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  1. Back for another challenge. It's my Birthday challenge! I turn 45 on November 2nd. Time to party hard! haha. Time to get to business. The last couple of challenges, I have not finished very well at all. I have struggled, and my weight goals have not been met. Even though I though tit would be easy. I spent plenty of time being in not the greatest mental space over it all, but I think I have been digging out of that whole again. I took a look at why I wasn't losing weight, even though I thought I was doing well enough. Apparently, I had not been. So this challenge will have some changes to help get me where I want to go. In the "off week" I have been working on where I need to be with my food, and it seems to be working. The scale is moving in the proper direction again. Now time to build around the goals. I may not be able to hit 257 lbs by my birthday, or even 100 lbs down by my birthday. I will however just focus on getting off as much weight as I can, and becoming much more stronger, faster, and more healthier. My Goal this challenge, is to reach that 100 lbs gone this year. (11.5 lbs as of today to lose) I also want to increase my walking (maybe even running again), and get in all my exercise. Goal#1 - Make sure you are in a deficit Here it is, the big reason why I think I wasn't really losing weight. I wasn't eating in a calorie deficit. I had been tracking, but looking back, I had many days where I just wasn't hitting a deficit. Plenty of days I was over as well. As always, I will still eat Keto. I will stick to Intermittent fasting. I will also track in MyFitnessPal. Also trying out Chronometer for tracking. The big part of this will be how much of a deficit I try to get into. My target is 500. Then hopefully increase to 1000 as my steps and exercise increase. Reach >500 calorie deficit in MFP = 5 points per day. Bonus round: Reach >1000 calorie deficit in MFP = 5 extra points. (max 3 per week for now ) 35 points per week with bonus points bringing it to 50 points possible. Goal#2 - Let's get some step goals. OK, I tried for awhile now, not to focus on steps per day. This last week though, I have been pushing a little more and seeing it really help me get into that deficit in MFP I don't want to jump right in and say I need to hit 10k each day. Though that really is the eventual goal. I am going to try gradually increasing each week. Hopefully, I will already just be beating the goals, and I won't need to worry too much I think I will also include a rest day. So I really need to worry about 6 days. I do want to give running a try again soon, but I will see if I get to it this challenge. Week 1 - 6,000 steps per day Week 2 - 6,500 steps per day Week 3 - 7,000 steps per day Week 4 - 7,500 steps per day Bonus round! Hit 10,000 steps each day by week 4, add 20 points Goal reached each day = 5 points. 30 points per week. Bonus points = 20 if I hit 10,000 steps each day by the end of the challenge. Goal#3 - Do The Workout I've been slacking these last few weeks, but I know I can get in workouts. I am sticking with the NerdFitness Academy workouts for now. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the workout days. If I feel like I can do more, then I might try pushing other exercises in, or adding in more. I need to establish the habit of doing it on the workout days first. So that is really my focus. No excuses, no "I'll do it tomorrow" Just get it done on these days. Workout M, W, F = 5 points per day, 15 total per week. Goal#4 - Zzzzzz The sleep goal returns again. I've mostly been sticking too it, but have had a few off nights.I still have been considering trying to get to sleep even earlier, so I can try to hit that 8 hour mark. Maybe I will try it mid challenge or so. Off the computer by 10:30 PM (10:35 the latest) to read. = 2 points per day Off to bed by 11:30 PM = 2 points per day 4 points per day, 28 points per week. I think that about covers it all. I wanted to make a goal to check in here, and blog. Really though, I just need to do it. I really wanted to focus all my goals on the eating and fitness. End of the year is almost here. I want to tackle it harder then I have these last few months Points: Week 1 (Oct 22 - Oct 28) - 71/108 = 65% Week 2 (Oct 29 - Nov 4) - 90/108 = 83% Week 3 (Nov 5 - Nov 11) - 81/108 = 75% Week 4 (Nov 12 - Nov 18) - 0/108 Measurements: Day 1 / End of Challenge Weight - 272.9 lbs /
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