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  1. After years of trying, I finally attained my long-term goal of being able to perform the muscle up. As is often the case, when you achieve a long term you goal I floundered for a bit trying to figure out where I wanted to focus next. After a fair bit of contemplation I have decided that I am going to double down on calisthenics tricks and have come up with a very ambitious plan. It is a long term plan and, by all rights, so ambitious as to be almost laughable. But like the old saying goes: Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you still end up among the stars (with only limited food and fuel until you eventually die of asphyxiation). For some reason they always leave that last part off... My goal is by the end of the next year (2022) I want to be able to perform the following 8 skills: Front Lever Back Lever Human Flag Handstand Pushup Press to Handstand Planche Hold Planche Pushup Iron Cross Some of those are realistic and should be attainable within that timeframe with reasonable effort. Others will be much more challenging. For example, the guy I am following for Iron Cross progressions was bragging that he was able to get the skill after training it for only 3 years... I have split these skills into groups, with the first 3 and Iron Cross on Pull Day and the remaining 4 on Push Day. The workouts consist of 3 sets of 5 reps each for 3 progressions, consisting of my current skill level and the 2 levels before that. Some of them (like the planche hold) I cannot even get the first progression, so the other 2 will be working on prerequisite skills/ strength building. I am going to continue with my current system for the remainder of this year and then at the beginning of 2022 I will make an assessment of where I am and where I need to be by the end of the year and set targets for various progressions over the course of the year. In addition to working on these new skills, I don't want to lose the skills I have already built up, so after each workout I will also do 5 reps each of the following: Muscleup Russian Dip Straddle Handstand (min 20 seconds each) Dragon Lift Bar Walkover (Front & back is one rep) And that is my very ambitious plan for my showoff skills. But that still leaves the other half of the challenge, the naked part. Being able to do skills is one thing, but having a body that looks good doing them is even more impressive. Not to mention the benefit to learning these skills that comes from having less bodyweight to move around. This part of the program comes in 2 parts: Calories in Calories out That is probably not very controversial so let's get to it Calories out has mostly been cardio. After my workouts I have been walking/running (OK, mostly wallking) for 5K around the park. I don't feel like it has been particularly useful and in fact often leaves my joints wishing I had just left well enough alone. As it so happens, as I have been running (walking!) through the park I have watched other groups in the park each doing their own things, dancing, playing instruments, painting, etc. and one group in particular has been working on some dance moves that I thought looked pretty cool. Last week I stopped by after my run and asked if I could join them and they enthusiastically agreed. So starting from this challenge, my cardio is going to from learning a sweet dance routing that looks like it could very well be based on some TikTok viral dance. Calories in is going to be about cooking real food and limiting snacks. This is going to be particularly hard during this holiday season, but if I don't have a goal I will end up eating all the cakes and pies which would be counter-productive to the rest of my goals. Specifically I need to have at least 5 home cooked meals each week (although I don't necessarily have to be the one that cooks them). I have learned from past experience that if I don't have a meal plan in place I have a much harder time actually making stuff so my first point of action for this is to come up with a meal plan of some sort for the remainder of the challenge.
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