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Found 25 results

  1. Hey, NF Community! Just wondering if there are any other iNaturalist addicts and/or other assorted nature nerds (hikers, photographers, explorers, citizen scientists, professional scientists) who would like to share here! "Nature stalking," as I like to call it, has really helped me connect with my surroundings, get outside more, log more hikes, explore new places, and learn so much about the creatures we share the environment with! If anyone is interested, jump on in! If you have questions about getting more outdoorsy, please feel free to shout those out, too! To kick
  2. No one is obligated or expected to actually read all of this lol. Just wanted to log everything for my daily workouts and basic plans. It changes often, so I'll be updating and revising here and there. The more I do a routine, the more I find gaps, or things I need to adjust and will do so as they come. Also, any outdoor activities or swimming, or other adventures that happen away from home gym I will share in thread to keep track of my activities with pics 💖 'MOON'DAY - ELEMENT OF WATER 5:00 AM - Wake 5:10 AM - Monday's Meditations: Moon energy, healing, self love
  3. Thanks mostly to this forum I discovered the Wim Hof Method just over a year ago and ended up trying out the breathing technique at an (unrelated) event. Essentially, in this technique you hyperventilate then hold your breath for ages, and somehow this confers some vague health benefits on you. It was pretty cool to be able to hold my breath for more than 2 minutes, but as I was reading about some of the health claims, some stuff just didn't make sense. Even Wim Hof's explanations had some huge errors, which was confusing... Anyway, I like Science So I set
  4. I'm a little surprised I haven't seen a thread dedicated to the eclipse on here, although I've seen it mentioned in other threads. Being in St. Louis, we're in the path of totality. I wish I were at home because I live south in Arnold, where it's an even better view. My company is throwing a party and giving out glasses to people. My wife's going out with her high school kids to watch it, my oldest is watching with a school event, and the youngest will watch on TV with his grandmas. We've been talking it up and feeding into the enthusiasm for the kids. If they're
  5. I don't know how serious folks here are about meditation and mysticism, but here is a paper attached to this post that I wrote for a philosophy class and it is most likely going to be the theme of my eventual doctoral dissertation. I got an A+ on it. Mysticism Without God? Do you need a belief in a god or gods to explain mystical experiences? It is my intention to show traditional Western mysticism with its "god-centered" three ways of purgation, illumination and union, from a strongly-rational and materialist point of view, in order to argue that it is materialistic psychological processes an
  6. Seeing that many rebels struggle with motivation, I want to offer what psychological studies found out about motivation and behavior modification. I hope you'll find the information useful. The Two Paths of Motivation When rebels start out to change their life, motivation to actually start and keep on it, can be difficult to maintain. Most of us have fallen back on their goals and routines more than one time and you often hear rebels asking others to motivate them. Struggling with just not having the motivation to work towards one's goals is common. If you are low on mo
  7. Hey guys I've been doing some research on physiological predictors of crossfit success. I've reviewed a couple studies and they had some very interesting conclusions. I've been doing crossfit for about 8 years and coaching for 2 and I would have bet money anaerobic endurance would be king but it definitely wasn't. Check the article out and let me know what you think. http://They're not what you think. http://www.tierthreetactical.com/physiological-factors-affecting-crossfit/
  8. Level one challenge: Diet: Eat a vegetable with one meal everyday. Two coffees per day and lots more water. Fitness: Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office. Level Up Your Life: #100happydays Take a picture of one thing that makes me happy everyday.
  9. Our Stone Age predecessors ground up oats, and may have used them to make oatmeal or even a basic flour, according to new findings from a research team led by Professor Marta Mariotti Lippi at the University of Florence in Italy. The actual study abstract at PNAS: Multistep food plant processing at Grotta Paglicci (Southern Italy) around 32,600 cal B.P.
  10. HELLO FRIENDS After months of feeling like a binbag of old mashed potato perpetually falling down a grimy up-escalator in a dimly lit subway station, I am BACK and FANTASTIC and so very ready to completely obliterate the next six weeks. GOAL ONE: SWIM - Three hour-long swims a week - As many laps full-speed as possible with good form - Record that junk. - Bonus: go swim in the sea so that snorkelling gear I bought can be tested out GOAL TWO: CREATE FRUIT SNOW LIKE SOME SORT OF TROPICAL ICE GOD - Prepare lots of delicious, delicious kiwi, pineapple, mango, blah blah blah - Freeze it
  11. I've been in the Adventurers for coming up to 10 six-week challenges now, and I'm struggling with getting some coherence between each new challenge and the last. So, I'm going to use this battle log to record working towards my main goal, and I'll use six-week challenges to focus on diet, and to work on new ways to boost my progress towards that overarching goal. Behold! A wall of text! My main goal is to become a competent field ecologist: able to get to a site in the middle of nowhere, conduct a thorough and robust survey, and analyse the data gathered accurately. It's the former that's
  12. I've never been a big water drinker. On the pee chart, I tend to fall between "dark yellow" and "honey." Gross. Anyway, I read the NF article on hydration and, like some other commenters, was disappointed to see a lack of weight loss research and the effects of increased water intake, since the old "drinking water makes you lose weight magically" rumor has been floating around even when I was in high school. Googling it for myself, I found this interesting NIH study that suggests not only does drinking water before meals lead to faster satiation and therefore reduced caloric intake during
  13. Hi everyone! I'm not quite at the point yet where I could claim any major victory in my body recomposition and fitness projects, but that'll come. Buuuutttt... I HAVE TO share this with everyone I know (and everyone I don't). I'm currently doing my computer science degree. Maths is involved. This is the third time I've been to university, and the first time I've been for the right reasons, and it'll be the first time I graduate. To put this in context, when I went to university the first time round, I picked a MSci in Physics & Mathematical Finance at age 16 because I wanted to escape th
  14. It's now been a year since I became properly active on NF. In that year, I've learnt a lot, built more confidence, and met some very excellent people. My first proper challenge was to get into a particular pair of jeans that stopped fitting over the previous Christmas period. I still can't get into them, and this makes me grumpy. It's now challenge... 8... for me, and I've said it before, but this time I want to make a concerted effort towards weight loss. Main Goal: Work at losing weight. No set amount of weight to lose, no set rate, but work hard, sensibly, and steadily, and be sure
  15. I guess this is partly a IIFYM kind of question. I've been scared of carbs for about 5 years now. As a 21 year old girl, I may have done a bit of metabolic and hormonal damage which I'm not sure if it stems from VLC. Id like to hear other people's thoughts on this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2546975/One-twin-gave-sugar-gave-fat-Their-experiment-change-YOUR-life.html Not the obvious 'fat plus sugar is what's fattening' but more about the effects on energy and brain function. Has anyone switched from low to high carb and experienced better/a return of mental capacity? Ive been low
  16. I was here briefly in May of 2014. Did well with primal diet and exercise routine for three weeks. Then the super depression hit. Sitting on the floor of the kitchen, rocking, unable to feel or think. Kept going for another week, went into huge rage issues. I've got two kids, one with autism and a toddler. I have to be functional, so back on the carbs and my mood improved totally. I vowed that once I weaned my daughter, I would be back on antidepressants and start again. But it's more that that. I did a ton of research, and became convinced that my gut flora were partially responsible for my c
  17. The plans have been made, my holdall packed and my summer travels begun! The aim of the game is to see everyone I need to see and be everywhere I need to be before my studies restart in October. I'm starting in the UK to visit friends and family, then to Spain to see my boyfriend and finally to Germany for an international conference type thingy (Indeed, I believe that it is the technical term). And so, this challenge is going mobile! 1. Keeping fit Possible challenge reward: +4 STA & +4 STR My trainers are packed and I plan to make time for runs or bodyweight workouts three t
  18. I feel like I’ve forgotten what it is I’m supposed to be doing. I need to revisit the basics, make them habits again, develop a solid foundation again. To do this, I shall spend this challenge with my favorite clones. First up, shut my mouth. I spend way too much time talking about what I need to do/should do/could do/what I know works. Instead, I’m going to shut up and just DO IT Fitness Quest: CrossFit CrossFit at least 2x a week Grading 11 - 12 CrossFits = A 9 - 10 CrossFits = B 7 - 8 CrossFits = C < 6 CrossFits = F +2 STR +2 STA +2 CON +2 STA Fit
  19. Joining the scouts is weird for me. Based on body type, scout is probably the least appropriate class for me, being all massive and bulky and all. I've been a ranger thus far; I like working out in general and doing a variety of things, and I've been primarily focused on weight loss. I don't exactly like running, but I'm basing this challenge (and probably next) around running. I'm going to be doing the Warrior Dash in June, and if that goes well I'm interested in doing more of the obstacle course races. And running is an inherent part of those, so I need to build that skill. I'll be follo
  20. I can't believe the awesome announcement from Monday! Evidence of inflation in the early universe, basically cinching the Bing Bang Theory! It's fracking amazing! I'm not a physicist, but I Can't help but be awed by the discoveries that are being made. Now, I know what your saying...replication! Yes, yes I'll wait to replication of the experiment before accepting the results, but I'm way to excited to keep this quiet in general! Here's a write-up that's good for a layman (like myself) http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2014/mar/17/bicep2-finds-first-direct-evidence-of-cosmic-
  21. Assessment Notes Prior to Experimentation: This is not the first trial. Previous trials have been begun in the past and yet they were not run to completion. Previous assessment notes reveal multiple explanations for the abortion of these previous trials however, protocol dictates that until at least one trial has been run to completion, all new trials must begin at the beginning and be placed within the level 1 logging database. Problem being tested: What is an Assassin? How does an Assassin move? What is the physics trajectory composition and force direction lineup for the common Assassin t
  22. ...Science? Hey all, I just finished reading "The Protein Book" by Lyle McD. Great read! But in the latter part he mentions that strength athletes who waint to gain weight should generally avoid steady state cardio. And I recall from his website (www.bodyrecomposition.com) the same advice, but for HIIT. Now I wonder why is that? Is it always true? Obviously, both activities burn calories. Additionally, at least steady- state also utilizes BCAAs. But that shouldn't be a real problem considering that you can just increase daily caloric intake and consume an extra amount of BCAAs (e.g.through a
  23. I didn't see this posted anywhere else on NF and I'm not sure how well known these are, but... I friggin love them, they're pretty nerdy, and a new one just came out the other day. Enjoy! (I don't know how to embed video, but the new one is called "MONSTERS OF THE COSMOS".)
  24. Study: take a bunch of powerlifters, prod, poke and measure them, make a model and see how it predicts. There are some take-away conclusions at the end. http://www.strengthandconditioningresearch.com/2013/09/04/muscle-mass-powerlifting/ TL;DR: Yes, muscle mass is a good predictor of powerlifting performance. Surprise nugget: Subscapularis mass predicts performance best in all three lifts. Get a big, thick back.
  25. This is a great article that describes what happens in the brain during meditation. I highly recommend it. http://www.wildmind.org/blogs/news/how-does-meditation-actually-work
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