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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all! I need some help finding a lifting plan that works with my half marathon (and soon marathon) training. Running is my sport and my primary focus. But I know strength training is crucial for injury prevention and just general health. I want to start doing big lifts because frankly, I don't want to waste hours at the gym when I can get a workout done in a few moves. But I can't find a lifting program that won't get in the way of my training. And everything online is long lists of exercises I don't know how to put into a workout. A couple notes. I'm in between tr
  2. Hey y'all! Military kid settling down at a college in the south, trying to be her fittest self. I like weightlifting but I mostly do bodypump classes because I'm really nervous about lifting weights by myself. I used to love running but I've gotten out of the habit, I'm working up to it with long jogs. I'm really insecure about my body and I want to work towards being more fit and confident - i guess that's my ultimate goal. I'm home for the summer and trying to stay on track with my fitness goals, which got really off course around the end of the semester (when it comes down
  3. Hi all! I dont know if there are any other rebels signing in from Italy but here is at least one... ciao! I'm trying to get back on track, actually I'm trying to get better than I ever was before. I've been a runner for a while but have slacked off recently... my diet was never great and it showed in my performance and energy levels. I finally ditched the desk job I hated and am teaching and translating freelance. Psychologically speaking I'm in a much better place than I have been in the past to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. My aims are to b
  4. Hi! I'm a big fat newbie (heheh see what I did there) and I'm getting (back) into running. I'm hoping to run into (okay okay I'll stop now) some cool folks who are also runners, joggers, walkers, and perhaps are interested in sharing our journey or just encouraging each other. Before the new year I was getting into a nice cycle of run/walking 3 miles 3/week, but I've been seriously struggling to keep it up in January, likely in part because I'm not on vacation anymore. Argh. My current goal is to get in at least one jog this week, and then try and get back to the three a week next week. My mai
  5. I though it would be fun for people who love Zombies, Run! to have a place to get together and talk about the app, storyline, and things that we have experienced along the way and to show off things that we have done out of love for the game. If you made something or bought merch share it. I made this shirt.
  6. Hello! I wanted to introduce myself here in preparation for the next six week challenge! I've been reading the Nerd Fitness articles for around a year, and they have had a huge impact on my life (for the better)! Since finding NF, I have lost nearly 2 stone, and hugely overhauled my diet. I am now right at the upper limit of a healthy weight (according to my BMI), and in the best shape I have ever been in in my life. I took up running a year ago after a lifetime of hating exercise, and found that I was actually capable of doing things with my body, which was a great revelation. I ran a ha
  7. Hi everyone! I am quite new here! Although I signed up over a year ago I think, I never actually made it on to the forums, or even used any of the advice for that matter. But it doesn't matter, because its always better to start late rather than never. My name is Melissa, I am in my mid-twenties, attending university for archaeology. Before this I was a video editor for almost two years, but that ended about a year ago when the company lost a ton of funding. I love reading fantasy and adventure novels, and obviously I spend a lot of my time studying at the moment. The reason I joined (or r
  8. Hello All ! I've been a looonnggg time lurker , first time post(poster?) now. I'm hoping I don't break any protocol rules here.. but I figured it might be better to post than not to ! And away we go.. I'm 22 years of age. 5'4" . Got *GROSSLY* obese over a period of around 4 years post 14~15 years of age after I qualified for a premier engineering institute ( have always been a little pudgy , gained all that extra weight due to a lot of sitting on my arse and studying and being an egotistical little chump and not going out to even hang out with people , forget getting in my weekly exerci
  9. Hey guys! I've been seeing a bunch of stuff about the IIFYM way of eating and basically it's that you eat really whatever as long as it fits your calorie and macro goals. When following this I of course would not be eating pizza and candy, but I do like that if I wanted to sneak that extra piece of chocolate cake in once in a while I can. I've had some problems lately with binging at night and I feel like it's because I'm not getting the right ratio of macros, so I am kind of intrigued by IIFYM. The one issue, though, is that I am a runner and am currently training for a marathon. Is this way
  10. Okay, so Mistborn has nothing to do with the video game that inspired the thread's title, but who says we can't intermix our nerdiness? The name is the easy one to figure out, since it is the series name for the books by Brandon Sanderson. They are really, really good and I recommend them to anyone seeking a great fantasy trilogy to read. The title, of course, is inspired by one of the oldest and greatest RPG series: Dragon Warrior. Those were the good old days of 8-Bit RPG glory! I turned 30 this summer and am tired of being overweight. I've been able to get stretches of time where I could
  11. Ahaa! Well, hello again! I go by the name of Haniya (Hun-nee-yah; Atilla the Hun "hun") but for short you can call me Hans (yes but don't kill me) YES! Tis me again, yah! My awesomely musical and bubbly self, ready to grow and learn and defeat my demons FOR THE SECOND TIME WITH THIS CHALLENGE! Basically, a Pakistani girl doing my BDS (an undergrad of third year) I am 19; standing at 57 kgs(56. HA!) and 5'1? (I need to update this soon) with a flabtastic body. Body that made me anxious everytime I saw myself in the mirror, a body that never failed to flatline my self esteem to zero but do I ac
  12. As with everything else the way I dominate a world is a different from how most worlds may be dominated... :-) Some background. Before July 13 2013 I hade essentially done no exercise for close to ten years, before then I had done some once a week with some friends (floor hockey). With no I mean infrequent, I liven in Colorado so I did ski every now and then as well as go hiking in the summer. But nothing planned and nothing to improve over just living at a mile high. On July 13 I decided to learn to enjoy exercise. The operative word here is enjoy. I have gotten started with running or other
  13. Hey everyone! I'm very new to this community and wanted to take a chance to say hello! I'm Ashley and I'm 25. I don't generally like to define myself by my food choices but if I had to I'd say I eat mostly vegan and mostly raw. I juice and/or blend on a daily basis and just don't enjoy eating meats. I have a stomach condition called gastroparesis which means my stomach is paryially paralyzed and doesnt contract to digest food properly. Because of this I try my hardest to eat as healthy and clean as possible and do whatever I can to make digestion easier. My history: November 2012 I started
  14. Ok first off, can I just say how much I love this site?! The perfect blend of fitness, encouragement, and most importantly - seamlessly infusing Nerd-life into our real (and sometimes less space battle/Tardis/zombie filled) -life. Main Quest: To either lose the last 10lbs I've been struggling to lose -or- slim down 1 pant size (I say 'or' because I build muscle really fast for a girl, and muscle weighs more than fat, so I've been seeing my body slim down, but the scale doesn't necessarily move. Kinda frustrating, but still obvious progress) Continue running 4x/week (M,W,F,Sat) but add stre
  15. Texwardo had a hankerin' for beef, beans, beer...anything tasty. Sitting at his desk all day, and snacking every time he walked past the chuck wagon, he put on a lot of weight. In the 25 years between age 30 and 55, Tex went on countless diets, losing 10-20 pounds each time. He always lost focus, quickly putting back on even more than he had lost. When Tex passed the 300 pound mark at one checkup, he said, "Enough is enough!" Tex finally got serious about losing weight. He bought a wifi enabled scale and started logging every mouthfull of food or drink with an app on his phone. Between Febru
  16. Hey Everyone! I'm super new to Nerd Fitness - just came across the site yesterday! Fell in love with it immediately and decided the Rebellion found me just in time. Here's a little bit about myself. Make me your friend if anything in here jives with ya! Me and my chub: I've been overweight since I was 16. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after 8 months of significant weight gain and presumed I was doomed (insert pity party here). Even though I was a dancer, I ate like crap, which was re-inforced by my parents habits, and never lost weight, just slowly put more on. In college I was very
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