes before but somehow after that first class I found myself taking kung fu, Tai Quan Do, and self defense. This isn't something I think will turn into my number one thing (I love lifting too much) but I definitely want to explore my options here at home with getting it in as a fun side activity! Maybe eventually even once a week. Here are my goals for the entire challenge this time around: 11 SL workouts 2 Boxing lessons 1 Archery session 4 mobility focus days (with brand spankin new Kate G stuffs for my hips and more ROMWOD!) 4 Zombies, Row! workouts 16 meditation sessions Start my travel blog I've been wanting to start FOR EVER. And add an entry about CNF 2016 that I'll share with you guys too! But here's my real goal this challenge, which isn't something trackable. It's more about attitude towards MY LOVELY TRIBE OF NERDS. So confession: when I first joined Nerd Fitness in 2013 I did my best to keep my real self separate from my NF self. I didn't post any pictures, I wouldn't tell anyone my real name, but I did make progress. Then in 2015 I started making real friendships with some of you guys, added some of you on facebook, and started really diving into the community. I signed up for camp, came back, and was like screw it I will add everyone on facebook and post pictures of myself here and I DON'T CARE. But a small part of me has still kind of been like, my nerd tribe is separate from my "real" life - if someone called me Raxie on my facebook page (outside of the camp page) I was like OH GOD WHAT IF MY COWORKERS SEE THAT... or something I honestly don't know what I was afraid of. But after this year at camp, and the most unbelievable trip to Hawaii earlier this year with other nerds I am finally ready to admit it. You guys are my tribe and my people - my REAL life people. And you all do nothing but support me and help me along in this amazing journey. So, I will keep these connections open and I will approach fitness with the attitude that I am doing it with this amazing group of people who can call me Raxie all they damn please - because you all have leveled up my life. Even those of you I haven't had much interaction with - you've helped this community be what it is AND THANK YOU FOR THAT. I'm going to start being more honest with myself this challenge about all of that. If my "real life" friends and coworkers aren't cool with me being me, putting my health and fitness first, and loving some amazing folks I met on the internet that's too damn bad. And that's freakin that. I think this attitude will also help me get out of my blahs, because it will help me be less self conscious about diving head first into fitness and all the stuff I have grown to love over the past 3 years being a rebel here. So yeah, here we go!
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