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Found 2 results

  1. Events are the teachers of fools. Hey everyone I am back from a long break and fashionably late to this 43WC. I wan't to channel my inner Doc Holliday and get back to business. For those of you who don't know, Doc was a Dentist who turned gambler and gunslinger when he moved out west for his health(Tuberculosis). Doc was known for his clever wit and intelligence often to a fault when his mouth got him in some hot water. I plan on continuing my studies for my CCNA certification. If I get this certification I can move up into a more prominent role in I.T and get some more $$$. Study for CCNA at least 30mins 6X a week Like I said, he has a way with words. I am currently teaching myself Russian and I want to keep up with it. Study Russian >20min 5X a week Doc traveled around the U.S and despite being ill he never let it get in the way of his goals. I need to get back into working out again after a few months of nothing. I previously followed a Powerlifting routine for close to year (Juggernaut) I had great success with it but I want to ease back into it and just focus on bodyweight stuff for now. BW routine 3X a week 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Diamond Pushups 25 Jumps 25 bodybridge extensions 50 planche Jackknifes 50 Step-ups (25 reps per side) 25 Pull-ups 50 Forward Lunges 50 Diamond Pushups 50 Inverted Rows 50 Squats 25 Chin-ups All of that gunslinging requires great dexterity and speed. In order to increase my flexibility and overall mobility I need to get some more yoga back in my life. Yoga >2x 20 mins a week.
  2. *Disclaimer: No elephants will be eaten or hurt in any way during this challenge. So how DOES one eat an elephant? LogiKoo knows it's one bite at a time. However, IllogiKoo has really been struggling lately with the whole "one thing at a time" mentality. I have good intentions, but I look at everything on my plate and I become paralyzed. Consequently, nothing is "eaten" and more things are added each day. This challenge will be focused on teaching myself to just get started on that one thing (while continuing the good habits I stumbled toward in the last challenge). Goals: 1. The Elephant in the Room- The elephant in the room is actually THE room, or really the house. It's still a wreck. I need to do something about it because it's clear no one else is going to. My methods last challenge were not a success--mostly because I just didn't do it. This time I will pick something from my list, set a timer for 15 minutes, work on that thing for 15 minutes. I must do this a minimum of 4 times per day. I will get a pass from this if we go out of town during Spring Break (plans are not final yet) or on my son's soccer tournament weekend when I know we will not be home much on that Saturday and Sunday. 2. Learning Russian - Last challenge I really started my effort toward learning Russian. This time I will: Continue doing my Duolingo practice every day. Kick it up a notch by seeking Russian Lessons twice per week that will help me understand some part of the language that Duolingo isn't necessarily teaching me. I plan to use the interwebs for this. A short search has shown me many options for said lessons. 3. Seeking the Stronks Elephants are strong and so am I, but I've got lots of work to do. This time I will: Continue Strong Lifts 3x per week - building consistency and hoping to smash past my previous working weights by the end of challenge. Require a 4th day of exercise each week. Anything counts, really, as long as it's at least 20 minutes. 4. One Meal at a Time I have been falling into the meal skipping habit again. This does me no good when it comes to fueling my lifting. I will be aiming to get back to my 3 healthy meals per day pattern for this challenge. Okay, time to take the first bite.
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