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Found 8 results

  1. I've decided it was time I started trying to work on an important skill of all Tayledras scouts*: tree-walking. Tayledras all learn to climb trees and use the massive branches of the Pelagir forests as secondary path. This leaves no trail, and allows them unseen vantage points to attack from. It also scares the crap out of people, which can be handy when you're hoping for a non-violent encounter with intruders. Violence is a waste, better for them to leave voluntarily. *Worldbuilding by Mercedes Lackey, particularly in the Mage Winds trilogy and The Owl Mage Trilogy. Main Quest: Run a 5k
  2. I know that this is very early, but starting 20 December I am travelling around Mauritius until mid Jan, so I thought I'd get my thoughts in here now and then I can update it with goals and the like closer to the time (and it'll be on my Tapatalk, lol). In 2014, I prepared to train for an endurance race, that unfortunately we couldn't get entry to (can you believe they sold out 30k entries in an hour). So instead it's given me an additional year to get fit and train for the 2016 cycle tour (if my best friend doesn't have her wedding on the day - I think she said I'm maid of honor) and make
  3. As it is wont to do, life imploded during the last challenge, so I'm just pretending it didn't happen. Onward! Adventure! Excitement! Cthulhu! Join Ravnos on his ninth challenge as he battles demons, breaks PRs and continues on his merry quest for strength, honor and wisdom. Come! Join the merriment! Weep at the tragedy. Cheer on the excitement! Ninth official challenge time. Let's see where we're at with this. I've reached many of the goals I started out on NF with. I've gotten my waist to below 32 inches (and still improving) and I'm dropped my body fat considerably. However, it's t
  4. I have decided upon 5 challenges. 1) Figure out how I want to roleplay my way through this. I have an idea, but I need to research back accurate back story (yeah, I 'm one of those). +1 Wisdom 2) Limit myself to a single can of diet coke a day. Long term goal is weaning myself off it entirely. +1 Con 3) Cook myself at least 2 entirely paleo meals a week. +1 Con, +1 Cha (everyone likes a good home cooked meal) 4) Practice lightsaber forms at least 15 minutes a day. Studying videos does not count for time spent. +1 dex, +1 str 5) Lifestyle- Make my 52 week savings challenge deposits on
  5. Hi all! I've done a bit with my daily battle log, and it's been up and down, as I try to work out how to get going. You know how in The Fellowship of the Ring (the book), Gandalf tells Frodo about the ring, and Frodo proceeds to sit around his hobbit hole for a few months eating a lot of breakfasts, and even once he truly gets going on his quest, he still spends way too much time chilling with Tom Bombadil? It's been like that. I need a challenge - something I can fail at to drive me to succeed. I need Black Riders running after me. Main Quest: Obese no more. This means losing about 100 poun
  6. MAIN QUEST Lose 70lbs. Starting weight (Jan. 15th): 208.6lbs Current weight (Mar 20th): 195.5lbs Total Lost: 13.1lbs (18.7% of goal) I started the paleo/primal lifestyle on January 15th, @ 208.6lbs. I was 196.9lbs on February 15th. THREE GOALS Work out a minimum 3x/week, an hour each session. Consume 64oz of water each day. Do a yoga session at least 2x/week, for mental and emotional clarity.LIFE QUEST(S) Finish graduate school applications by March 1st 9th, and after March 1st 9th spend at least 4 hours a day studying for the MCAT.In the 6 weeks of the quest, put $1000 in my
  7. I have a savings account and keep 1 month of finances in it at all times. I also put money in it each month so I can pay my tuition each semester. However I have problems keeping more than that in it. Way too tempting. What are my options for other types of savings? I'm thinking more long term but not as long term as a 401k. Something without large withdrawl penalties but enough to make me think. I'm looking to put about half of my tax return in it and then not touching it unless something unfortunate happens. Suggestions?
  8. So, after a very successful first challenge to start the year off I've had back-to-back challenges where I've started with the best of intentions and fallen off the wagon fast. Summertime is staring me down - I have a beach vacation the second week of July that I desperately want to feel better about myself for. So - let's try to get this fitness thing back on track! Fitness: * Hit the weight room and follow a workout plan for this 6-week challenge (and beyond into the next challenge). * Run regularly - I plan on running five days a week, and average 20-25 miles a week on the road. It's gett
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