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  1. I'm back after a long hiatus! Things are a lot different for me since the last time I was here (I moved countries twice, became a parent to two cats and a small human etc) and I've been getting back into fitness and a reasonable diet in a fairly consistent way for the last month and a half or so and I'd like it to stick this time. I do have an idea of a weight and size I'd like to be and all that, but this challenge isn't about that so much as it is about making my routine easier to stick to and actually sticking to it. The way I've been things lately is sort of working because my partner and I are currently living with family and I'm unemployed so I'm basically responsible for child care and not much else, which means that I can cram in some good exercise during the small one's nap time. The problem with that is it means that I'm not really getting ready to leave the house until the afternoon (because who wants to shower before a workout and then again after when you can just do it once). So I'd like to move my exercise to the start of the day. This has a number of other benefits, like starting the day with a sense of accomplishment, getting the exercise portion of the day done before anything else can interfere, having the ability to move my exercise outside before it's too hot and perhaps most importantly, freeing up the tiny human's nap time to do something else. It does have the pitfall of having to actually get up. Without further ado, here are my tentative goals: 1. Sleep routine for the small one and me (WIS +3) This is going to be a few sub-goals, but they're all working together. Bedtime for baby: We've been a bit willy-nilly about bedtime, but the small one is 14 months old, which is a reasonable time to get into a more consistent routine. The goal will be an end to screens around the small one at 8 pm (small one doesn't get a screen, but there are screens around), then a 9 pm start to the bed time routine with a goal of a 10 pm sleeping time every night. (/7) Bedtime for me: In bed with the lights out by midnight. This might be more of a challenge early on because my partner has started a new job and has a weird shift pattern, but it would set me up to... (/6) Wake up at the crack of 8 am 7:30 am: assuming me waking up doesn't also wake up the small one, this should give me enough time to get in all my workouts. I may need to shift this a bit earlier, but I will try 8 7:30 and see how it goes. I will give myself one day of extra rest a week, so this should happen six days a week. (/6) 2. Daily Yoga (STR +1, DEX +2) Or nearly-daily. I'd like to aim for six sessions a week. (/6) 3. Calisthenics (STR +2, STA +1) Three sessions of body-weight workouts a week. This will usually be done following a video because otherwise I slack too much. (/3) 4. Aerobics (DEX +1, STA +2) Three sessions of aerobics a week. This is always going to be done following a video to the best of my ability. (/3) 5. Eat my fruits and veggies (CON +3) I'm aiming for at least 5 servings a day every day. I've been doing intermittent fasting (16:8) and have been trying to make sensible choices and it seems to be going well, so I just want to make sure I'm getting those in. (/7) And I apparently forgot that way back when I was last here, I'd been assigning points for these... I will have to review a bit and update with those (and maybe adjust the formatting). I'm not sure I'll keep my old stats or if I'm just re-rolling or what. I will be trialing everything during week 0 and making adjustments if needed. Edit: updated formatting and added stat assignments (missing a +1 somewhere). I'm still not sure if I'll be adding to my previous assignments or re-rolling, but I don't really have to decide that just now. Edit 2: minor tweaks and scoring added.
  2. Alrighty- it's been what, almost 4 years since I made an attempt at a challenge? It's time to regroup and get some things back on track. Previously, because I disliked coming up with a catchy title each challenge I settled on "the infinite reboot". While thinking about rejoining the Monastery (so to speak), I realized that this phrasing now feels a little self defeating. A better view of things should be 'work in progress'. I still have some things to work out, challenge wise, but the main focus will be establishing some routine (and not staying up super late, like I'm doing now), working on my mobility, basic fitness / GPP or whatever the cool kids call it now, and improving my overall outlook, especially since sometime in this challenge I'll officially be in my last year of the 'not in my 50s' club. Considering I just realized how late it actually is, I'll be filling in more details over the next few days as time, and a rambunctious 3.5 yr old allow. There may be cats, there will be naginata, spears, swords, and related accoutrements. In the meantime, here's the song that got me into a music rabbit hole while I was thinking about what to type, and is related to the newly adopted challenge title. There area handful of musicians and singers that I usually prefer their live work over their studio albums, and Mraz is probably at the top of that list, or tied with Larkin Poe.
  3. It’s been a year since I was in the gym regularly or doing any physical training in any recognizable fashion. Over the last couple years, I’ve focused on Druidics, deepening my abilities and establishing a bedrock. This is good. But it’s time to come out of the cave and stand in the sun, even if it’s the thin light of winter. 2022 begins the Paladin Build, and I’m not going to sugar-coat it: I’m intimidated. I have no idea what I will be able to achieve. I have lots (lots) of self doubt on this front. If I learned anything in the Deep Dark Druid forest, it’s that we can only solve a problem we are willing to have. Simply put, I can’t scale an obstacle that I’m unwilling to face. Join me as I muster my willingness to walk back into the gym and see what I can do, and how often I can do something, anything once I am there. In this, I’m turning to my long-ago skill tree to help guide me through. There is one goal this round: Get in the gym, whenever I can, without judgement. If the core of druidics is “Be here now,” then the core of this challenge is “do something now.” I always know what to do once I’m there. Any of these: Strength: Lifting heavy things Intelligence is a weapon like no other: Reading, writing, classes Wisdom to know how and when and where to fight Constitution: Sleep, eat, water, Wellness Wednesday (acupuncture/massage, milk & eggs) Dexterity: Body-weight training (pushups, core work, yoga) Endurance: Just keep moving (swim, stationary bike) Charisma: Sauna, sleep
  4. Last we left Red1263, he resumed his training under Orthos. During his time under the pollen of the Mendacium flower, he discovered that he was missing a part of himself. He once strove to complete the crystal shard that he still possesses, but that journey had been left unfulfilled due to the random direction Life had taken him... "OI! Get back to work!" Orthos bellowed. "Time is starting to run out! And you're nowhere near ready for the test!" Red1263 looked puzzled. "Test? What test? You mean this isn't the test?!" "Of course not, boy!" Orthos gaffaws. "I just needed someone to clean up around here, and you just happened to show up!" "Now, now, don't get your chainmail all bunched up! The real test is actually 3 parts and each part is more difficult than the last. But you'll be in Pros' trail by then. So you still have time. But you'll fail unless you don't pick up the pace!" Frustrated, Red1263 yelled back, "What are you talking about? Who's Pros? And if this isn't preparing me for the test, then why am I doing this? Why are you wasting my time!?" Upon hearing this Orthos got unusually quiet. "Do you think you are 'wasting your time' here, boy?" Red1263 was taken aback by this question, "I-- well-- No--" Orthos, with the same solemn tone continued, "Every experience, whether good or bad, is just that: Experience. You have no idea what lessons are being learned without your knowing, and what will help you in your journey in the future. Stop rushing recklessly into the future and focus on where you are now. Be present and you will see that all of this is meant to help you grow." Red1263 stood there, surprized at the sudden wisdom coming from Orthos (whom at this point, Red1263 thought was drunk this whole time). "I... I... I'm sorry. You're right. I've been a Jerk and--" "Oh psshhhh! Don't look so surprized! I meant what I said. But you can either stand there and waste time being a jerk, OR you can continue to hustle and move forward. So what'll it be?" Red1263, smiled and let out a defeated chuckle, "Heh heh, Move forward." So this year, I'm going to dedicate the following challenges to checking things off a list that I've always wanted to. The items are in no order, nor do they really relate to each other, but I'll probably build a challenge theme around them (who am I kidding? Of course I will ). So for now, my goals for this challenge is the following: Continue the routine I made from the last challenge Spend 30 mins studying/Reading Orthotics 4 times a week Get to bed at 11pm every night As for that list, here it is in no particular order: Build my brother a Destiny 2 Lamp Learn how to do a Handstand Play 1 song on the acoustic guitar Clean up the Christmas Decorations and finish setting up my apartment (hang things up, plus some other few things that need to be organized) Re-introduce Pull-ups into my routine Build a shelving unit next to my Desk
  5. Who is this chick? The Challenge! I know what works. I know what's struggling right now. I know consistency is the key. I am not sure what 'theme' I am feeling right now - though I do know I tend to be a little more motivated when I have a fun theme tacked into my challenge. But for the sake of getting SOMETHING up here today, let's list the basics. Food needs to tighten up again. The Autumnal Slide™ has occurred as per usual. Exercise needs to be more consistent. Specifically strength sessions, which were the first to get swept under the rug. I'd like gratitude (or devotionals) to be a daily habit. I'd like to put more time and energy into getting my art skills dusted off. Goals then... Move! 6x/week. 2 Strength Sessions a week; but don't have to be picky about what I do on them. *Less than 2 and I lose too much focus and it gets hard to maintain. 3 is okay, on occasion. 4 is right out. Fill the rest of the days with some heart pumping cardio for mood, lungs and veins! BUT! Leave 1 day to rest/chill/stretch. Eat Well Daily! 7x/week Food tracked via MFP or in BuJo journal. I'm not in a totally bad place with eating, and since exercise is oddly the struggle point, we're leaving this tracking loose. Heart & Soul Stuff! 7/3x/week Soul stuff- 7x *Let's really work on perspective, and focus this year. Devotions have been a really good way for me to start remembering promises and truths. As someone who struggles with doom-crafting and spiraling what-if scenarios for the stupidest things, this is very important to get to a better place with. Devotions or gratitude journals count toward this, and should be done daily. Heart stuff- 3x *Art! I think art is one of my heart's joys when I stop berating myself about being good or bad at it. Just need to learn to enjoy it for what it is. The skills will come in time (or they wont), but that shouldn't stop me from doing it. Art can be anything creative minded, but I should really prioritize time with the wacom tablet because I let those skills get mega rusty. Painting, and photography can also count. Okay. That's it. Maybe there will be a theme later, or maybe not. Next step is to fill out the BuJo.
  6. I have been fascinated by the sheer size and strength of bigfoot, i want to emulate that to the limit of what's humanely possible. Does anyone know how we could train to be big and strong like bigfoot, as close to humanely possible?
  7. So I've recently just started at the local gym, as part of joining I was given a "consult" with a PT. Below is the routine she designed for me for 3 days a week. I'm really just after a 2nd opinion, as money is tight I can't justify constant PT sessions. My main goal is to give this dad bod some definition. I'd also like a solid cardio program for the other 2 days of the week I go. Leg Press 70KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Shoulder Press 35KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Lat Pulldown 50KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Leg Extension 50KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Chest Press 40KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Seated Row 45KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Leg Raises BW 10 REPS x 3 SETS
  8. So, I finally got over my gym anxiety by signing up for a beginning weightlifting class and finally feel like I can step into a gym without feeling overwhelmed - woot. But, the class is over now, and I need some help creating a routine so that I can keep this going. Now, I'm about to say something that very few people here are going to like, but, I need to avoid deadlifts for now. See, my class trainer was big into deadlifts, but for the life of me I cannot perform one with good form. My lower back is fairly weak, my shoulders are underdeveloped, and my hip hinge has no idea how to function. So what I need are accessory exercises so I can at least do a deadlift correctly first. Here's what I've come up with so far: Incline DB Press: 4x8 Lat Pull-Downs: 4x8 (part of the DL training) Back Squats: 4x8 (will alternate with goblet squats until I feel ready for front squats) DB Flys: 4x8 So I'm thinking at least another lower body movement and/or a movement to improve my deadlift form. Thanks
  9. Late to the party, whoops, but I did just return from vacation on Monday. I trailed off on the last challenge but don't feel terrible about it because it was insanely hectic - not the most stressed I've ever been, but definitely the most major events in a month. Plus at the beginning of the challenge I wasn't planning on the Italy work trip, and then that happened in the middle of everything. My healthy routines were thoroughly disrupted, but I still squeezed in a little exercise and some vegetables. I'm thrilled to be home, and in my own kitchen and bed again (not at the same time, obviously). After eating out most meals for three weeks, I am excited to cook balanced, delicious meals at home. Overall Goals My general life goals have changed a bit because, uh, I'm pregnant and all - so weight loss is no longer the primary aim. I weighed myself this morning and was unpleasantly surprised by the number on the scale, but the internet tells me it's normal to have gained 4-6lb at this point even though the baby is only the size of a raspberry, so I feel better about it now. I'm going to stop weighing myself at home because it makes more sense to focus on make healthy choices each day. I've cancelled my NF Coaching because I already feel a bit overwhelmed, and through work I'm going to be assigned an RN who will advise on healthy eating and exercise throughout my pregnancy. But I have even stronger reasons to eat healthy, and I won't be drinking ha, so I'm going to focus on paying attention to how I feel - more frequent, small meals seems to sit better with me these days. I am currently working to use up a lot of my pantry/freezer food which has been accumulating for...a while. I also want to declutter since we mayyy buy a house and move before the baby comes. Goal #1: Cook all the things Make (nearly) all our food at home, avoid relying on processed food. I'd like to get in a good pattern of meal prep and eating at home pre-baby. Document food here. Goal #2: Feel the burn Work out doing whatever feels good. Right now that's barre but I'd like to try to get running again if I can do it without chest pain. Aiming for working out 3x/week minimum, and walking on other days to aid digestion and circulation. Goal #3: Feed the fire Take extra kind care of myself. Give myself an 8-hour sleep window. Nap if needed. Meditate daily. I have FIVE WEEKS before our family vacation when we tell the family, and I have already told random coworkers in Italy (because finding out I was pregnant the week before the trip was anxiety-inducing), a couple coworkers I am closer to (because we were on vacation for a week and they wouldn't have figured it out from the not drinking anyways, and this way I was able to talk to a friend who had twins last year about it), and another friend (who I stayed with on the way to and from the Florida vacation, because we're close and it was nice to do it in person). Between now and the official family announcement at which point it will be public, I will probably tell a couple more friends because as an external processor keeping secrets is not my strong suit. It still feels completely surreal, but in the best way.
  10. Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine was quite crazy with traveling to see extended family, on top of normal family. Good crazy, but still enough to make it tough to get back into my normal routine.... whatever normal is Trying something new this year... my idea is to have a few challenges with Dragon Age as the theme. We'll see how long that lasts with ranger-brain. This is inspired by the huge hype for DA4 teasers launching me into a replay of Dragon Age: Origins. My goals for the challenge are still in progress but will involve: 1) Food Tracking & Meal Planning Something involving more water and vegetables, less sweets and alcohol. Weekend prep work to guard against busy week laziness. 2) Weekly Workouts At least 3 bodyweight workouts per week (NF Coaching). Bonuses - yoga and cardio, weekend family adventures (braving the winter weather) 3) Cleaning Focus on the the kitchen cleanliness Also tracking! Been losing steam on filling out my bullet journal. I made a spread for December... then completely ignored it. BUT my awesome BF got me a really kick ass habit building planner for Christmas. There is so much stuff in it, the planner is actually a bit intimidating. Seriously look at the pics, there's daily routine stuff, daily pages, weekly review pages, etc. (so much stuff) https://www.amazon.com/Full-Focus-Planner-Michael-Hyatt-x/dp/B0797FKZ7M Figure I'll give it a shot and see how it inspires my bullet journal. Official Challenge Goals Update:
  11. We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You ... Something completely different from anything you have ever seen in a Starpuck thread. Guys... my friends introduced me to Bee & Puppycat, and The Bravest Warriors. I am so hooked it's not even funny; and so, I will use this challenge to proselytize further, these wonderfully bizarre and absurd shows, which I normally don't care for, but somehow got addicted to! Starpuck is... the bravest warrior! Why? Because we are full into the middle of winter, and she has NOT gained weight! She has in fact, held the line over the holidays, EVEN while increasing her caloric intake, and is doing all the things! YES! She must simply continue to maintain this epic show of determination and keep at it. So let's keep focused, shall we? GOAL #1 - Keep up the exercise habit! Move with intent 5x a week, get at least 2 lifts in per week. This is a doable number for me. Often times, I might get a 6th day in, but it's not mandatory. Sometimes my 6th day is just me running around, cleaning, organizing, cooking, etc, and that earns me a pretty good amount of steps, so that's cool too. I'd like to keep some focus on the strength training, because I get frustrated having to re-earn past gains, so that's why 2 a week is a must. I'd love 3 a week, but I notice better workouts when I get more rest days too. Still tweaking the approach! EXERCISE 5X/ WEEK GOAL #2 - Keep up the homecooking! ~~Don't stop, home coooking, hold on to that ... cookbooking?~ This slacked a bit over the holiday weeks because scheduling + parties and outings got so crazy. What that in turn accomplished though, was absolutely solidifying that I prefer home cooked food now. Like. All the time. 3/5 meals out made me super sick, and that is unfun. Along with this goal is to maintain the tracking, which has still been, absolutely no stress for me. It's really weird guys. Gonna keep rolling with it. TRACK DAILY 7X/WEEK HOMECOOKED 2X/WEEK (At friends.) GOAL #3 - Night time routine! Recovery happens during rest, muscles grow during recovery, therefore, I should get on with this proper rest thing! I already brush my teeth every morning and night, but I'd like to get into a solid and long lasting relationship with floss. It's very hot and cold for me, one minute we're in a great place in our relationship, the next, it's been weeks since we talked. (I know, gross...) I realize that flossing every night might be a big jump for me, so I am going to say 4-5x a MUST, but aim for nightly. I'd also like to take care of my face skin! So 4x a week, wash up and put on some nice nourishing night cream or something. Then! Bed time! Lights out 20 minutes before I want to be asleep. The goal is 8 hours of total in bed time, but on nights of D&D or what not, that becomes harder... so all OTHER nights, let's get it right. FLOSS 5X/WEEK WASH FACE 4X/WEEK BED TIME 11:20 3X/WEEK -- WITHIN 15m OF GETTING HOME ALL OTHER DAYS (Non gaming days, in bed lights off at 11pm, gaming days, in bed/asleep as soon as humanly possible after teething... NO SCREEN TIME after getting home!) GOAL #4 - Creative Outlets need Nurturing! I've been contemplating a hefty project, and one thing I know for sure is that I need to keep expanding those comfort zones artwise. That means, drawing things I suck at, and ending up with sucky drawings, that over time will improve - instead of just doing the things I have gotten better at already. Same old routine here. SKETCH DAILY WORK ON THE TABLET 4X/WEEK * ART LESSON 1X/WEEK D&D PREP AS NEEDED Other things on the list, but not tracked. 1. Keep up with the Scripture Memorization (We getting that rolling again guys?) 2. Keep up with the budgeting and house money savings. 3. Learn how to use my 3D printer and start printing awesome things.
  12. I was on a bit of a roll with the previous challenge, but I had a random encounter with the depressions, and before I knew it, it's almost the end of the month. No training, no reading, no writing, no lifting, no hygiene. I even forgot what color my toothbrush is. Welp, reload and tackle this challenge again. I'll be seeing the doc this week to see if we can adjust anything. On a plus side, I've been getting a lot of training lately. Impostor syndrome is kicking in, insisting that this will not last. Whatever. I'll just provide the best service I can and worry about the future when the bills start to suffocate me again. I'll add training every day to the quest list, so it's three. ====================================================================================================================== MONDAY > laundry > grocery > meal prep TUESDAY > jiu-jitsu WEDNESDAY > VA appointment > jiu-jitsu THURSDAY > meal prep > dishes > Skyrim FRIDAY > wake up early > VA appt SATURDAY > jiu-jitsu > curriculum > snatch SUNDAY > early wake-up and work > shoot videos > oil change
  13. I've found out from my previous challenge that my task list was quite difficult to accomplish due to factors that I was unable to take into account. I will be trying a different approach of habit-building rather than addressing specific targets one at a time. The Rule of Three Focusing on too many things is focusing on nothing. I end up looking for small fires to put out rather than addressing the huge ones right in front of me, burning my eyebrows off. Before bed I will write down three things I need done the following day--that's it. The three will be priorities that must be completed that day, and the other shit won't matter. A Morning Routine Unless I do something dumb, my wake-up routine is pretty much the same--check social media for more time than necessary, brew some coffee and Fallout Shelter, and check my HRV. Also pretty dumb. For the next four weeks I'm going to try a better 30-min routine. No social media until everything is done. HRV check, dogs taken out to pee, and 30 minutes of reading a book (which may later turn into writing). Nothing too crazy, but it's shit that has to be done, but I'm not prioritizing. (I will probably gradually add more things as we go.) The Dream Week I've found that if I don't schedule something, I will find a way to waste that time. The goal is to account for my time all week, and schedule all the important activities I need to do. I'm looking to download Google Calendar and allot time on Sundays to put down everything I will be doing that week. Let's see how concentrated efforts play out.
  14. I’ve been hit or miss with challenges lately. Mostly it’s getting online to update and just being too lazy to turn on my computer or feeling overwhelmed with updates. I need to get over that. This challenge I’m going a little more complicated but nowhere as complicated as I have in the past. I want to work on a lot of stuff and since I’ll be starting another new job halfway through the challenge I figured I’d really stress myself out. I need to find a good way to deal with stress anyways so I’m going to force myself to get it together. No Duh! routines (Points per each subcategory = 5 for all, 3 for some, 0 for none) MORNING : 5 mins stretching, brush teeth, hair, makeup, get dressed AFTERNOON: NF check-in, cleaning, workout, Bujo EVENING: clean face, brush teeth, get an outfit ready What’s your Damage? (Points per each subcategory = 5 for all, 3 for some, 0 for none) DAILY: Straighten Bed, Put away dishes, clean off counters/tables WEEKLY: Vacuum, Trash, Bathroom, Laundry, Sheets (bi-weekly) MONTHLY: Clean out Fridge, Microwave, Wipe baseboards, Scrub tub and toilets Grindage! WEEKDAYS: Paleo M-THUR except for special occasions, 2 coffees WEEKENDS: Try for Paleo except for special occasions Toooh-tally bitchin’ budget (5 points for the initial budget, 5 for sticking to the budget for the whole week, 3 for sticking to some, 0 for none) Create a budget and stick to it. Pay down debts. Bodacious bod exercise plan (5 points per exercise) 8 days of exercise for at least 20 mins
  15. Grandkai Prepares for the Assassins There's only 2 weeks left of the challenge, but better late than never. And better prep now than having too much work when the next challenge starts. First a little bit backstory: Hi, i'm Grandkai. I'm from the Netherlands and i have spend a long time here on the forums. But i stopped doing challenges/watching the forums in January. At that time i had everything all right. I worked out, had good nutrition, stretched, ran and all that stuff. But as the months kept going i lost more and more of those things. I started working out less, skipped stretching, never ran again, nutrition went down a little bit. And i noticed i spent more time on my butt behind the tv/computer (which was fun for the time being) but i realized i need to do more stuff again. So thats my goal for upcoming challenges, right now i need to get everything clean & organized. Goals: Eat an apple everyday & drink 2 liters of water; #5 Minute Flow every morning; Read 30 minutes before & after bed; Clean up before bed; Minor Goals: Look online for a good handstand guide/program; Re-schedule my calendar; Hope to see you guys here. And i will definitely check out you guys!!
  16. I'm late to the party, going to keep this simple: Challenge goal: Finally freakin break 140lb. I'm so close you guys (weighed in at 140.8lb today!). Goal #1: Eat vegetables 2x/day Goal #2: Complete my half marathon training 4x/wk, strength 2x/wk, yoga or rock climbing 2x/wk Goal #3: Do stuff Morning routine: wake up 5-5:30, tea or lemon water, Bible reading, SAD lamp time Evening routine: screens off 8:30, tea, reading/crossword Make wedding centerpieces Keep my food and spending journal up to date ...probably going to add more stuff here... I will give myself 1pt for each vegetable, workout (run counts as 1, run + lifting counts as 2, etc), and item on my do-stuff list. Will find a way to rewards self with adequate points.
  17. THE SILVER ARCHER: BOOK II Chapter 5: Solo Mission The theme of this month's challenge is really about self-care. I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately and I'm more than ready to get back to butt-kicking, but as the sun rises on Week One, I will be in a van driving ten hours away from the only hometown I've ever known, preparing to spend three months working an incredibly high-stakes internship, living with two strangers (and their cats!), learning the rhythm of a metropolitan region, and basically upending every imaginable portion of my currently quiet, happy, predictable Midwestern life. Recipe for freaking out. So this month, I will be laying out goals to help myself stay centered and not withdraw into a melty puddle of panic during the move and subsequent transition. Week Zero will be move-related goals; the main challenge will help me check in with my morning and evening routines, make sure I'm eating well, and try to work in some physical activity to release stress and keep me feeling good. This will also be a fluid challenge, as I don't know yet what my daily routine at my internship is going to look like (other than the fact that it begins way earlier in the morning than the night-owl schedule I've been keeping) and what is going to be feasible and realistic. I may create small sets of goals at the beginning or end of each week instead of one big set at the beginning of the month. Tomorrow I'm going to create a plan to help me finish packing and getting all the utilities turned on properly (everything is in progress, just not getting accomplished as quickly as I'd like), and this will guide me in the second half of Week Zero. Yoga and physical therapy exercises must happen too, and eating reasonably despite stress and sharks. And lastly, Sky's narrative may or may not appear in this challenge, just to be realistic. But whether or not I find time to write it down, I am very aware of what she is doing currently, and she and all the wisdom she has gathered over the last few months are close with me while I pack and prepare for my own "solo mission", as she prepares to set out into the forests of Middle Earth and uncover the Dark Elf's latest evil scheme.
  18. Hello to everyone who reads this, Im 19 years old, 180lb, currently working out from 6am-7:30am before work and classes since im first year university. I have found a routine that I enjoy a lot but my main goal after working out for over a year now is to cut the fat. I changed my diet to a No Sugar, Low sodium, Low Carb, High protein. I also eat snacks between my main 3 meals a day but it consists of Nuts and/or fruits. Down below is my current workout routine. Its a Full body 3-4 days a week. I also put a picture of myself. I know i might seem small to others like bodybuilders but I want a healthy looking body not a body building one. Thank you!
  19. 2018 Changing Behaviors I’ve always been a wants over needs type of person but have had a difficult time figuring out a way to change that. I just want to do everything now and feel silly taking it slow. Mentally, that’s what I want and I don’t want to wait to do anything. Physically, I put things off if I’m not sure how to do something or if it requires manual labor. 2018 is going to be about changing my behaviors. I want to have a good routine and strategy for overcoming my impulses. It’s time to start small and work my way up to the person I aspire to be. To accomplish this task I need a clear and fairly simple plan. My challenges are rarely simple so this will be clear but probably not simple. I need knowledge to help create that plan. I’ll need motivation or motivational tools to help when things get tough. I also need to make sure I have a support system (Thanks Rebels ). 2018 Changing Behaviors Levels LVL 1 - Organization - COMPLETE LVL 2 - Night LVL 3 - Morning LVL 4 - Nutrition LVL 5 - Movement LVL 6 - Financial LVL 7 - Knowledge LVL 8 - Expression LVL 9 - Self-Discipline LVL 10 - Sustaining Each Level will last approximately 1 challenge cycle (28 days). If I do not follow my plan or fail to achieve my desired goal, then I do not move up a level. These levels are meant to build upon previous challenges and continue the habits gained from the previous level. For example, when I reach level 6, I should still be doing what I did through levels 1 to 5. The goal here is not to get as many points as possible but to develop the habit. If I end up skipping something or putting it off, I need to examine the reason why. For Level 2 Goals : The purpose of this goal is to help me establish a healthy routine and help enable a good start for my morning routine, which will be my next level. If I can get my nightly routine established and set, I should be able to get enough sleep in order to give me enough time in the morning for the routine I want to have. This goal is going to be a daily checklist of things I need to have done before bed as well as by a certain time, they will also be super basic. You might ask, why the heck does she need to track that? Well I want to make sure I’m hitting all the tasks I need so you will be seeing tasks like, brush teeth and shower, even if I already do them on the regular. These tasks will be completed at night and will only earn me a check mark if they are done between 6-10pm. Goal for each task is 19. Standard Goals Save $84 Got to the gym 4x Read 3 books Donate Plasma Level 1 Goals Dailies : 0/84 - GOAL 58 Weekly : 0/28 - GOAL 19 Bi-Weekly : 0/8 - GOAL 5 Monthly : 0/6 - GOAL 4 Bi-Annually : 0/1- GOAL 1 Annual : No Annual Cleaning task for March Level 2 Goals Bujo : 0/28 Unwind at least 30 mins : 0/28 Shower : 0/28 Face : 0/28 Teeth : 0/28 Moisturize : 0/28 In bed before 11pm : 0/28
  20. I always think "I want to do a cool themed challenge, but I just don't have a good idea for a theme." I overlooked the obvious, Ninjas! I've realized (with some help) I need a good goal to work towards, something to help drive me. I can't take a martial arts class for the time being, BUT being a ninja is not just about the martial aspect! I'm going to do a challenge that will help me be a better ninja. (No, I'm not quitting my day job anytime soon.) Ninja Climbing Ninjas, on occasion , have to get into places without using doors or gates. Teamwork is awesome, but I don't usually travel with a squad. Plus, climbing is fun. I'd love to have a gym closer than 2.5 hours. I'm at the beginning, so any strength I gain or weight I lose is gonna be beneficial. But it's more motivating if I remember I'm doing it to be a better climber, instead of just to not be fat. I especially need to work on my upper body and back because they're weaker, but my core and bottom aren't far behind. Rather than have a specific movement goal I just need to work. I will strength train twice a week, at home or at the fitness center. It's looking more and more like it'll be at home. Ninja Evenings When I wake up in the morning, I want to feel like this: Not this: (though maybe not as angry as Ralph, js..) Ninja's get gobs of stuff accomplished each day. In order to do that, they have to establish some form of routine to be prepared. I have been focusing solely on my morning routine. Every time I get it established my lack of sleep screws it up. I need to establish a good evening routine that will help me ease into bedtime as well as help me be adequately prepared for the next day. I'm hoping that an evening routine will not only help me be more prepared but also help get Turtle (my puppy) into a routine that lets me sleep through the night. Because these 4 am potty breaks are getting old. Especially since when we go outside, he gets distracted by deer, doesn't pee, and then goes back in the house, only to remember, once I'm under the covers, that he still has to pee, and we have to do it all again. << not my amused face Contrary to popular belief, Ninjas need sleep. Even the 4 legged ones. I'm not sure what all I need to do in my routine. I know I need to do the basics, lay out tomorrow's clothes, lay out tomorrow's food, fill up my water bottles for the next day, and brush my teeth. I think I'm going to take the dog out whether he has to go or not. Maybe even a short walk? We walk when I get home from work. I don't want to have to crate him at night, but that may end up being the best way to build that habit for him. I want to try walking at night, first. The problem is, a walk, especially when it's this cold gets both of us out of sleepy mode, and to be honest, he's better at going to bed early than I am, and he tries to get me to go. Maybe I need to look at what time he decides we should go to bed. That might be the bedtime I need. lol So for the next few days, I'm going to track what I do in the evenings. Oh, except tomorrow I leave to go to my bf's. So tonight I'll track it, and I'm going to look up other people's routines. I think Tim Ferriss(sp?) has some interviews with people about morning and evening routines. If nothing else, I can start with the basics and see what happens. I will set an alarm for 9:45. I will lay out my food and clothes for the next day. I'll walk Turtle for about 10 minutes. Ninja Balance It's pretty common knowledge that ninjas need good balance. My balance isn't terrible, but it's not prodigious. I'm sure it's gotten worse in the last year or so since I have rarely even stood on one foot, let alone held a kick or even stood in tree pose for more than a couple seconds. I love the warrior poses and would be thrilled if I could do flying warrior: I think it's feasible for me. Maybe. But I need to start with a more attainable goal. I need to work on my Warrior 3: Warrior 3: I can do it but not well, steadily or for very long. So for this challenge, I'm going to work on improving it. I plan to use the warrior warm-up flow from here: http://www.athleta.net/2010/03/29/the-5-warrior-warm-up/ I used to lead part of our TKD group in this before we started class. It will be a good way to focus on the details of each pose really well. Warrior work at least twice a week. Tree pose at least once a day, 6 days a week. Ninja Lair I have 3 beds. I live alone, and I very rarely have more than one visitor at a time. I also have 2 air mattresses just in case I was to get more visitors. I am going to get rid of the bed in my extra room and turn it into my workout escape room. No puppies or children allowed. Okay, maybe the girls. Especially if I get rings or a yoga trapeze. Getting rid of the bed is step one. That will happen before the end of the challenge. Shouldn't be too hard, I'm giving it away. In Summary: 1. Strength training 2x/week 2. Begin a basic evening routine every night at 9:45 3. Practice the warrior flow 2x/week. 4. Get the extra bed out of the way.
  21. Good morning Druids. This is more-or-less a continuation of the same challenge I did last time (Journey to Wudang Shan). The routine worked so very well, that I want to continue on with it. There is still plenty to challenge me within the same routine. So let's get to it. Primary Section - Tai Chi and Qigong 1. Continue Tai Chi and Qigong as a daily habit. The plan is to take some time each day to practice Tai Chi and/ or Qigong, in some capacity. 20 - 30 minutes of practice would be ideal, but I will make compromises with my other priorities in life as needed. Break it up throughout the day, as needed, whatever it takes. Make the opportunity. 2. Continue to refine my Tai Chi/ Qigong skills. This means taking in information wherever possible, from classes, seminars, videos, books, etc. I have signed up for a Tai Chi class with Community Education, but this does not begin until February. In the meantime, I will continue to self-train, read books, watch videos, and take in whatever information and training is available. My focus at the moment is on the Tai Chi 24 Form, and Spring Forest Qigong. Secondary Section - Meditation and Body Weight Training 1. Daily meditation. I've been doing this for nearly a year now. It is an indispensable source of relaxation and self-care. 2. Body weight exercises and yoga. I will do this three times per week. Body weight training focuses mainly on pull-ups and dips, using the "grease the groove" approach, where I do several sets of low reps spread out over a day. I generally do the yoga in the evening, or whenever I finish my last set of pull-ups and dips. This has been great training for upper-body and core strength. Tertiary Section - Bullet Journal I will keep utilizing my bullet journal to keep track of my daily tasks and priorities.
  22. Hi, I'm looking for people (more the merrier) who'd be willing to form a Facebook group, or text, or email.... Help me stick to my routine and not fall into a funk. My focus is more on mental health than physical, but I am aiming to eventually start doing some hiking, jogging, martial arts, dance, and other stuff. I think my diet is pretty good as is and I'm happy to offer advice on cooking (I'm a pretty good cook). My nerdishness is in being a totally fantasy and SciFi bookworm (I prefer bookwyrm). After all, very little can't be improved with either lasers or dragons (or dragons with lasers?). Also a bit hooked on certain video games... Dragon Age, Mass Effect. I am a history nut, I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge about ancient history and not a whole lot to do with it. Anyways, I don't have much in the way of a real life support system beyond my therapist. I could use some friends to keep me inspired or nag me a little or just chat about nerd stuff.
  23. 6' 210lbs 25yrs male. Guys/Gals I need help. I'm very interested in getting into the best shape of my life but have what I would call more than average obstacles. I climb cell phone towers for a living which means I travel to a new hotel on a daily basis. In my travels I've learned I can barely count on a treadmill at the hotel. Diet is a struggle due to availability and also needing to store food for up to 12 - 18 hours without spoiling in a cooler. On top of that I'm in college as well. I would like to get the "alright alright alright" phsyique on a koolaid budget. I'm looking for a "meal plan" and no equipment routine that will allow me to reach my goal. I generally have maybe 30mins I can count on to exercise. For meal plan: I'm out the door before the hotel serves breakfast so I need a healthy poptart. Lunch must be similar as it has to survive a trip upwards of 500 ft and be devoured with no utensils. Dinner go crazy: I can only garuntee I will have a dollar general or family Dollar. Anything that would require more than a microwave can't be used. Most of the hotels bitch if you grill outside. I'm fairly fit but carry a decent belly. I burn on average 3 to 4 thousand calories (fitbit)a day when I'm climbing. Drink on avg 50oz of water with a red bull and a soda to keep me awake. My current diet is gas station for breakfast skip lunch and whatever I can find for dinner. I do my best to pick the "healthiest" options when I can but I will admit that I am ignorant on what my body needs. I know we all enjoy a physical challenge so o thought I may provide a mental one too. Thanks soo much for any tips you may have and I will gladly give more information about my life if needed
  24. I've been away for a little while. Mostly busy with work and the like. I also might be doing this challenge injured so will likely have to mix it up slightly. I decided to do a black widow challenge this time around, mostly so i can post pics of Natasha's (Scarlett's) hotness Challenge Goals: In honour of Scarlett's thighs and ass this challenge will revolve around legs, it's basically leg month Mobility. I've been neglecting my body slightly, so mobility exercises need to happen 3 x per week. Stretching and yoga can be alternated. Lifting. These exercises will focus on legs; leg extensions, deadlift (if my arm will be okay and not to painful to do this) & squats (zombie, front & dumbbell). 3 x per week. Core. I really really need to do some core exercises, my tummy is getting flabby and core work will help with my horse riding. Bike Commuting. I finally got new tires for my bike and have been trying to commute to work when possible (i.e no storms or suffocating heat); when possible use the bike and ditch the truck! Language. Being a spy is hard work, knowledge of multiple languages does make it easier. So Romanian practice and learning at least 5 x per week. By the end of the challenge i hope to have gone through the next 10 pimsleur lessons and be done with all 30 they offer. I've been keeping a very simple bullet journal for a few months now to keep track of habits and such. Keep doing this & add more habits, like regular clean up of my house etc.
  25. So some Stuff has come up and I'm finding it necessary to do a slight switcheroo on the Goals: Health: Drink All the Water - drink at least two thermos-fulls , preferably more Eat Something Real - at least once a day. This is hard this is so hard ahhhhhhhh I'm Do the Exercise - one workout, just. something. every day. Other: HOUSECLEANING - it has become imperative to prep a workable workspace. Gotta get my bedroom/office into a reasonable state of existence. HOUSECLEANING - Bathroom/Kitchen need some Scrubbing That important paper stuff I can't seem to articulate atm
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