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  1. Hello, I'm Sarah! I just started a blog titled, "salads, stretching & sensibility," to help me take a more kind and (hopefully) sustainable approach to healthier eating and fitness habits. Starting this blog inspired me to come to Nerd Fitness to encourage more, but kind, accountability towards my goals. My main goal with all of this is to kindly observe and document my commitment to eat salads and stretch on a consistent basis. I say consistent because it's gentle language that doesn't make me feel like I'm pressuring myself to strictly have a salad or stretch on a daily basis. I want to build my habits right, not fast, because 'fast' often leads to self sabotage for me. I've also been reminded of the times when taking care of my health was second nature, thanks to my past involvement in high school sports. So with that community spirit in mind, it only made sense to partake in this five week challenge. I'm looking forward to getting to know this community more (heard great things about it years ago) and hopefully making life-long friends! 🥗🙆‍♀️💚 W.L.K. Sarah
  2. Journal every day. I have found that journaling makes me a happier person, and but I have struggled to journal consistently over time. I will be journaling in the morning in the time between getting up and starting work. Bonus! I've been having weird dreams recently. Maybe this will be a dream journal? At the beginning of the year I set 3 fitness goals for myself: 10 pushups, 10 pullups, and 5 wall walks. I will be working toward these goals either by practicing these specific exercises daily or by working through one of the bodyweight levels on the Journey app. I don't really care about Wall Walks other than as a vehicle to my first handstand, but that seemed like too daunting of a goal early this year. I would love to be able to get up into a handstand and hold it for 20 seconds. I will be working on squats and lunges as well to help keep my body in balance. Skincare. I let this slide once I was past puberty, but I'm at an age where this will start to get more and more important. So I will be working on washing and moisturizing morning and night. Super basic, but sometimes that's where you need to be. Rewards! If I journal everyday I will need a new journal soon. I can buy that when I have 10 pages or fewer left in my current journal. Maybe I will do a massage or spa day if/when I meet my pushup/pullup/handstand goals.
  3. This is my first challenge on my journey to become the best ranger (larper) of them all (in my area). I hope you enjoy reading. Leitmotif: Falling leafs I have started to declutter my home, but also my routines and habits. Everything that does not serve a purpose, makes me happy or helps me grow, everything that holds me back, I will let go of. A look out of my window shows, that there can be beauty in it, too. When you have a generalist approach to fitness, I think it's easy to fall in to the trap of trying to practice everything at once. At some points this summer, I lost focus and track of progress, sometimes, things fell off the wagon, because I was tired at the end of training. I need a clearer separation between my training focus (+3x per week) and the maintenance work (occasionally at my own leisure once every week or two). “...you have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.” lotr Body Running After a failed first attempt and some form and posture correction training afterwords, I started CT5K again last winter and build up to a fourth day of weekly running in spring. In August, I turned one of these into a long run by increasing the time gradually to an hour and above. That quite revealed my weak spots: It's not the aerobic endurance that is lacking behind but my legs, knees, and hip flexors especially. I think, I need to strengthen them before pushing for longer runs again. I will skip the long run until further notice and introduce some strength exercises instead. I started to add strides (now 4×100m, 1min recovery) to my easy runs twice a week, as a non-taxing way to work on speed. The forest runs are where the fun starts. I run alongside, across or through a small creek in a nearby forest, jumping from stone to stone, vaulting over fallen logs, balancing and crawling. It's not so much about speed yet, but about the integration of techniques into a run as well as the adaptability and fluidity of movement. I will continue those as long as the weather allows and before winter is coming. Easy Run: 3x per week, 35 min each, split between a soft track (dt:„Finnenbahn“ fin: „Pururata“) and a forest trail. Pulse < 130 bpm Leg strength: 2x per week, on the evenings after the ERs Forest Run: 1x per week, 30 min My final goal is to be able to run the 5km in 24min on the trail if I need to, without hurting myself. (That's one of the benchmarks in my epic quest log. But this is still far of.) Climbing When a ranger is not stalking, crouching or running away from something (s)he is hiding in a tree munching apples and watching the surrounding countryside. But You need to get up there first. After learning swing ups, tuck pop-ups and different traversing techniques, it's time to master … well to manage the muscle up. At the moment, I can get to one kick muscle up, but only on a bar from standing. Mayor weaknesses being the height and explosiveness of the pull as well as the transition. Goal: Get to a couple of muscle up reps on a branch, starting from a jump, then reduce kicking gradually. Muscle up with kick: 3x per week, starting on a bar For height: seated L-sit pull-ups, get from sternum height to the halfway point between it and the naval. Supportive strength training: My strength routine so far was quite cluttered with exercises and I saw not much improvement in the last couple of months. For the next five weeks, I want to go minimalist here as well and reduce the volume to something more manageable. Performed after the muscle ups. Inclined one-handed push-ups, one-handed pull up progression, dragon flag progression Three exercises, in a rep range of 3-5, three sets each. (For those interested, I'm using the operator template from the book „Tactical Barbell“, as far as that is possible with body weight only.) strength training: 3x per week Heart „How much higher, then, is the pluck of the single scout who goes on some risky enterprise alone, on his own account, taking his life in his hand, when it is quite possible for him to go back without anybody being the wiser (...)“ Aids to Scouting Without getting into too much detail, the psychological aspect is probably my greatest weakness. (Among other things, I'm a chronic ruminator.) I am quite good at researching different models (e.g.: CBT) and exercises, less so at implementing them. In what is left of week zero, I will go through my old notes and decide on two or three practices to implement, then make an update to this section. (WIP Otherwise, I would postpone this post even longer. ) Note to myself: Can not be replaced with more pull-ups. Goal: Finally get a habit going 3x a week Wits Meditation Reflecting on my sessions in the past months, they were infrequent, long and of low quality. Let's see, if doing the opposite will help my practice. Anapanasati: 5x per week, in the morning, for a minimum of 10 min, expandable to 20min. Woodcraft Well I wanted to practice my bow drilling skills again and guess who just got volunteered to teach a few people at my community how to start a fire. The date is not set yet, but will be somewhere in November. This means, I need to collect quite a bit of material (tinder, kindling, wood) make some bows, boards and spindels, maybe get a tarp in case of rain. Goal: every one of my pupils gets a fire going Preparing the event 1x per week Practicing bow drill 1x per week Wish me luck!
  4. Dearest Challengers, This is my introduction and my first challenge here. Just learning the ropes and seeing if this is for me. These are my general goals to improve on what I already do - I just want to be more mindful and confident in them. 🥀 STRENGTH 🥀 My strength goal is to progress onto "heavier" weights - I'm brand new to lifting and fairly weak, especially in the upper body. i) Squat: 25kg -> 35kg ii) Bench Press: 20kg -> 25kg iii) Barbell Row: 20kg -> 25kg iv) Overhead Press: 10kg -> 20kg v) Deadlift: 35kg -> 50kg 💐 WISDOM 💐 My wisdom goal is therapy work - overall I'm hoping to gain enough clarity to come up with 3 new therapy goals before the start of CBT. i) Meditation/Journaling ii) Poetry/Reading iii) Art iv) Play time: dancing, dress up, theatre etc. 🌱 CRAFTS 🌱 My crafts goal is to improve my knitting - I've only ever finished one knitting project, so just finishing a few will be a learning experience for me. i) Finish 3 knitting projects
  5. For my 5 Week Challenge, I'm pursuing the following goals: 1. Meditation Station Clear a space in my office to put my yoga mat down. Complete a meditation each morning before getting on my computer. [Constraint] meditation can be no more than 5 minutes. Meditation can be guided or quiet. Find a good source of guided meditations. Spotify? 2. What is Superfluous? Background: One of my lessons I took from my cross-country bike tour is how to identify what is superfluous. When I moved out of my old apartment, I realized how much stuff I had accumulated since graduating college. Currently, the majority of my possessions live at my parents' house. My goal is to reduce the amount of stuff I have by about half over the next five weeks. Utilize the Marie Kondo Method of tidying up and letting go. Identify a good location to donate your stuff to. Clothes Find what doesn't fit, or hasn't been worn in more than a year. Donate. From what's left, decide how many of each article of clothing you need. Donate everything else. Books, Games, and Movies Books <No Strategy Yet> Movies If you haven't watched it in the past year, donate. Games <No Strategy Yet> 3. LeetCode it up Complete the Dynamic Programming Course from YouTube [Constraint] Can not watch more than 1 chapter per day Practice with LeetCode [Constraint] Can not attempt more than 1 problem per day EDIT: Forgot I have a major project I need to tackle over the next 5 weeks (What is Superfluous?) Replaced my workout quest with it since I'm still getting lots of exercise on my bike. Thank goodness for Week Zero!
  6. Hey fellow rebels, I am Casbin a former member of the Rebel Subforum. While I am not exatcly new around here I haven't been on for a few years but kept missing the Community around here. You know how it goes, priorities need to be set and my path had me occupied with another angle. I will do a proper introduction and layout for the challenge later on but let's get down to business first. The title says it all, I wasn't expecting for a new Challenge to start tomorrow but let's roll with it. As said already I am enroute to a reboot which is why this intervall is taged as a lifestyle-challenge. Why prep a reboot you may ask? Do Not Procrastinate - get on with it. Thing is, I have no effing clue were I am at or headed. It is time to take a look at the Journey of the past few years, count my blessings and clean up my turf. Or to put it nerdier terms. I am wrapping up an entire Campaigne right now, loads of things have happended and have grown and sharpened my PC. Rather then jumping head first into the next Adventure, I will review the spoils, refurbish the Fortress and move on to a new Campagne. Now you have been warned, my goals for this Frame will be fast and loose for subjective goals are hard to quantivy. A proper Framework is already in the making but I wanted to put this out there before I can chicken out of it and let you know that this might be a bit far out compared to the predefined Layout. If you are good with that, be my guest and I will accomodate you to the best of my abilities; if it's not your cup of tea, no hard feelings, we all take this endevour to the best ofour abilities. See you soon, there is more stuff to be done before Icanget the ball rolling Casbin
  7. I'm just jumping right back into things. I've already got a bit of a thing going but I want to hone in on everything and just keep it moving. My real focus is habit, routine building, and consistency around a couple key areas. Goals 1. Do something active every single day. Walk the dog, do yoga, lift some weights. Doesn't really matter, just do something. 5 days out of 7 is success to me. Well, 7/7 would be ideal but I'm really working on going easy on myself. 6 months ago I was working out 0 days out of 7 and any improvement over that is a win for me. I found this harder when I was trying to schedule myself too strictly. Now I just do the thing as soon I have the time in the day and that's working really well. The big secret for me is just putting my workout clothes on. I just have to force myself to get dressed for the activity and by that time I'm invested and I'm not backing out. And it's pretty easy to convince myself to just put the shoes on when going for a walk sounds like too much. 2. Nail the sleep routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. I have discovered that sleep is the foundation on which everything else rests. Bad sleep for me means no workout, no healthy food, and bad moods. I really hate this on the weekend, but I have started to come around. I actually really like getting all my weekend errands done on Saturday morning and having the rest of the weekend to hang out and relax. It's a bit of a mindset shift and it is taking some time to adjust to but I am genuinely beginning to see the good in it. Noticing the benefits is a big motivator for me. I have a sleep book I've been taking tips from and that's super helpful. 3. Do the things my therapist tells me to do. Journal. Meditate. Read. I just keep forgetting. I want to set reminders on my phone but I haven't really figured out the time of day where this stuff works for me. So I want to spend a couple days experimenting and really trying to figure out where this makes sense on a daily basis and then keeping it up as a habit. I'm just grading everything out of 7 at the end of the week for the sake of simplicity.
  8. Greetings fellow nerds! I am back after a many-year hiatus but am needing a kick up the proverbial to get back on track. I've got some good habits ingrained over the years, and as in previous challenges, my main issue is overeating because food is delicious. At my last challenge (early 2018) I was just under 12 stone, and I'm now hitting 13 stone pretty consistently on the scales. Also I have a lot of great clothes I'd like to fit back into rather than chucking them to charity. Main goals: reduce body fat % and get stronger Existing good habits: Run before work (M-F) up a nearby hill: 0.7m total with ~50ft incline Pilates before work (M-F) the Hundred with straight legs ribcage closure every 20 beats Weight training, 3x10reps of each unless stated: Monday PUSH: Bench press, Military press, push-ups (elbows in, on knees) Wednesday PULL: Gym ring pull up angled with bent knees, 10x Negative chin-ups, Barbell rows Thursday LEGS: Squat, Lunge, Romanian Deadlift Pilates class most Monday evenings Walking: on days I'm in the office, I get off the tube early to walk a mile over the Thames because pretty, I also sometimes walk to the station at home which is another mile with a hill (this used to be daily back in the day but the bus has been consistently used for a few years now) THE CHALLENGE Exercise: Maintain pre-work run - ADD sprint last section of the hill Maintain pre-work pilates hundred - ADD moving to lower legs closer to the ground consistently Keep on track with existing weight training plan - ADD upping weight after three consecutive weeks of full reps Continue Pilates classes - ADD an online/youtube pilates session in any week I'm not able to attend class Walk to the station and over the river every office working day (2 miles) Walk 2 miles every WfH lunchtime Walk 2 miles every Saturday and Sunday (some weekends have been VERY lazy) Foods: This is going to be much more tricky to manage. I have previously tracked calories on myfitnesspal, which is all well and good for basic food, but any meals out etc become more difficult to track and therefore I give up, go overboard and eat all the foods. Any help/suggestions on how to manage this will be appreciated, especially on the days where things aren't structured! To note, I don't eat because I'm hungry, it's literally bcuz food. During this challenge (from today to 16th October) I have the following things which are likely to scupper/lead to overeating: 17-19th Sept: three day wedding 25th Sept: Birthday party 1st Oct: Quartet fancy meal out Actually, writing them down makes me feel a bit better as, other than the wedding being multi-day, it's only three things! So, I'll be counting calories on mfp with the goal of staying under 1600 each day. POINTS AND SCORING Complete all morning workouts in a week = 100pts Complete all weight sessions and pilates in a week = 100pts Any of the above missed = minus 25pts each Complete 2 miles of walking every day = 100pts for the week Any missed day = minus 25pts Max exercise points = 1800pts EDITS 04/10/2021 Under calories every day for a week = 100 points Under calories six days out of the week = 75 points Under calories five days out of the week = 50 points Day over 1600 but under 1700 = minus 5 points Day over 1600 but stayed relatively health = minus 10 points Day over 1600 and splurged = minus 25 points Two weeks of 100 points in a row gets me 25 bonus points All weeks 100 points in a row gets me 75 bonus points (won't happen but makes the total a rounder number!) Max food points = 700pts Total possible points = 2500pts
  9. Alright, so let's give this a try: Goal #1: Be active every day for at least 15 minutes. That's the bare minimum. Like walking, working out, cycling, whatever that gets me moving and not just standing in place. Ideally I'd be doing body weight workouts three times a week, but since I'm likely to get discouraged if I can't do it, let's stick to the easier "be active" until this becomes a habit. Also I have to do it even if I'm sore from the previous day's workout. Even if I didn't get a good night. Even if I'm not motivated and everything is cursed and I just want to crawl into bed and not come out for months. Goal #2: Kind of a mixed goal, but I need to work on mindfulness and stress reduction. Currently on a (much needed) vacation, and I need to put in place stress management habits before I go back to work so I can try to recover from my burnout without medical leave. Actionable items for this: meditate or do deep breathing exercises daily. It's only five minutes. I can do it. Goal #3: Catch up on sleep and stick to good sleep habits. I'm usually not terrible about sleep hygiene (already avoid caffeine after noon, no working out late, no alcohol, etc.) but due to severe insomnia issues this isn't enough. I need to really stick to the "bed is for sleep" philosophy and get out of bed if I'm not falling asleep within 15 minutes, and go read or something not too stimulating. I'll try to log my updates here, even if I fail at my challenge. I need to learn to be upfront about failures too, that it's not shameful to fail at something you tried to do.
  10. Hello lovely people! It’s been a loooong time, and a very eventful time, since my last challenge. I did my first challenge way back in 2019, and was all set for a second, when I discovered that I was…pregnant. Irish dance when one is pregnant usually doesn’t work so well! So I took some time off, helped with teaching, etc. Had a sweet, healthy little baby boy who loves his older brother. After a few weeks of maternity leave, I got him settled in daycare, went back to work…and COVID hit. Literally - we all got very sick on the first day of lockdown. The doctors now think it was COVID (testing wasn’t available at the time, but it hit my area hard at that exact time and we tested negative for flu), and my beautiful baby has struggled ever since. I’m happy to report that he is now back on his growth curve, is beginning to catch up with his peers, and after extensive physical therapy, he just started walking independently last week. Woo!!! Anyway, to handle the extreme emotional stress of illness recovery, lockdown, and watching my child struggle, I have turned to exercise as a form of self-care. I started working with a friend who is a personal trainer, first doing body-weight and resistance band exercises and progressing now to some light strength training. I have also been working with a registered dietician to get a good balance between losing the baby/COVID weight and supporting my increased exercise. My major dance competition season starts in September with the championship at the beginning of December, so it’s time to get real serious about training. With that in mind, here are my goals for this challenge: 1) Find and maintain a cardio workout plan. I have been doing jogging intervals, and between dance and running I have stressed out my Achilles’ tendons. So yesterday I switched to stationary bike and that seemed to work much better. I will test out some other options too. But regardless, I need to maintain my 2-a-week interval training sessions and continue increasing the intervals according to the plan my trainer made. 2) Drink a glass of water before breakfast every day. Staying hydrated is my toughest nutritional goal so far - it is hard to drink at work because I work in a lab. I find if I get a good big glass of water in before I leave, I can keep up with hydration, but if I forget, it’s a struggle to catch up. 3) Work on reversing my self-critical mindset. At dance class I am quick to be self-critical, and I think this contributes to my propensity for choking at competitions. So every time I complete a routine, my goal is to first tell myself at least one thing I did really well before I think of things to improve. And after every class I will post on this thread something that I excelled at that night. Back in the game!!!
  11. I'm jumping back on the bandwagon after a third child and the pandemic (dads gain weight with kids too!). I'm trying to write some kind of character to represent myself into this quest so thing stay fresh. It's my first time trying any roleplaying story/ fan fiction so I'm looking forward to it! 1. Nutrition-Eat clean as much as possible. I'll do my best to keep a log here. 2. Fitness-10k steps and at least one challenge from NF 3. Mindset-Remind myself each day that perfect is the enemy of good by working up to a full 1-2 pull ups from a dead hang by the end of this challenge by using the pull up workout on NF. These have always been a challenge for me. I've been able to do around 4-5 in the past and I'd like to work up to that in the future.
  12. Never been fantastic at forums and this is strangely making me nervous but I'm using my 20 seconds of courage and posting a thread! 🎉 The Daily 5..actually turned into 6 Spanish Goal Spend at least 15 min/day, 5 days a week advancing in the lessons Furry Player Goal Work with furry player 3 on the training skills he's learned to ingrain them. Do this daily. Physical Goal Workout 6 days / week: walk, ride, or strength train with the academy plan Eat healthy every day or make a conscious break (but no more than 2 in a row) Financial Goal Spend 30 minutes/day learning more about investing Mindset Goal Leave work on time each day so I have time to work on other goals in my life and spend time with my family. Scoring: Each day a goal is completed = 1 point, 6points possible per day = 210 max points possible Goal: 168 points (80%) Reward: Solar Lamp
  13. I'm so happy this community is here and I can't wait to get back on my fitness journey after failing hard for a number of years. My goals are as follows: Edit: Happy first day of challenge, everyone! I have decided to last minute ninja edit my goals Record everything I eat cook at least one dinner per week with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients either lift weights or run 5 days per week In addition I will be for the most part* avoiding alcohol during the challenge period, but I'm not making it an official goal because Oktoberfest is in a couple weeks and my willpower only serves me so far Wish me luck!
  14. My first challenge! How exciting!! I'm hoping to be able to do a pull up AND a push up by the end of this. I have ZERO upper body strength, and that just won't do! (hope I did this right)
  15. My first challenge. I've set myself four goals for this time. 1. Do a physical activity every day. This can be a run, or cycling to work, or climbing or aerial yoga. It can (and should) be the current NF workout in the app on days that's a goer. For rest days an on purpose walk or some gentle yoga. I know life, so I'm aiming for like a 90% hit rate here. 2. Meditate daily. This can be as little as a minute, but obviously I'd like to rack up a few decent wins here too. The challenge here will be that with all I've got going on, those two may often be competing for the same limited free time. So I need to think about that. Maybe some early morning meditation? 3. I'm learning te reo Māori, using these old but great TV episodes available online. I want to do at least 3 episodes a week. I can do this at work, so at least it's not in competition for that scarce free time. 4. Get this new job I want. A new job is likely to come up at my work that would be amazing. I want to put lots of effort into my application so I either get it or feel confident I wasn't meant to.
  16. Hello! This is my first challenge! Hope everyone out there is doing well. I'm here to get my fitness and overall health and weight in check. I love the 5-week challenge approach. Here's to the first of many more. Right now, I'm 240lbs and want to lose around 80 lbs. In addition to losing weight, I want to get stronger, healthier and just generally feel better. I'm constantly out of breath from walking here to there, and struggle with stupid things like tying my shoes. I'm physically uncomfortable 100% of the time. I'm 43 years old and have a family history of stroke and heart attack. I have a wife and two young kids, and more than anything I want to be around for them for a long time to come! I've spent a lot of time thinking about my health and have decided to focus on a whole-food, plant-based diet for the foreseeable future (at least for several of these challenges) - but I'll see how it goes. For this challenge, I'll be working toward the following goals: Post a daily recap of what I ate each day Follow a prescribed exercise plan, to include both strength training and HIIT, and post a daily recap of what I did each day Make a few friends here at NF and encourage others as we all go through the challenge(s) together. Check by often to my (this) challenge thread and please keep in touch! I look forward to us all helping each other through this journey! -sh
  17. Hello! I went to Camp 2015 and 2016, and now visions of 2021 are dancing in my head.... Time to get back to business. Here's the thing. I'm really good at Respawning, great at goal setting, and terrible at follow through. I get distracted, anxious, and start procrastinating. I'm working on the mental game, so hopefully the rest of the wellness will follow. Goal 1: Daily Movement! The pandemic has just been hard. So my goal is to do some sort of exercise daily, extra pride if I do two sessions. I don't have any requirements for duration or exertion, just getting myself together to begin one of these things is a success. Walking/running Yoga Body weight exercises Dancing Etc? Measures of success: 100 miles in 5 weeks would be a star-spangled success! A for the day any time I do 2 of the above B for the day when I do 1 of the above Goal 2: Nutrition Tracking!! I'm returning to this old nutritional chestnut and declare myself a Level 2. So for this challenge I will focus on Tracking (consistency struggle again!) and avoiding liquid calories (I'm fairly good about this!) Measures of success: A for the day if I do both things: track my intake and avoid liquid calories. B for the day if I only do one. Goal 3: Introspection Time Daily time with a journal, sometimes with Tarot Card or other writing prompt assistance. Just getting better at checking in with myself. Measures of success: A for the day if I write anything at all
  18. Technically there are six days left, but still. I feel like I'm cheating, but I didn't want to wait! 😅 I've been away from the forums for quite a while (and if you count 'productively participating in the forums'... even longer!). Life got in the way, but now things are settling a little and instead of waiting for a perfect calm I'm just going to jump back in. For this tiny challenge I'm going to pick some simple things to get back in the motions: 1. Swap out morning Diet Coke for morning Tea. Over the past year I've managed to go from drinking a lot of Diet Coke to one a day and this week I'm testing out the none at all unlock. 2. Log into the forums and post an update once a day. I am historically very inclined to have good intentions... and then get horribly distracted half-way through the challenge. So. Baby steps and teaspoons! 😂 3. Bullet Journal for realz, yo! I started bullet journaling again this May and have been making little handcrafted weekly 'books' to track in. Most of it has been focused around just being more mindful of things I've accomplished during the day and it's been a real help. Now I'm going to take it step further and start using it to track to-do tasks and project plan in a more focused way. We'll see how it goes! Next Challenge: Actual fitness-ing! 🤣 Anywho, now it's time to go hunt down old forum friends and see what they've been up to! 😁
  19. Let's try that again. Goals for this challenge: - eat mostly properly - move heavy stuff - tidy something every day - focus on breathing properly and physio stuff so I hurt less I, uh. I guess this is a respawn. _____________________________ _____________________________ Aug 02 - The Great Pyrenees is a very old breed that has been used for hundreds of years by shepherds, including those of the Basque people, who live in and around the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France and northern Spain. *putting the rest in my logs instead of cluttering up here*
  20. I'm back. It's been a challenging year, but I'm working on looking forward instead of dwelling on the past. Goals are few and short with the hope that they will be achievable: Weight 157.5 .... I am using WW+ right now as my tracking app. The goal is to maintain a positive points balance while also tracking honestly. Do my first (since 1998) pull-up, following @Steve's pull-up progression plan. Finish my Run Across America Summer Splash with 150 KM That's it. Few bells and whistles. I'm getting ready to go back to teaching normal, in-person semesters. I still kinda freak out when an unmasked person gets within 6 feet of me .... so being in-person again this fall might take a little getting used to.
  21. Hey everyone! Looking forward to another 5 week challenge! The first one didn’t go too bad and I learned a lot. This one I hope to be a bit more concise Goal 1: Working on strength gains. For my 39th birthday I bought more dumbbells and a subscription to Booty by Bret. Chasing down those booty goals (among other things). This subscription comes with 3 workouts per week plus two glute days. Average time to do the main workouts is about 30-45 minutes. This is doable for me. The weak point here is staying consistent and putting in the work. Goal 2: Lunch I need to fuel these workouts. I am nailing breakfast and dinner meals. But lunch is off the rails. I have tried preparing lunches on Sunday but I don’t consistently eat them. I have tried keeping easy things around the house to fix. I have to eat a high protein lunch in order to avoid a carb crash but I am struggling here to find a habit that will stick. Even eating leftovers for lunch is hard. Open to ideas on how to make this work better. I work full time from Home so access to a kitchen isn’t the problem. I am struggling I think to change gears between work and lunch. Goal 3: Put in hours towards some personal programming projects. I have two personal programming projects that I have started and need to make more progress on. Committing to 10 hours per week towards these. Goal 4: Bedtime routine. The last few weeks I have found it hard to fall asleep. Once asleep I am fine but dozing off has been hard. I don’t drink caffeine after 11 am and I am not napping too much so I am unsure why I am struggling. I need to come up with a routine that works. So 4 goals should be plenty. Hoping to make some progress in all of them. Happy Questing!
  22. Luciana Valerosa Culming - Come back Hi, I'm back again. I'm Kate. I'm 34 years old now. I fell off the saddle again and try to get back on. So this is a respawn challenge. I would have started a week ago, but I caught a flu and then I thought it was better to do four weeks than waiting again and not trying at all. My long term goals: - lose weight (I haven't weighed in again. But I guess it's about 30 to 40 pounds I should lose. I'm a bit scared.) - get back into exercise (I used to do sports daily, now I struggle with getting in 10k steps a day) - sleep hygiene and coffeine intacke - meet some folks (corona was't good for my social life) - finance (I have an excel sheet, but I only use it every few months) - Spend time with the cats regularly (When I get depressed I don't play with them enough) - mental health, mindfulness Challenge goals: - 10k steps or small workout 5 days a week - get into bed before 22:30 (without my phone) - get the finance sheet up to date before the next challenge (I haven't updated it since March, so this will be a big task. I need to write down my expenses from March till the end of August.) And now time for some motivational music - Triggerwarning swear words:
  23. I haven't been on the Boards in forever! Definitely not since before the panini. How y'all doing? The tags are new to me. I have been a NF member since at least 2011, so I guess this is my 10-year anniversary, and what a journey it's been. Lost weight, gained it back and more, paleo, like 3 careers, a cross-country move, grad school, tackled clinical depression, now tackling anxiety and moving from my rational mind to my emotional mind, and currently tackling another Big Boss: the career search. And through it all, I never figured out how to eat healthy, lol. Digging into the anxiety is helping to figure that out. We're onions, baby, uncovering the layers. So, just a basic *itch challenge, but make it witchy. Aug 1 - Sept 4 New Moons on Aug 8 and Sept 6, so that almost lines up with a moon cycle, which is pretty cool! 1. 3 workouts a week. 2 Body Pump at the gym, M/W One step class at home on YouTube. Instead of falling asleep, do that for like 20 min. 2. Journal meals Just track dat food 3. Follow my career calendar for August Went through a slump, so get back into the swing of things Bonus 4. Morning routine I have a cute one. Try to do it more often.
  24. Hello All, I am going to keep this brief as I am a beginner in this forum and have been a bit ‘out of practice’ this summer. My goals for the next 5 weeks: 1. 25 mins of cardio every day, preferably in the morning, walk 1 mile or ride my spin bike 2. Plan meals and food journal, at least one day in advance, hopefully a few days in advance. 3. Learn to meditate and practice at least 10 mins a day. Baby steps! I will edit and provide more detail in the future, if that’s an option. I look forward to becoming a part of this community.
  25. Finding the drive to stick with a plan despite and frustrations and set backs can be so hard! Gonna start with the K.I.S.S. Method for my first challenge! 1. NO GummyBears! 2. 4 workouts a week 3. Meal prep at least 3 meals a week.
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