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Found 6 results

  1. Book: Water Also known as the Tale of Tzippi and the Too Many Tags I am returning to the Rebellion after a long battle with a demon of depression. The dark spirit swept in as I was weakened by becoming a mother. I am doing better now, and am just beginning to practice Tai Chi, which (along with the fine spring weather) is inspiring me to respawn here, as a monk. One goal under each bending style is a constant habit, one-two one-time goals under are straight up success if done. Thanks for the help refining my foals, @sarakingdom Goal One: Plantbending ☆ Eat 2 fruits and veg per day. (If this gets too easy, up it to 3). ☆ Research and plan an indoor greens growing system. ☆ Shop for weeStockings sized garden tools, pit on wish list. Goal Two: Waterbending ☆ Exercise every day to support Tai chi. On class days, go to class. Other days, Hammer, walk, yoga . . . ☆ Sweep back deck for morning practice. Goal Three: Cloudbending ☆ Harness the breath like an Airbender by Meditating 5 minutes daily. ☆ DONE. Get reusable travel mug again. A nice ceramic one with a silicone lid. ☆ For week with April 1st, make a new Gratitude BuJo spread. ☆ With first paycheck, sign up for Calm premium subscription.
  2. Challenges during this challenge: I'm going to a big old conference for work, which is great, but as we've all seen before, is really tough on me (man I feel like I *just* went through this). I'm tabling at my first zine fest!!! YAY! The day after the conference! BOO! I'm launching a Patreon with an accompanying daily poetry project. Family reunion, too. This challenge will be ripe with opportunities to be over-tired, self-critical, and stressed, so I'm emphasizing self-care: Time spent outside, sleeping, eating veggies, drinking water, reading excellent books, maybe even playing some video games?! All those things. No backlog work. LET'S DO THIS! Quest: Workout 3 times per week...plus one extra. I've been hitting three a week pretty regularly, and I feel sometimes like I could fit in one more. So, I don't want to go up to four times a week, but I *would* like to get an extra one in. Quest: Salad 4 times per week. Still need to make this habit stick. Quest: Set up my relaxing chair outside on the patio and sit on it at least 5 times a week. BREATHE. GET SUNLIGHT. FEEL CALM. Quest: Lights out by 10:30 pm every work night. I'm lights out by 11 right now, so this extra half hour should be okay. As usual, conference week will have its own rules. Since the first quarter of the year ends half-way through the challenge, I also revisited my goals from the first challenge of the year: Feeling okay about these goals, for the most part. On the challenge after this one, I'll be re-focusing on the backlog stuff and will post a new set of Q2 goals. I am not riding my bike much, which bums me out. Not sure how to get that happening more regularly again. I think warmer weather will help. For those tuning in, I'm a nonbinary/genderqueer/woman chronic overachiever type who mostly does body-weight workouts at home, plus occasional forays into other workout types. I also write a bunch (poems, zines, novels) and am going to be launching a Patreon in April. I am headed to a big OSS conference in April, where I'm speaking and doing other terrifying things, and I am also planning a small tabletop game convention for May. Big couple of months. (Thanks, RogueLibrarian, for the idea of a summary!)
  3. OKAY! So, last challenge was a keep-on-keepin-on kind of challenge. I'm gonna mix it up and see how it goes this time, which means zero week = experimentation time! I've been thinking I'll try a monthly theme. This month: JUST SAY NO. I want to be more aware of all the stuff I let into my life (both physical and emotional) and I want to say no to more of it. I don't need to help that random recruiter on LinkedIn! I don't need to go check out that sale! NO. And now, draft one of my quests: Q1: Daily salads! I'm tired of eating freezer lunches at work, so I'm planning a daily salad (see last challenge for details). My goal is to eat salads four of five work days. Q2: Skill practice/flexibility work I'd like to eventually tackle the GMB Elements course, but my major concern at this point is the time investment (daily workouts are not my current jam). I currently stretch after workouts (so, approx 3 times per week). I'd like to add one session of stretching & skill practice. I'm thinking hamstring stretches (maybe the splits challenge but without the challenge part) and/or handstand work. Mostly I just want to start building some fun exercise into my schedule. Q3. Social media ramp-down I check social media more than I'd like to. This week I want to just *track* how much I time I spend on facebook & twitter (using TimeStats chrome extension). Q4. TBD! Possibly something to help me remember my monthly theme, or possibly not. We'll find out soon enough!
  4. Hey everyone I am jumping in at the end of this challenge and will continue with it in next months challenge. So here we go. Fitness quest- get back into a workout habit, hitting the gym or yoga class 3-4 times a week. Diet quest- Super smoothie everyday Lifestyle quest- Miracle morning routine everyday
  5. I started this thread to find new recipes for vegan and vegetarian goodies. If you know any good vegan or vegetarian snack recipes, please post them here. Soon we can overturn the evil monopoly on snacks and treats. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! During my time living in Estonia, I have collected quite a few super easy salad recipes. They mostly involve shredding veggies like carrots, cabbage, cucumber, etc., and are essentially the same: shred, mix, eat. Carrots and/or Cabbage 1. Shred carrots (or cabbage) 2. Add finely chopped: (pick one or more) apple pineapple pear orange shredded cucumber shredded cabbage 3. Mix and Eat * The salad can be super sweet (carrot and apple) with NO sugar necessary. This is the easiest way I have found to get kids involved with cooking and 9 times out of 10 (I promise) the toddlers and preschoolers I have worked with have eaten this with no complaints!
  6. Hello my name is Theatresara and I am a workaholic. This fact has driven the better part of my past year, especially the past few months. I've lost track of how to take care of myself, how to say no to work, and what it means to actually have a relationship with the people in my life except for the ones I work with day in and out. Because of all of this, it's back to basics for me. I need to not obsess over going paleo or working out all the time or anything like that. Right now, it's all about the small steps to build habits that'll stick with me, even when I'm working 100 hours/week. Theoretically, my life has currently taken a turn that will help with all of this My spring is a lot lighter than my fall and winter was (in fact, by the time the challenge starts, I may only be working one job! I can't remember the last time that happened) and I'm once again gearing up to run around a mountain portraying a frontier woman and a Shawnee maiden for four months (which requires a high level of fitness). MAIN QUEST: To build small habits that will last past the end of the challenge to make a better me Goal 1: Eat salads three times a week. My eating habits need to improve drastically. Lack of money lately has driven me to a very carb-heavy diet and I need to change that, but slowly. By eating three salads a week, I'll start to change my diet without a drastic, hard to maintain goal that costs a lot of money. I also will not judge myself for what I eat for my other meals. Feeling bad about food only leads to giving up and eating poorly. Goal 2: Stretch every day. This has been a goal before and I quickly fall out of practice. I have a ton of back and shoulder pain and stretching helps so much. Plus, if I do it in the morning, it's a good way to start my day positively. Goal 3: Some sort of cardio three times a week. I need to start getting back in Tecumseh! shape because that show involves a lot of running in rehearsals, onstage, and backstage. As there is currently quite a bit of snow on the ground and forecasters say there may be more coming, I'm not going to specify running, or even a certain length of time. What's important is that I start moving and start building up my endurance. If that means dancing around a room for 15 minutes, great. If that means taking advantage of a nice day and going for a long run or hike, even better. However, sex, while technically cardio, doesn't count (and yes, I need to clarify for myself because I'm that good at justifying things to make them count for my goals) Life Goal: Read everyday. I love reading. It's been one of my favorite activities for as long as I can remember. Lately, the tv (yay olympics!) and computer have taken over my life and, while I'm not going to stop either, I need a bit of a break from electronics. So, I'm going to commit to reading every night. I'm rereading A Song of Ice and Fire, have Shakespeare's Star Wars next on my list, and have several books relating to Tecumseh that I want to read or reread before I leave in May, so this particular goal should be super easy. As a bonus goal, I'm going to attempt to participate in all physical mini challenges. I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to, so if you don't see me chiming in, someone let me know about all the awesome things Assassins around me are doing!
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