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Found 3 results

  1. So, I completely failed a couple months ago. Ha! Therefore, a respawn is in order and I'm going back to my roots. I made my past challenges way too difficult and I ended up getting upset, overwhelmed, and just stopped everything. YouTube Binging was my poison. Still is! I'm going to make this challenge easy, measurable, and feel great about it! Haha. PLUS! If you haven't seen RWBY, I highly recommend it! Watch it here RooterTeeth.com. It's in his 4th season which just began a couple days ago. Yay!! RWBY HYPE. Team RWBY and Team JNPR Training Ruby Rose: Trophy Huntress Trophy hunt everyday for at least 30 minutes Goal: 100% Rocket League Weiss Schnee: Discipline Update Nerd Fitness every day and actually follow my goals/schedules. Blake Belladona: Read Read every day for at least 30 mins. If I don't like the current book, switch to one I look forward to reading. Yang Xiao Long: Confidence Beginners Bodyweight Workout every MWF. Goal: Be able to do the workout 3x through without stopping. Jaune Arc: Perseverance Practice Voice Acting every day. (Excluding weekends) Goal: Get a paying gig. Nora Valkyrie: Determination When I feel distracted, watch/read something inspirational to get me back focused. Goal: Stop watching YouTube when I need to work. Pyrrha Nikos: Spiritual Pray everyday. Goal: Grow a relationship with God. Lie Ren: Nutritional Eat healthier. Goal: Two veggie servings and one fruit serving everyday
  2. ...who wanted to rank among the best. These are my some of favorite characters. I have read their story, played their game, watched their show. They are who I strive to be and turn to for motivation. And thus, begins my story. :o) Main Story Quests: Achieve the Splits, Go Down to 18% Body Fat, Eat Healthier This Year: Horizon 2017 Dawn ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap 2016 Challenges: Team RWBY Training, Overwatch Team Training 2017 Challenges: X-men
  3. I loved the challenge set up by Annyshay so I'm going to piggy back off of that and include some of my heroes! Team RWBY. If you haven't seen this show. It's amazing. Please check it out. The art style if very different but the story, characters, and weapons are creative and amazing. It's on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Rooster Teeth. Ruby Rose - Fun Continue to enjoy gaming... when everything else is done Weiss Schnee - Agility Stretch and practice the splits (front ways, each leg) Blake Belladona - Escape Read for at least 30 minutes a day, everyday Yang Xiao Long - Strength Continue the Beginner's Bodyweight Circuit until I can complete it Well that's it! This is my first challenge but I look forward to training with you all! :o) -Lilmissbri (Assassin in training)
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