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Found 16 results

  1. A dungeon crawl is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinthine environment, battling monsters, solving puzzles, evading traps, and looting any treasure they may find. I thought this an appropriate theme for this challenge because I often struggle in Sept/Oct as the sun vanishes, the days get shorter and the schedule gets busier. I have pinpointed my trouble areas, now it's just a matter of navigating them. And to quote one of the Twitter folks I follow: The goal of DnD is not to level up in order to overcome a challenge. Its to solve chall
  2. It's been a loooong while I haven't kept a regular schedule for my personal purposes. Schedules and to-do lists never worked for me because they triggered a lot of anxiety, so I have always been more about: do this a couple of times a week, whenever you feel like it. Which is ok, but I also tend to slack and do half of what I really wanted to do. Since this has been getting better -me being more responsible- and my anxiety levels are the lowest they've been in my whole life, I am going to give it a try and follow a schedule. I am also in a better mental place now than years ago, to unders
  3. I am a little late to start this challenge, but I sort of started it yesterday... when I bought the e-Book of the RBG Fitness Routine. If Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg can do it at 85? Damnit, so can I. But baby steps, yeah? I'm starting a shortened version twice a week, 30 minutes, as I don't have the time to do more right now, but yeah, it's a cute book, and why not? Which brings me to.... TIME BLOCKING. As I get closer to my trip to Japan, my time is more and more valuable. I have two major puppet builds to do this month, a day job to keep on top of, and lear
  4. NERDS!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME! To another month of MOONS. My challenge theme for 2016 is a full moon series - each challenge will be named and themed for the full moon that falls within it, and I’ll draw from each one’s symbolism to craft my challenges! January’s challenge was wolf moon and it went pretty great!! I saw a lot of strength gains and flexibility improvement. For February though, the moon that falls here is commonly called Snow Moon. Sounds pretty but................ Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often c
  5. Working toward keeping up with my goals primarily this challenge, schedule and stress got the better of me the middle of 2 challenges ago through most of the last one. Time to fight back Challenge goals: Main goal - slaying the anxiety dragon. (Apparently I didn't kill him... just used an elder scroll to send the bugger forward in time. Typical.) SQ1 - Mind games. My mind has felt like it was going to explode since I switched into summer shift, so this needs to take spot 1. Meditation, 6x/wk, and devotions 5x - goal for both is 7, but I figure the grace days will come in handy since I'm still
  6. Here we are again, at the beginning of another adventure!! This is one of my favorite times of the year (Autumn and Halloween) so it's time to really take my fitness goals by the horns and ride them to the ground. Really have to get this challenge right this time so why not pick a great theme to go along with it. This time I'm going with another book theme but this one has WAAAAAAY much more source material to play with/have fun with. And the winner is: For those that don't know, the Dresd
  7. Greetings again all!!! Sorry for the silence and, quite frankly, lack of my usual self but I'm BAAAAACK!!! You may be asking yourself "Dude, why the name change?" A couple of reasons. One, easier for all to type out than R.D. Nottingham. Two, the name Calibre reminds me of a different place that I was at in my life and it was different (in a good way). Three, I have a more tangible story about Calibre that I could work into challenges and stories that I could write that can be a motivation. So, where do I go from here?? Right back on the damn horse, that's where!! I was doing just fine r
  8. Hi! I was wondering if it was better to exercise every other day, or to exercise everyday. Also, if one exercises every other day, would it be better to stick to the schedule or workout on off days if one feels like it. Thanks for reading!
  9. I have a quick survey for the rebellion, mostly since I'm trying to help motivate some friends: What is the earliest you get up in the morning? And, what would you do with the time if you were to get up earlier? For those of you who already do get up early, what motivates you? Thanks!!
  10. Hidyhoooo FINALLY, university preparation is over. I don't stress anymore, I have my interview invitations (MIT, Stanford AND Princeton ermahgerddddddd) and all kind of testing is over!!! FINALLY, I have time to go to the gym again (seriously, 30 mins was too much of a 'waste of time', since I had like 1514684 school assignments too >< ), so let's get back to it!! I took my before pictures, measurements etc and am now fully ready to commit myself again.I went to the doctor a few weeks back for my neverending headaches and cramps and lack of energy and after a few blood tests I git diag
  11. Name: Hammlin "Hammi" Race: Wood Elf | Class: Footpath Ranger Leader Level: 18 (STR):44.25 (DEX):37.25 (STA):30 (CON):31.25 (WIS):31.5 (CHA):25.25 Motivation: New job, new schedule, new coworkers. I don’t handle change well… Also, still upcoming is GORUCK Challenge next June… Main Quest: Defining a New Normal. (Nov 10 – Dec 21) Missions: 1. Schedule. Get into new routine- this will be hard. I have no idea what my future holds and I have been at the same job for the last almost 8 years... it's all that I know and it's what I'm used to. I need to make a schedule as best I can
  12. So like most people who want to loose weight, I want to do it as quickly as possible! So I ate right (and enough), did P90X with my brother, and did Pilates-only to land on my face. I could only keep it up for 4 days, then I got sick, and I'm recovering and working back up to 100%. So where is the happy medium? How did you find yours? -Cleric
  13. Question: If you run 4 days a week, what days do you run? If you lift, how do you fit that in with your running? Some background: I've been a runner for 10 years, but I always 'Gallow-walked' - running for 2 or 3 minutes and then walking for a minute. I finished 2 half-marathons that way but felt like I wasn't a 'real' runner. This January I made it my goal to be able to run a mile without stopping. Now I can do that. I've been consistenly running 3 times a week all year. If I'm eating right and having a good day I can run 45 minutes without stopping. On bad days I can still do 10 minute
  14. Last time I fought to prepare for Zombies, this round I’m fighting myself. In the last year I have gone from pretty underweight to my goal weight and a fair amount of muscle. I’m still struggling to have my life in order and get things rolling smoothly and get myself set properly. I’m a Lycan assassin, and the wolf in me is still wild. She must be tempered. Click here for a quick Catch up! Rise up! [Perform a handstand.] Consume – Paleo, no crap. I have gone to some pretty heavy extents to prepare paleo foods for two weeks out. Next pay day I will do the same. Ghee, chicken
  15. Hi, My name is Em and this is my first 6 week challenge. I've got three goals that I want to achieve: Eat a caloric deficit every weekday Stick to a cleaning and workout schedule Go from juggling 3 balls to juggling 5 in a standard cascade pattern.The first two goals will be really important and really difficult in the coming weeks - I am returning from a week's leave tomorrow and I expect work to be extra-stupid-crazy, and there to be unpaid overtime involved. So motivation, energy and work-life boundaries will be key to keeping my head space right and stop me from eating a bag of chicos
  16. Good day, I'll just jump right in to my question, and plea for assistance here; I began my Nerd Fitness journey back in August, and it was a life changing experience for me. In the first few months I had lost nearly 30 pounds of fat, and was putting on muscle mass as well. I was doing weight/strength training three days a week, and intervals in my off-days, and eating a 99% paleo diet (99% due to the protein powder I use and the occasional Life Saver to bring me up from hypoglycemic attacks; I'm a Type 1 Diabetc). However, in October I started a new job with a start-up company. I'm an O
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