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  1. Grinder and the gang loaded up in “Phantom”. When Drone started her up Myrik learned how she earned that name, not a single sound came from the tank. “Best of luck you two. Remember we need 15 minutes to get out of the city.” “You got it boss we will set the timers for 25 minutes and harry them from the roof. Myrik grab that long rifle from the weapons locked and set the timer on the kit for 25 minutes and then head to the roof I’ll be up after I set the other timers.” Myrik grabbed the rifle, set the time and made his way to the roof. Once up there he set up the rifle like Shade taught him and kept look out for the Orks. He heard them before seeing them. Several on foot came around the corner hooting and hollering when the turrets popped free of their hidden alcoves and ripped into the Orks with abandon only a heartless machine could muster. The column of Orks stopped just outside of the detection range of the turrets. That didn’t stop Myrik from putting several down from the roof top before Shade appeared on the roof across from him with an assault cannon. With a clear view of the mob of Orks hiding just out of Myrik and the drone’s sights she unleashes the weapons righteous fury on the Orks when the tank came into view. Shade trained her sights on the tanks main cannon and drained the magazine, dropping behind cover she reloads the magazine checks her watch for time and puts a whole other magazine into the tank before calling out to Myrik “Time to go, cut the power to the turrets and head towards the east I’ll be right behind you.” Myrik did exactly as directed and heads towards the eastern edge of town looking back once to see Shade making her way towards him with two rucksacks and a 2 extra rifles. Just as she reaches Myrik the base and the whole block surrounding it go up in a large explosion followed by a second smaller one. “Well there tank is down, let hope Lone Star pins the damage and deaths on the Orks. Okay time to get going, we got about three hours of good light and I would like to be at least 15 miles from here before sunset. Here is your pack it has everything you’re going to need, also these packs share a link if we get separated we can find each other by using the link in the top pouch. You got all that? Good time to get going.” Okay now for the Challenge: Lift: My work schedule has changed an I am now on 12 hour shifts for the next 2 months at least which will allow me to workout in the base gym for an hour and a half every shift. I need to pick a weight lifting routine that will work for me but once i do I will follow it until the end of the month. Run/Swim/Bike: I need to keep with the cardo so these 3 things when I can. My goal will be 15 miles this month Read: I picked American Gods and will be reading that this month. Others: Keep track of my calories still even though I am going into a bulking phase just to stay in the routine Get my dashboard lights fixed. Find out why my bedroom is hotter than the rest of the house. Work on meal prep.
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