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  1. A dungeon crawl is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinthine environment, battling monsters, solving puzzles, evading traps, and looting any treasure they may find. I thought this an appropriate theme for this challenge because I often struggle in Sept/Oct as the sun vanishes, the days get shorter and the schedule gets busier. I have pinpointed my trouble areas, now it's just a matter of navigating them. And to quote one of the Twitter folks I follow: The goal of DnD is not to level up in order to overcome a challenge. Its to solve challenges in front of you with the tools you have in place. I will conquer this dungeon with the tools I have in place, and by doing so, gain experience and level up as a side effect! Goal 1: Battle Monsters In order to handle the monsters I will face in this dungeon, I need to be well trained. That said, too many battles in a row will leave an adventurer exhausted, so I need to plan smart. Lift 2-3x / week Move 2-3x / week With hockey starting, I will not have a static schedule. I would love to get into 3 lift days a week, but it's really hard to juggle when I might end up with 2-3 hockey nights on one weekend. (Not likely, but could happen.) I also know that getting to the gym for a lift session on the weekends fails 80% of the time, so I cannot count on it. Therefore, the strategy on this monster is this. Non hockey Friday = Lifting on MWF If hockey on Friday, then lift TTH. Bike, run or dance on the days that do not include lifting. Goal 2: Solving Puzzles The biggest puzzle in this dungeon is to figure out how to stay consistent so I can lower my BF% some. This means tracking calories, and playing with the numbers - even when the data I collect doesn't immediately shout out the answer to the problem. Sometimes you get info from several chambers before you get the answer to the riddle. Track calories daily, even if they are grossly over. 7x/ week Cook at friends house for two meals there a week. 2x/ week Goal 3: Evading Traps This is about evading the weakend trap! The subgoals here may change from week to week as I find out what works best, but here is the starting plan. Avoid the honeybadger polymorph trap on game nights. 2-3x/week -- Above accomplished by the following. 1) Have sandwich makings and healthy snacks at Q's house for game nights. 2) Plan meals by Wed, so I know what I am eating, at what time on Sat/Sun. 3) Allow and plan for, one 'fun' meal per week. Limit fast food Iced Coffee's to 2x/week. Goal 4: Document the Journey for the Archives This is added in to account for the art goals and habits, as well learning to juggle the various commitments I've set up for myself. Sketch daily. 7x/ week Practice on tablet. 4x/ week Art lesson. 1x/ week D&D Prep. As needed, but at least 2x/ week Church Group. 1x/ week (Mondays.) Additional goals, that I don't want to make weekly due to stress inducement! Keep at the nightly teeth routine. Get the budget sorted, for real. Use Good Budget - limit money spent, track where it goes. Weekly plan out the weeks events, schedule and plans for food so it is not tossed aside due to 'last-minute-itis'.
  2. It's been a loooong while I haven't kept a regular schedule for my personal purposes. Schedules and to-do lists never worked for me because they triggered a lot of anxiety, so I have always been more about: do this a couple of times a week, whenever you feel like it. Which is ok, but I also tend to slack and do half of what I really wanted to do. Since this has been getting better -me being more responsible- and my anxiety levels are the lowest they've been in my whole life, I am going to give it a try and follow a schedule. I am also in a better mental place now than years ago, to understand that plans won't always work the way I want, or that there will be days when I'll need to be flexible and drop a couple of things, but I'll try to be disciplined, because I've been feeling I really want to level up, I mean REALLY LEVEL UP, and the best I can do to achieve this is not to miss workouts and/or practice sessions. What do I want and how do I achieve it: Physical I want to run faster and longer ---------> I`ll go for a run twice a week instead of once. I'll keep working on sprints but also on extending my usual last run. I want to be stronger ---------> I'll work on push-ups, pull-ups (only dead hang by now), abs and planks. I'll add 5” to my dead hangs every week, and also 1-2 push-ups to the same set (my trainer at self-defence recommended fist push-ups yesterday when I asked him about improving my wrist and fist strength and control when punching, so I'll work mainly on those). Base line for fist push-ups still to be determined, same for the time I can hold a declined plank (almost handstand). Abs twice a week. Dead hangs and declined planks are unscheduled because they will usually happen at any free moment along the day. I want to be more flexible and improve mobility and posture -------> Yoga everyday. First thing in the morning, last thing before bed. Animal flow once a week. I want to improve blood circulation (amongst others) and go ahead with the WH course -------> I'll add 5-10” seconds to my cold showers every week. Musical I want to play more freely, to feel I enjoy playing my flute instead of fighting against it -------> I've been journaling a lot about this, and I've decided the first thing I need to do is to be consistent. Rather than working on refining or perfecting things, I'll work on reducing “mistakes”. The biggest one is, no doubt, random practice, so from now on, no day without practice, no excuses. Once this “mistake” is fixed, others will be addressed. Mental I'll journal about those things that upset me, and whenever I feel ready/comfortable I'll choose some things to share at NF. I will keep a “thank me” journal. Everyday I'll write down what I did to take care of myself. MAGIC SCHEDULE! MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + PUSH-UPS WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + PUSH-UPS + ABS WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + PUSH-UPS WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + ABS MORNING: SELF-DEFENCE MORNING: INTERVAL RUNNING MORNING: SELF-DEFENCE MORNING: ACTIVE RECOVERY DAY AFTERNOON: PLAYING WITH ANIMAL FLOW MORNING: INTERVAL RUNNING MORNING: ACTIVE RECOVERY DAY NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE AFTERNOON-EVENING: MUSIC PRACTICE AFTERNOON 18:00: MUSIC PRACTICE AFTERNOON 18.00: MUSIC PRACTICE EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA
  3. I am a little late to start this challenge, but I sort of started it yesterday... when I bought the e-Book of the RBG Fitness Routine. If Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg can do it at 85? Damnit, so can I. But baby steps, yeah? I'm starting a shortened version twice a week, 30 minutes, as I don't have the time to do more right now, but yeah, it's a cute book, and why not? Which brings me to.... TIME BLOCKING. As I get closer to my trip to Japan, my time is more and more valuable. I have two major puppet builds to do this month, a day job to keep on top of, and learning Japanese throughout. So I need to make a nice obvious easy to follow time blocked schedule and then I need to STICK TO IT. Wish me luck. But I need to EAT to have the energy to do all this, so I figured I'd try a vegan/vegetarian version of Whole 30. I've been vegan off and on, and was thinking to keep that up, but I might being in eggs from the local farmers here, as they are local, good for me, and cruelty free. It depends how I feel about eggs at the time, I guess. So far I've been starting my day with frozen fruit, kale, protein powder, and chia blended to death smoothie, lunches seem to be lettuce wrap based, and dinner I've been making insane fusion tacos that are kinda brilliant. I will mix things up, but I'm going to try to do Whole 30, but the vegetarian version (so lentils, peanuts, tofu, that sort of thing are okay as protein sources.) That's about it, besides massively studying Japanese. Which I'm doing alright with. I am going to start using tutors to talk to in June and July, as I leave end of July and need to be able to base level function in conversation. That and I'm making a delightful puppet to accompany me, and I will share him with you all when he's done!
  4. NERDS!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME! To another month of MOONS. My challenge theme for 2016 is a full moon series - each challenge will be named and themed for the full moon that falls within it, and I’ll draw from each one’s symbolism to craft my challenges! January’s challenge was wolf moon and it went pretty great!! I saw a lot of strength gains and flexibility improvement. For February though, the moon that falls here is commonly called Snow Moon. Sounds pretty but................ Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult. Little Famine moon and Full Bony moon are other traditional names for this particular full moon. WELL GEEZ OKAY, thanks a lot Debbie Downer. I mean BONY MOON, really, come on now, I know times be tough in February but all this is pretty....... depressing. (And it BETTER not snow here................) Truth be told, like January, this is a tough time of year. The almanac has it spot on - it’s bitter cold, difficult, and for a lot of cultures it was a time of just hanging on and surviving. So, I’m gonna do that by simplifying the junk out of this challenge. This month I have only one quest, and it’s for all of the points. QUEST: Stay on Target (+3STA, +3STR, +2CON, +2WIS) Midway through the last challenge I had a “WAUW my life is out of control†moment and started creating weekly charts with allotted time slots for all the shit I needed to get done. Getting this on paper was a BIG brain calmer and has helped me remember to make time for all the things I need to do, and not just spend my free hours playing FFXIV..... which I would TOTALLY do if I had less willpower. Or, TIME WASTING. I realized last month that I am my very own Time Bandit and if left to my own devices I would take my free time at work and donk around on the forums or Reddit indefinitely. I can certainly plan my time better if I am mindful of it!! Following my “to-do†chart made me happy, and helped me look forward to things daily, thereby warding off The Blahs. Neato! Each weekend I’ll post my chart for the upcoming week here, and do my best to stick to it. Simple as that. (Right?....) Weekly Grading A - Stuck to chart 100% B - Neglected 1-2 duties C - Neglected 3-4 duties F - Totally went off the rails and I now have a Level 60 of every class in FFXIV. (Oops.) I’ve already gone ahead and completed my chart for Week 1, and here it is! Aha, look at that, I tried to measure even columns for each day but of course numbersed wrong and Sunday’s a LITTLE BIGGER. Super. Also I needed to use WhiteOut as I wrote something on the wrong day. XD The only caveat I have with this is I reserve the right to toggle gym days as needed - M W F is my goal but if T Th F needs to happen due to other events that can work! However, 3 days a week MUST be done or else, penalty. In my free time at work I’ll make sure to get done the duties for that day FIRST before I consider wasting any time on other things. As long as I get all the written duties done F-Su I can fit in VIDEO GAMES in the empty spots. That’s it! Simple, right? Right. "What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?" -- John Steinbeck
  5. Working toward keeping up with my goals primarily this challenge, schedule and stress got the better of me the middle of 2 challenges ago through most of the last one. Time to fight back Challenge goals: Main goal - slaying the anxiety dragon. (Apparently I didn't kill him... just used an elder scroll to send the bugger forward in time. Typical.) SQ1 - Mind games. My mind has felt like it was going to explode since I switched into summer shift, so this needs to take spot 1. Meditation, 6x/wk, and devotions 5x - goal for both is 7, but I figure the grace days will come in handy since I'm still on overload. Starting with 5min meditation for week 1, expanding 2 min every week. SQ2 - Running out of time. I had to re-start my zombies, run couch2 5k, just did week 3, workout 2 today. 3 runs a week, hopefully the weather cooperates until summer shift ends - come school year i think i will have an indoor place to use, but I could be wrong on that since I have no idea what happens to my schedule in 3 weeks. Either way, as much as I am not even remotely a runner, i love the energy I get from runs and the cardio endurance I'm starting to build up. SQ3 - Was torn between food and strength workout, I'm going with the workout mostly because i seem to be doing better on the food right now. So 2 core strength workouts/week, and 2-3 shoulder stabilizer workouts to try to get my shoulders back into real working order. LifeQuest - Guitar, 3x/wk. So, here's to focus and to tackling the time-demon
  6. Here we are again, at the beginning of another adventure!! This is one of my favorite times of the year (Autumn and Halloween) so it's time to really take my fitness goals by the horns and ride them to the ground. Really have to get this challenge right this time so why not pick a great theme to go along with it. This time I'm going with another book theme but this one has WAAAAAAY much more source material to play with/have fun with. And the winner is: For those that don't know, the Dresden Files is a book series written by Jim Butcher about the wizard and private investigator Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden and his misadventures through the mean streets of Chicago. I've heard it described as a "Philip Marlowe meets Gandalf" series. Told in the first person, you get to see things through Harry's eyes and in his head. I have been reading this series from the very beginning and I haven't been able to stop since! I absolutely LOVE this series (the TV series... that's another story). So, this theme is ON!!! I'm looking to four major goals this time around. 1) Empty Night -- No eating of any kind after 8:30pm every night except Saturdays (36 points // STA +2; CON +1) I really wanted to make this goal more about eating my larger meal for breakfast and/or lunch and then a smaller dinner but sometimes you just have a craving for something hearty after a long day at work. I relax, start watching TV or checking the forums and I tend to snack on crap food. I'm going for the next best thing, cut off all food intake after 8:30pm except for Saturday night gaming night. 2) Infriga/Forzare/Fuego -- Scheduled, specific exercises with two days on, one day off. (28 points // STR +2; DEX +1) Not only do I need to get my exercise game going again, I've discovered I need to SCHEDULE IT!!! Doing that will take the burden off of what I need to do and allows me less room to make excuses. The three workout types I'm planning are for Leg Work (Fuego), Arm Work (Infriga), or Walking/Jogging (Forzare). Two on, One off. 3) Keeping Up With My Allies -- Sustained support to my peeps here. Minimum 5 Rebels and 5 messages of solid importance weekly (Pass/Fail per week // CHA +1; STA +1) I love this community, I don't think I've said that enough!! Anyone that has given me a like, said a supportive or positive word to me, and you crazy lot that follow my challenges, I love you all greatly!! I've had my bumps and bruises the last couple of challenges but I know that I can keep up on it with help and support from you all. So, helping others helps me so I will be making sure I keep up with my fellow Rebels this time along. 4) Not Just Phallic Foci -- Cosplay/Halloween Costume of Harry Dresden for Party just after challenge (Pass/Fail overall // CHA +2) Elaine -- "Still going with the phallic foci, eh? Staff and rod?" // Harry -- "They make me feel all manly." OK, I just remembered that line and it felt waaaay too appropriate but I'm thinking that since I know I will be available for my friend/gaming buddy's Halloween party, I've decided to shoot for doing a Dresden costume/cosplay for the party. Now, I did do one for a convention three years ago and I really just threw some things together for that and it was OK. I know that it's only 7 weeks til Halloween but I think I can put it together. Now, I've seen both the artistic drawings on some of the covers, plus the show and actual book descriptions so I'm hoping to put something together that channels it all together. Here are a few examples: My tentative schedule is here under the Spoiler tag (plus so I can fiddle with the sizing) Now, to officially start this challenge, this quote pretty much shows the focus on I have on this challenge: "My name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, conjure by it at your own risk. When things get strange, when what goes bump in the night flicks on the lights, when no one else can help you, give me a call. I'm in the book"
  7. Greetings again all!!! Sorry for the silence and, quite frankly, lack of my usual self but I'm BAAAAACK!!! You may be asking yourself "Dude, why the name change?" A couple of reasons. One, easier for all to type out than R.D. Nottingham. Two, the name Calibre reminds me of a different place that I was at in my life and it was different (in a good way). Three, I have a more tangible story about Calibre that I could work into challenges and stories that I could write that can be a motivation. So, where do I go from here?? Right back on the damn horse, that's where!! I was doing just fine right in the beginning, kept myself focused, working hard. But since the summer and my last two challenges, not so much. So it's time to buckle down, get back on it, and take these next three weeks (figuring the last two weeks of the current challenge and the off week) and get myself back into a positive direction. I have plans, the most basic of them involves this: A simple chart and a simple progression. No more of this "4x a week this" or "3x a week that". A straight rotation. Now, let's see what happens!!!
  8. Hi! I was wondering if it was better to exercise every other day, or to exercise everyday. Also, if one exercises every other day, would it be better to stick to the schedule or workout on off days if one feels like it. Thanks for reading!
  9. I have a quick survey for the rebellion, mostly since I'm trying to help motivate some friends: What is the earliest you get up in the morning? And, what would you do with the time if you were to get up earlier? For those of you who already do get up early, what motivates you? Thanks!!
  10. Hidyhoooo FINALLY, university preparation is over. I don't stress anymore, I have my interview invitations (MIT, Stanford AND Princeton ermahgerddddddd) and all kind of testing is over!!! FINALLY, I have time to go to the gym again (seriously, 30 mins was too much of a 'waste of time', since I had like 1514684 school assignments too >< ), so let's get back to it!! I took my before pictures, measurements etc and am now fully ready to commit myself again.I went to the doctor a few weeks back for my neverending headaches and cramps and lack of energy and after a few blood tests I git diagnosed with gluten and cow milk intolerance, hah! Guess that paleo lifestyle is going to be my thing after all. My battle plan: workout 5 (or more) times a week, including a spinning class on Sunday, active rest day on Mondays (I have harp class ^^), yoga class on Tuesdays, weight lifting on Wednesdays, spinning again on Thursdays (or running, whichever one suits me), bodyweight training on Fridays, more bodyweight (and yoga!) on Saturdays! Concerning food, I'll stick with a daily calorie-limit and try to hit my 90g of protein/day goal along with a max of 100g of carbs/day. My fat intake should be moderate (around 50g?), but I am not exactly sure how much I need. GOALS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER 1. Complete 1 week of doing all the workouts mentioned above 2. Run that 5k again 3. Complete 3 weeks of following a paleo lifestyle 4. Squat your own bodyweight ( ~ 65 kg) this one's funnny cause as I lose weight I'll have to lift lighter stuff haha 5. Take 'progress pictures' after 1 month (25 february) 6. Run 10k 7. Do 50 push-ups consecutively More to follow for sure! If you have any tips and tricks or just feel like you need to give me more courage to start ''MISSION BLACK WIDOW'' (yea she fucking sexy I wanna be like her haha), don't hesitate to do so Lots of love but also lots of peanut butter
  11. Name: Hammlin "Hammi" Race: Wood Elf | Class: Footpath Ranger Leader Level: 18 (STR):44.25 (DEX):37.25 (STA):30 (CON):31.25 (WIS):31.5 (CHA):25.25 Motivation: New job, new schedule, new coworkers. I don’t handle change well… Also, still upcoming is GORUCK Challenge next June… Main Quest: Defining a New Normal. (Nov 10 – Dec 21) Missions: 1. Schedule. Get into new routine- this will be hard. I have no idea what my future holds and I have been at the same job for the last almost 8 years... it's all that I know and it's what I'm used to. I need to make a schedule as best I can, once I see what the workflow of the new job seems like, and then work in and figure out how training can work in it. 1 Point for making the schedule that includes November Project (DEN) and a ruck each week. 1 Point for getting to bed by 9 at least 4 times per week. 1 Point for blocking AND using time Sunday for meal prepping. (+3 CHA) 2. Push Ups. Short and sweet. Need to do push-ups daily, in order to get better! Will decide on a plan by the time the challenge starts. 36-42 days = A 29-35 days = B 22-28 days = C 15-21 days = D 0-14 days = F (+4 WIS) 3. Water. Water, water, always water. Water goals always go by the wayside when the weather gets cold. Using. I need to be drinking 3 a day... 36-42 days = A 29-35 days = B 22-28 days = C 15-21 days = D 0-14 days = F (+4 STA) Life Quest: 4. Debt. Cruel evil four letter word. The new job is very timely, because Mr. Ham and I have been treading water… The plan is to use the snowball method to pay off the things that have been accumulating over the last couple of months. 2 Points for making the plan 2 Points for paying down whichever, according to the plan, fall in the challenge time line (+4 DEX) Tracking will be done on my closet calendar this time. My Story (challenge history- it's lengthy, feel free to ignore...):
  12. So like most people who want to loose weight, I want to do it as quickly as possible! So I ate right (and enough), did P90X with my brother, and did Pilates-only to land on my face. I could only keep it up for 4 days, then I got sick, and I'm recovering and working back up to 100%. So where is the happy medium? How did you find yours? -Cleric
  13. Question: If you run 4 days a week, what days do you run? If you lift, how do you fit that in with your running? Some background: I've been a runner for 10 years, but I always 'Gallow-walked' - running for 2 or 3 minutes and then walking for a minute. I finished 2 half-marathons that way but felt like I wasn't a 'real' runner. This January I made it my goal to be able to run a mile without stopping. Now I can do that. I've been consistenly running 3 times a week all year. If I'm eating right and having a good day I can run 45 minutes without stopping. On bad days I can still do 10 minutes before I need a walk break. My speed has improved slighlty (to a 13.5 minute mile). I'd like to add a fourth day to increase my speed and endurance but I don't know how to fit 4 days of running into my week while still giving myself time off between runs. (Running 3 days in a row left me badly injured so I'm really hesitant to give up rest days.)
  14. Last time I fought to prepare for Zombies, this round I’m fighting myself. In the last year I have gone from pretty underweight to my goal weight and a fair amount of muscle. I’m still struggling to have my life in order and get things rolling smoothly and get myself set properly. I’m a Lycan assassin, and the wolf in me is still wild. She must be tempered. Click here for a quick Catch up! Rise up! [Perform a handstand.] Consume – Paleo, no crap. I have gone to some pretty heavy extents to prepare paleo foods for two weeks out. Next pay day I will do the same. Ghee, chicken bone stock, shredded steak with onion, chicken(both a simple one and one with mushrooms), yellow squash, zucchini, bananas, eggs, and a breakfast puke looking dish are all on the menu. I need to add more fruit, but am struggling with storage, will have to get dried. [End Goal] Do not eat anything that is not Paleo. First two weeks 80% - 100% by 4th week. Condition – I’ve decided my days of being jealous over all you sillies who can do a handstand needs to be over, so everyday I’m… struggling? [End Goal] Be able to enter and hold free handstand. Minus points for times missed due to laziness. Graded on completion. First week; Build up. Second week; Wall-up. Third week; Hold at wall. Fourth; Move away from wall. Fifth; Enter without wall. Sixth Enter and hold w/o wall. Contort – I picked up some yoga starter gear. Lets see, Try this. On my longer scheduled workout days, 30 minutes should be spent on yoga. [End Goal]30 minutes 3 times a week. Minus points for times missed due to laziness. Side Quests [Life] Control - When I moved in my last challenge, I got super depressed. I have really struggled daily to be okay with my choices and getting used to not seeing my kids more than two days a week. My work schedule just limits my seeing them that much, and they are my everything. I need to regain control of my life and schedule my time better so that I’m not coming home a sobby mess, and am getting things done, especially waking up to do my workout. Order [Motivation]
  15. Hi, My name is Em and this is my first 6 week challenge. I've got three goals that I want to achieve: Eat a caloric deficit every weekday Stick to a cleaning and workout schedule Go from juggling 3 balls to juggling 5 in a standard cascade pattern.The first two goals will be really important and really difficult in the coming weeks - I am returning from a week's leave tomorrow and I expect work to be extra-stupid-crazy, and there to be unpaid overtime involved. So motivation, energy and work-life boundaries will be key to keeping my head space right and stop me from eating a bag of chicos when I get annoyed at a programming problem. On number 1, I'll be using a smart phone app to track my progress - I'll put the app to target no weight loss and post a weekly summary screen shot so it is easily apparent whether or not I am meeting that goal. On number 2, I'll be trying to stick to the the following cleaning and workout schedule: Monday AM - Gym StrengthTuesday AM - Run (C25K or the 10K bridging program, wherever I am at)Tuesday PM - Alternate Bible Study/Body Balance gym class, Clean bathroom and looWednesday AM - Gym StrengthWednesday PM - Spin Class (except for the week when I have a church meeting), washing loadThursday AM - RunThursday PM - Washing loadFriday - Rest Day, clean looSaturday AM - Gym Strength, Grocery ShopSunday AM - Run, washing load, vacuum/mop, dust, clean looOn number 3, I'm planning to follow this training schedule: Week 1: Practice 3 ball juggle - aim for 60 seconds no problemWeek 2: Practice 2 ball one handed juggle - aim 30 seconds each handWeek 3: Practice 3 and 2 ball juggling techniquesWeek 4: Practice 4 ball asynchronous and synchronous juggling - aim for 60 seconds each techniqueWeek 5: Practice 5 ball cascade with 4 balls and clap - aim for 60 secondsWeek 6: 5 ball cascade - target 60 seconds! Edit: On viewing other posts, decided to move my results to the top: | %/Av | 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th ---------+------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Goal 1: | 1680 | 1913 1478 1981 1566 1527 - - 1754 1830 1586 1587 1990 - - Goal 2.1:| 61.4 | - 2/2 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 1.5/4 - 2/2 1/1 1/1 0/1 1/1 1/4 Goal 2.2:| 83.3 | 0.5/1 2/2 1/1 1/1 - 1/1 1/1 1/1 0/1 2/2 1/1 - 1/1 1/1 | | 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th ---------+------+----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goal 1: | | 1878 1015 1228 2181 1450 - - 1626 1765 925 1721 2595 - - Goal 2.1 | | - 1/2 1/1 1/1 0/1 1/1 1/4 - 0/1 1/1 1/1 0/1 1/1 Goal 2.2 | | 1/1 1/1 1/2 1/1 - 1/1 0/1 1/1 0/1 2/2 1/1 - 1/1 Max 3 Ball Cascade: 29s
  16. Good day, I'll just jump right in to my question, and plea for assistance here; I began my Nerd Fitness journey back in August, and it was a life changing experience for me. In the first few months I had lost nearly 30 pounds of fat, and was putting on muscle mass as well. I was doing weight/strength training three days a week, and intervals in my off-days, and eating a 99% paleo diet (99% due to the protein powder I use and the occasional Life Saver to bring me up from hypoglycemic attacks; I'm a Type 1 Diabetc). However, in October I started a new job with a start-up company. I'm an Operations Supervisor for a distribution and logistics company that services Target Canada. We moved into the facility in November, and started operations mid-December. Since January my schedule has gone for crap. My work schedule is generally Mon-Thur from 5am - 5pm. I wake up every morning at 2am in order to make a proper breakfast and prepare my lunch (if I didn't get to on Sunday). It takes me close to an hour to drive to and from work. I've been unable to pick up a weight, or get to the gym to do any intervals during my work week since at least mid January, and it's driving me crazy. I have the time on Saturday and Sundays most weeks, but find myself at work on almost every Friday regardless of the fact it's one of my days off. My training would usually take a minimum of an hour every night. Currently I don't find myself walking in my front door until close to 7:00pm most nights, and I have to be in bed no later than 8:00pm so I can at least manage 6 hours of sleep. This work schedule, without my regular training, has been taking it's toll on my physically (along with the stress) and one of my biggest stress relievers was my training. I've visibly put on weight (which boggles my mind as I've still been doing my paleo diet) and I've clearly lost some muscle mass as well. I'm looking for help on trying to come up with at least a minimal training regiment I can do on my weeknights when I get home from work (with time permitting) for perhaps a maximum half-hour workout. I'm hoping that in another couple of months things will begin to calm down at work (Target Stores have finally begun opening in Canada; the first wave of 24 are all open, and there will be smaller waves of stores opening up until the end of this year) and I might be able to get home in a more timely manner to get back into my original training regiment. Any assitance, advice, or help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I've been meaning to make this post for a couple of weeks now. Thank you for your time, - Ryan
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