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  1. Hi all, I'm currently in the process of trying to expand on my training plan that is a little bit basic and I'm turning to you all for suggestions. At the moment, my general workout is some variant of the following: - 1km warm up run, 2km fast row, 10km cycle - 1km warm up run, 5km fast row (as much as is possible), 5km cycle - 1km run, 8km interval training row (3min slow, 1 min fast), 5km cycle. I try to do this 4/5 times a week and all are on indoor machines with the run outdoors on the way to the gym. So I guess what I'm looking to do is add a bit of variety to my training. To
  2. Hello everyone! This post is my official reset. I have been on the forums for a year now but I fell off the wagon long ago. Its time to hit the reset button and come out swinging. I'm 20 years old at 6'0" and ~285lbs with an unknown body fat percentage. Once my body fat caliper comes in I'll measure it. I want to drop those down to 200lbs and 18% respectively. My plan is to begin powerlifting 3 days per week and erging/running on my off days from lifting. I'll be following the paleo diet aside from protein shakes which I've always found to be useful. I'm not new to fitness but it has bee
  3. I'm looking to get back into shape and the way I originally did that was erging and rowing. I would also like to do some heavy lifting to get stronger. Would it work to alternate heavy lifting days and erging days? Each day will be intense in a different way.
  4. The sun burned orange through her eyelids. Devyn groaned and rolled over, burying her face in the warm sand. Sand? She pushed herself up, though she was blistered and sore. The bright light shone upon the white sand, blinding her for a moment. All she could see through her tears was an ocean of white contrasting with an ocean of blue. Ocean? She rubbed her eyes and tried to slowly get used to her blinding world. The sun was hot and she felt as if she had been the subject of its fury for a while. A bird screeched through the jungle. Jungle? A sudden and worrisome thought stabbed at her brain
  5. Hi Druids! A Ninja (in training) is joining your ranks for this challenge. Short recap: In my previous challenge, we followed Swen, my alter ego, who is attending a camp in the Shadow Mountains. His mentor, BrusLi, has now explained that Swen for the remainder of the summer must leave and explore the world outside camp. Swen has reached the physical requirements for joining the fellowship of the Shadow Ninjas, but now he has to for the next 6 weeks be prepared mentally as well. In this challenge, I won’t be as thorough as I was in my previous one. For instance, I will meditate daily, but itÂ
  6. MAIN QUEST: 25% BODY FAT BY 28.12.2014 Ok, time to get specific. I want to be at 25% body fat by my 25th birthday, exactly 5 months away. I've been a member of NF for a year and a half now. The same time period since I started on my fitness journey (cringe, cheesy!) I've learnt a lot in that time, and seen some great results and some frustrating plateaus. I'm on my annual month long break from work now, and I want to take advantage of the time off, and nail this challenge. My plan is threefold: FOOD SLEEP
  7. We rowed 500 meters for time today on the Concept2 rowers. I got 1:30.5 which not only is a PR but was the best in the box!
  8. Hey sexy nerd peeps! This is my ninth challenge (where does the time go!) and after chilling with the Adventurers and roaming around with the Rangers its time for me to hang out with the mighty assassins. I feel like I've hit a bit of a plateau lately and I need to shake things up, refocus and shift my perspective (maybe to upside down in a free standing handstand one day, that would be awesome). I've danced my entire life and absolutely love it (a lot of ballet, a bucket load of contemporary/modern, and the odd bit of tap, breakdancing and hiphop thrown in for good measure) and now teach it p
  9. This thread is to log my indoor rowing training. I'm following the continuous Pete Plan, but over a 6 week period rather than 3 to fit in better with my current gym training schedule. I'm aiming for 3 per week (Monday/Saturday/Sunday). It's not the greatest scheduling, but those are the days I should have time to fit a session in, and not a day where I have a PT session. My long term plan is to improve my 2k time to under 8 minutes, (currently 8:04), but also happy with just the extra conditioning Details of the plan can be found here. WEEK 1 04.05.2014 (Speed) 4x500m/3:30 rest 2.00.0 1.5
  10. Main Quest Be able to complete the Marines Physical Fitness Test with maximal scoring. 100 sit ups in 2 minutes, 8 pull-ups and 4.82 km in 21 minutes (4:20 minute kilometer). Challenge Goals Goal #1: Row, row, row my boat DEX: 4 STA:1 I'm great at starting challenges late this month! At our local box they're having a virtual contest to see how many meters they can row compared to others online. I decided to follow it along in my own way and participate as a silent member. The challenge is to row 100,000 meters by the start of February. Since I started late I need to row 4,347 meter
  11. EMS 6.0. COMMITMENT. Time to be like the pig...in a sense MAIN QUEST: 20% BODY FAT 100% AWESOME Hey sexy fit nerds! It's new challenge time - yey! My last challenge was pretty good, but what held it back was my lack of commitment. Some weeks were amazing, some complete pants, and what was frustrating was that I could see that what I was doing in the amazing weeks was working, but still failed to keep it up! I know that a low carb Paleo-ish diet really works for me, my body fat levels drop, my muscle increases and my athletic performance is outstanding (I have the 500m row and deadlift PR
  12. This is my first challenge, sort of. I started one before, but faltered. I would love to be more engaged in the community. I have some lofty goals (17 lbs by New Years) and some realistic ones, too. Lift 3x or more per week. Make no excuses during travel. Row 2x or more per week. 70% or more Paleo. Do the best I can. Forgive myself when I think more was possible. Be supportive of the journeys of others. Hug daily.
  13. EMS 5.0. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE. MAIN QUEST: DROP MORE FAT. KEEP MUSCLE. Hey sexy fit nerd peeps! If you caught any of my last challenge, you may already notice some similarities in this thread. That's because last challenge was awesome for me; despite being away on various holidays for half the time, my body fat dropped by 3.1% while keeping and building more muscle (+1.7%). This was due to a combination of maintaining my current fitness programme and following the Paleo inspired meal plan my PT put together for me. NF and my PT, as well as the changes in my own body, have really shown me the
  14. The rowing season begins on Wednesday. It is six weeks. Coincidence? Well, yeah. But hell if I'm letting this opportunity slip to make myself stronger! My quest this challenge, as a new Assassin, is to work on sharpening the blade that is my body. The three goals I have are in the theme of Beowulf, because he's one of my favorite BAMFs/superheroes. Goal One: Intake (CON +2 WIS +2) I'm going to go mostly paleo, Beowulf didn't eat crap like Twix or pasta and neither shall I. What this means for me is mainly cutting out gluten, most grains, and all processed foods. For the first week I'm
  15. Previously I've been focused on Strength, Skill and Endurance but after 5 challenges like that, it's time for a change! So back to this challenge... I love CrossFit. I live and breathe it on a daily basis and it's the highlight of my day. I noticed recently that I am struggling with body weight movements and running because I am so heavy. I guess that's what happens when you're a 6 foot tall Wookiee Ranger! So I've decided to get rid of the extra fat that I'm carting around so that I can increase my efficiency during workouts and in life. My goal is to get to 17-20% bodyfat. I have about
  16. Thursday August 1; week off to distracting start, moved dad into retirement home, many challenges there Today can concentrate on diet and exercise: using Concept 2 daily email of WOD for home rower cardio variety today: Short 5 x 4 min / 1 min easy: 5 @ 4 min "level 7-8", 1 min "level 3-4"
  17. I made some massive gains with my lifting last challenge after increasing my Oly lifting sessions with my coach, including adding 20kg to my squats after returning to leg training post-knee injury! Hopefully this challenge my leg strength will continue to improve! Most importantly though, I have a big ticket item that I really want to cross off my list - my first strict pull-up! I'm not sure how that's going to go, but I would love to get one before my 30th birthday, which is a few days after this challenge finishes. The clock's ticking! I'm still pretty far off getting one, but I'm a big b
  18. Hey foxy fit Scouty Nerds! Over in the Ranger Guild this week we have a brilliant mini challenge asking us to scout (see what I did there ) a new buddy in another guild who can help us make progress in one of our goals. This led me to you wonderful endurancey/stamina-rich people, as the goal I would like some assistance in is indoor rowing. I've been rowing for a few months now (heading out on the water for the first time in September! ) and have completely fallen in love with it. My goal is simple - at least one rowing training session per week. I'm working on getting my 2k time down, cu
  19. Hey everybody! Ok so here we are, round 2! This challenge is all about resetting, restarting, not from square one but from where I have managed to get to so far My first challenge was very...challenging! It was far from perfect, and because of that was, in hindsight, exactly what I needed. I am a perfectionist by nature, and have a frustrating tendency to overreact to mistakes. This was something that negatively affected my last challenge, so something that will be tackled this time around. Last challenge I gave myself no wiggle room at all, so it was very demoralising when I failed once in a
  20. Dustin here. Vital stats: Male36 years and 11 months of age5' 10.5" 198 lbsBF% via BIA scale = 24.6%Where I started: 236 lbsBF% 36.4pack-and-a-half a day smoker2 LITERS of Coke every day12-18 beers a week (we're talking that dark European stuff made by monks).Fast food for EVERY MEAL, plus lots of "snacks":Changes I have made so far, but still need improvement on: Stopped smoking cigarettes ( I still have a pipe/cigar once in a while )Switched to Coke Zero (down to 40 oz a day at that)Cut out most junk foodTrying to learn to love coffee blackFast food once or twice a weekSevere rationing of
  21. wow, so first challenge ever and far too excited to kick start my own ass. I've been a little off of the fitness track since the holidays so this has kind of become my motivation fitness goals: 1. leg press 400 lbs -pretty self ecxplanatory. I'm at about 320 in my leg press now and want to keep building strength for rowing in the spring, hopefully I'll reach well over 400 2. lose 8 lbs -I'd like to drop back down to 120, a healthier weight for my short stature. I'll just feel healthier and be faster in training 3. hold a 5 minute plank -core strength is important in rowing and is osmet
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