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  1. I'm continuing my tradition of posting a new challenge before I actually post a challenge summary in the preivous one. During last challenge, I moved from NY to VA and I'm still figuring out how to adjust. I need some new habits and routines! I read an article a while back describing habit forming as slowly wearing grooves into something. Each time you repeat the thing you're deepening the groove, which eventually becomes deep enough that it's an ingrained habit. So, it's time for NTB's New Groove(s)! A little background: All of these habits have slipped a weeee bit since I moved. I'm still doing them, but not all of them are as consistent as they were before the move. So I want to do a few things this challenge to fix that: Miniquest: Whip up a spreadsheet and track the habits on the above list to help get back in the groove of doing them Miniquest: Continue exploring and getting familiar with the area, through a to do list of things to check out Main Quest: Establish a lunchtime routine to go along with my morning and evening routines (at least for work days). I think building this in will help me squeeze in some of the habits (like going on a walk) that aren't as ingrained here as they were in NY. I'm still tinkering with what I want to happen during my lunchtime routine, but to start I'm thinking: Get sort of fresh air, either by taking a walk or at least going out onto the balcony for a few minutes, or even going on a run if it makes sense for the day Some sort of stretching, which could be a number of things: A full yoga routine, GMB's Focused Flexibility, freeform stretching, GST Foundations mobility course Possibly doing some meditation? I usually meditate at night but it could be interesting to see how meditation helps me focus during the day. Possibly some sort of quick check in for the guardian habit - asking "am I acting like a guardian?" or something to that effect
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