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  1. Episode IV: A New Hope Role This isn't Star Wars?? I have this thing that I call floon. I learned the term during my MUSH'ing days. (Online, text based, story heavy rp games.) It basically refers to this intangible thing that doesn't just support your current interests, but seems to elevate them to near all encompassing levels. My floon (blame Ranger brain here) shifts from time to time, and as one thing quietly fades to a lower level on my floon radar, something else will skyrocket to unimaginable levels. And so as I have started stepping away from SW things (rest assured, I shall always be a Jedi, but I think that guild burnt me out a bit), I have found a new inspiration that has jolted floon levels with a sharp swing back into Fantasy things. Goal #1 - Be Combat Ready! 1A. Strong like Grog! 1B. Move like Vex! 1C. Center like Keyleth Grog may only have an Int of 6, but as Vax once said to him, "Grog, know your strengths. It is your strength." Sometimes the party needs to rely on the strength of the heavy to get through the encounter- and sometimes the heavy drops in the first round! I need to be strong enough to shoulder through even when my Grog does down. Vex is a Ranger, so she spends a lot of time on the move; exploring the woods, hanging out with her bear Trinket, doing those sort of ranger things we all know so well. As a druid, Keyleth is quite capable of fighting, but she also knows when she must be centered and focused on the calm. Reflection and rest are just as important as everything else. Stronglifts 3x / Week **Trust the program. **No quitting until after week 12. Yeah. We're going all in here. Run, walk, move 2x / Week **Runs, walks and hockey count as move. I'll be back to skating 2x a week soon. No reason for it NOT to count. Active Rest 1-2x / Week **In short, don't be a slouch. Yoga, light walks of 20m, stretching, ... basically, make sure I do not have a day where I sit gaming the entire time. Even if it's just a 20 minute walk or yoga video. Do something that moves the body. These three areas will account for the physical activity side of the challenge. It's not overzealous, it focuses on the thing that requires the most attention (Stronglifts needing 3x to follow program correctly) and allows a lot of wiggle room and variety on the remaining points. Goal #2 - GM's Gotta Number! In order to run a good game, you have to know the system, and you gotta be ready to crunch numbers. This is what I need to do with my activity and food. Need to know what I am eating and fueling with, and the numbers on what's going in and out. I won't know if I've hit the enemies AC, unless I've added up all my to hit bonuses! Food Tracking M-F 100% 5x/week ** My M-F have been very good for a while. Keep at this. Including the new habit of taking left overs to Thursday D&D night so I don't tank on eating out mid week. ** Saturday and Sunday's have been historically... well, akin to a full party wipe. Has to stop. Now, weekends almost ALWAYS include a meal out with family or friends, so we're going AMTAP on this. (As many tracks as possible) Saturday/Sunday Variances 2 MEALS/week ** In order to not be so strict that I hate myself and throw an ancient dragon at the party... two meals per week can go untracked. NOT 2 days... 2 meals. ** The rest of Sat/Sun must be tracked! So food stuff here. Pretty simple and straight forward. Will also be trying to incorporate more veggies per day on this and I'll add that as a side collection quest sort of thing. Goal #3 - Bard's do it all! Bard's get the jack of all trades tag in D&D. A little of this, a little of that... what they have in spades though, is creativity. Ok, and charisma. And probably a good chunk of all sorts of little doodads and gimmicks that will come in handy for the party. Here's where the rest of my stuff goes. From art, to BuJo-ing, to reading the things and affirmations. It's also where a new project is going to go. I've been stalling on this "running a game" for my friends for years. Every time I say I will do it, I get a bit further than the last time, but ... I never go all the way through. I am going to use this new floon and on-going inspiration, to finally get it done! BuJo - Every day I'm BuJoing. 7x/week Read 1 Chapter of Bible. 7x/week Write affirmation. 7x/week. SHARE an affirmation. 1x/week. Art Stuff. 3/x week D&D planning. 2 hours/week. Well, for not having any idea what my theme would be, or what I wanted to do this time around... as of um, let's see... 2 hours ago. This came together pretty fast. Now to see it through. ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Let's get this flaming sphere rolling shall we?
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