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Found 14 results

  1. Trying to be this! http://youtu.be/BqDjMZKf-wg Instead of this http://youtu.be/stvrWdFijZc Seriously here is what I am doing this challenge. N is for Nutrition . + 2 CON 90% Paleo and gluten free. Prepare all meals at home. 1 cheat allowed each week. Track food on MFP and log on PVP. Utilize to adjust calories but keep carbs under 100 g each day. I have been messing around with this since my first challenge. Consistency is the key. 8pts/week. 46/challenge E is for Exercise . +4 STR and + 3 STA Strength training 3x per week ( BBWW or Weights) Cardio 3x per week (video, jump rope, run
  2. Hello and welcome to the RPG Fanatics. This is a story-based accountability group with some pretty easy guidelines: 1) Main story is written in this red and in bold. 2) Your character writes in this blue italic. 3) Regular writing that is not in character (like right now) is in regular old black. 4) Follow the threads of people in this group to offer accountability. Don't know how to follow and check on people? Easy: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50975-how-to-pm-and-follow/ 5) Have some damn fun! With that out of the way, the story so far...... --- Welcome to the W
  3. This is challenge #10 for me. I'm basing my challenge on this: I'll bold the lyrics Leonidas says that inspired the goal: 'SPARTANS! Let's start this! Show this petty officer who's the hardest. The biggest mistake that you've ever made, I'll toss you like a frag grenade I'll stomp you in the face with my sandals enraged and tonight we shall rhyme in the shade Your puny fans are fat nerds on computers Jerkin off to games giving themselves first person shooters Your armor's hard but my abs are harder You're in my hood now chief - THIS IS SPARTA Ha! I've had better battles with
  4. to the World Of Nerd Fitness and the upcoming Battle with Sodamus. This is a cross-guild accountability group with an RPG storyline and weekly minichallenges relating to the theme. I am NOT allowed to give stat points so it's up to your discretion for how you want to approach this. 1) You can 'bank' some of your level up stats and use them as mini-challenges 2) In that respect, you can have one of your goals in your thread be to do ALL the mini-challenges here 3) You can do both your guild's mini-challenges AND these mini-challenges and have whatever points they hand out count for thi
  5. Here it is day one and I am already dreading this challenge. I am just not mentally ready for it. Plus I did something so my lower back is really hurting today. Oh well sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with pain right? I will write more later.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Teros and this will be my 9th challenge. I slumped the last 2 weeks of the previous challenge because of depression and then a massive screw up in terms of eating. I'm a sad panda because of this I'm fixing that this challenge by coming back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxcWbOZ-AC8 What helped me immensely was believing in Consistency>Intensity last challenge. I want to keep going with this by building a full everyday routine. This challenge I'm aiming for a Flawless Victory 1) Whole 30- Gotta eat right. Nothing else to say. 2) Cold Showers- I just starte
  7. Welcome to the world of NerdFitness The brave RPG Fanatics have now taken down two demon-kings. The first one was Sodamus, a demon-king responsible for the rise in new peppy 'elixirs' that were basically the drugs sugar and caffeine. Lo and behold, it turns out the demon-king's concoction was made with his own filth extracted from boils on his back and mixed with a blend of dirty water and drugs. The mighty RPG Fanatics slayed the beast, only to deal immediately afterwards with three agents of the FrostKing. His minions froze the town of level 1 rebels as well as causing much destruct
  8. T2sarahconnor is preparing herself for Judgement Day. She has learned many things at NF that will be helpful when the attack from Skynet comes. She has seen a glimpse of the future and needs to prepare herself, mind and body, to be strong and resilient in order to deal with what comes at her. Obstacles have been thrown into her path and she takes on the challenge with success but her over all training has suffered with no consistency in weight loss. T2sarah has thought about the fight she has over the next six weeks and realizes planning is the key to her success. She is writing these goa
  9. Allright folks! Challenge #3 start tomorrow and that'll be awesome . I was reading other challenge around here to find what I could do for this one. My main quest hasn't changed, I still want to be around 10-12% bodyfat someday. There's a long way to go but I've done a long way in the last 3 months too! So, same quest this challenge, lose at least 1% body fat. The difference though, I want to be more consistent. The first 2 months were really good and awesome. But since it's now an habit, it's less interesting and such... I'll need to focus on the good things! GOALS - Workout every
  10. To The World Of Nerd Fitness: When we last saw all of our heroes of the realm, they had slain the mighty Demon-King Sodamus Battered and bruised, the party collected all the loot and brought it back to the Adventurer's Tavern. Mel_Isa seemed oddly missing. Demon-King Sodamus spoke of many names... a 'Frostking', a 'Distractomo', and others. What did he mean? Where will the party go from here? Will the party be split? Will others join the ranks of the mighty group that now dub themselves: The RPG Fanatics? (Tune in and find out or join if you would like.) Hello! And welcome to
  11. T2 Sarah is still stuck in the 1980's after the first movie but not to the second movie yet. She is working on her overall fitness and weight loss so she can learn more specialized training for her fight with Skynet. Sarah has learned much from her rebel friends at NF and needs to incorporate their ideas in her routine. She has seen results from her training in the last two challenges and will turn up the intensity for this one. Sarah is concentrating on STR and STA to get her out of the 80's. Main Quest: lose weight and build muscle. Goal to lose 8 lbs this challenge. Nutrition Goal: +
  12. The theme here is to be a consistency monster. I've realized that Consistency>Intensity so my goals this time is to create a cycle that I don't want to break. 1) Whole 30+ Always one of my goals because of how much it helps me. Eating right consistently means I'll lose weight. I didn't lose 45 pounds by cheating myself. I need to stay consistent with it; no matter how boring it might get. How I felt on the whole 30 was way better than if I wasn't and I need to remember that. +4 Con 2) Walking If I'm going to do a Spartan Race, I need to be able to handle walking long distances. I
  13. Welcome you awesome people. With a new year is a new challenge, and with a new challenge is.... A new accountabillity group. This group is for anyone that's ready to buckle down and change thier life. It's time to become the best version of yourself that you can be. I've remade this guild 4 times I think and every time, it fills up with lots of awesome people. If you would like to be one of those people, then it's really simple. 1) Post here with a link to your challenge thread 2) Tell a little bit about yourself. 3) Follow those that are also in the group to offer encouragement. Abo
  14. Hello there! I'm TerosX and this is the third time I'm remaking the RPG Fanatics Guild. Each time it gets more awesome with better and better people. A quick note about myself: I'm in my mid 20's and trying to get a Masters in social work. I want to be a therapist and already have my bach. in psychology. I've done 4 of these challenges so far and show no signs of slowing. At my heaviest, I was 360 pounds but I've dropped about 3.5 pants sizes. Any and all are welcome to join the RPG Fanatics and hope to see a few familiar faces. I have a home gym consisting of a 10-pound sledgehamm
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