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  1. I need help finding a way to study, I keep getting distracted and doing other things.
  2. So, this will be my first full challenge in a while and it’s gonna be a good one! It will be a seven week challenge for me, starting yesterday (June 2nd). (June 20th) Well....school is taking up far more of my time and energy that I was expecting for this challenge. Do to that fact, I have modified my goals for the rest of this challenge. Hopefully these modifications will be enough, but if not, I'll change them again. Passing this class is my priority, but I don't want to let my health and fitness go down the drain because of it. (June 26th) Just a few minor updates. I am switching from
  3. Well well, just couldn't stay away forever. Its been a long time since I did a challenge. Life has tossed me a few recently, didn't feel the need to add to the mix. But now, I'm ready. This is my challenge to finally get me out of the Adventurers( which are awesome) and move onto a more specific class. My goal was always to get to Lvl 5 before moving on because I just could not make a decision. That has been remedied. So here goes: Overall Challenge Goal: Ready to join a specific class. -Build good habits -Clean up diet -Real Pushups! ( I don't feel like I can go on without this) 1.
  4. I am coming out of hiding again. Things seem to have gotten out of hand for me mentally, and this weeks articel truly made me relook at my priorities. I am trying to do so many things that are ongoing, being in Afghanistan, going to school online, searching for a new job which includes late night Skype interviews. Trying to get back to truly being fit seems to be impossible to do. I realised that my biggest issue is time management, and truly sleep management. I am going to bed late, waking up at the last moment for work, and doing school in stolen minutes that make me feel overwhelmed and rus
  5. Hi there! My name is Wren. I’m 25 and married with pets. I live in the desert of the Southwestern US, and am in school full-time working toward a BS in Elementary Education. I'm training with the rangers this challenge because it seemed to fit best with my goals. I’ve been on NF since the end of August this year, and completed about half of my goals in the last challenge. Hence, level 1.5 instead of 2! However, in that time I did manage to lose and keep off about 5lbs and 5% body fat. So that’s something. Anyway, I’m back again with some new goals and new ideas for my crazy busy
  6. This is my first challenge ever, and I'm really excited to see how this goes. So, let's get down to business: The ultimate goal: Lose inches I've spent a lot of time worrying about the number on the scale, which I've realized recently just makes me crazy. I want to start lifting weights more to try to build up some strength, but I don't want to get too bulky (I'm female). How is this going to happen?! - Go to boxing class at least 3 days a week - Go to the gym and do a minimum of 25 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of lifting on days when I do not attend class - Eat a clean diet Li
  7. Well helloooo, all you fine and foxy Monks! I'm back and ready for business to bust out this 6-week challenge before Christmas rolls around. Ohh yes, it's that holiday season challenge time. Will we be able to meet our goals while navegating all the craziness that this time of the year inevitably brings? Only time will tell! It's a rather good test for me though, because this challenge for me is all about BUILDING HABITS. If I can make these habits work in November/December, there's no way I can't make them work the rest of the year! Habits are built by taking repeated action, so I'm going t
  8. End of the Year Habit Building Main Quest: Build Habits For a Life of Fitness Attend Krav Maga class twice a week. (Tuesday and Thurday.) Execute MadBarz Basic Beginner routine 3x a week Follow Body Building Revealed diet routine Side Quest: Bring GPA up to 2.8 or better Find an app that reminds me of homework Input homework after every class that has homework Complete homework as soon as I get home Motivation: I don't know why I started to lack in my habit of working out everyday. I was seeing results and I have a dream of becoming a fitness model and personal trainer. May
  9. Not exactly weight or fitness related but here it is, I am 19 years old and up to a few months ago i never knew how to ride a bike, i always wanted to learn but never did and I went out and spent hard earned money on this really nice brand new mountain bike. i learned to ride, i love it, i ride to work and back ( used to just walk its only about a mile away) and its something that im really happy about. woot! learned to ride a bike, now i need to find some bike trails to ride around on. and my second woot which even bigger, i got accepted into my school of choice! went to community college f
  10. Hey guys, this has absolutely nothing to do with my physical health at all. But I wrote a personal essay for this contest (the topic was "what is your passion and why?") and I WON! I won a beautiful, handmade desk. It's going to be perfect for my new house and for all the homework I'm going to have soon. I thought I'd share my essay here for fun. Enjoy! Narrowing down my passions to just one thing was more difficult than I thought it would be. I mean, after Pinterest, cute pictures of kittens, and British television, what else could I possibly be passionate about? My name is Kris an
  11. Rob stood at the edge of a bluff, overlooking a forested valley. Set in the side of the cliffs on the other side of the valley from him, Rob could see a cave. If the information all those Bothans died for was correct, Rob should find Jim inside the cave. If the information all those Bothans died for was correct, the 10 miles that separated him from that cave were treacherous, and filled with traps. He ran when he could. Large, deep trenches had been dug into the valley floor. The trenches were the work of magic, for only the most powerful magics could have scarred a network of canyons. At time
  12. This is my first challenge so I am really nervous and itching to kick some ass, thus I'll skip right to the important stuff 1) Get fit +4 STA +1 STR Ok, I know, 'Get fit' sounds vague and a lot like a BAD goal, but bear with me I'll elaborate. At the beginning of last year I've started doing judo again, after a 10-year break. It has been an absolute blast and I've really enjoyed it, but now I've gotten this "crazy" idea: to compete in tournaments again(quite a challenge as everyone in my age group has mostly 10+ years of competitive experience).So to this end I've started visiting other c
  13. One long week had passed as Warwolf traveled North to the city nearest his village. He had recently been given his first mark, a prominent professor and combat instructor at the university there. The instructor spoke ill of the guild, and claimed them to be murderers and thieves. In addition, we was taking bribes from the City Council to fabricate noble deeds on the king's behalf while covering up the harsh truths of his injustice. He needed to be silenced... Goal 1: Run at least 1 mile 3X a week - +3STA +2 Dex Once he made his kill, Warwolf would have to flee the city walls and return
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