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  1. Hello scout mini challenge #1! 2018! What!? Oh it is on! We are gonna bring it 110%
  2. Quest 1 - RUN Plotting to do a half in the fall and now I need to get that to happen! A - 12 runs B - 11-9 runs F - less than 9 runs Quest 2 - POWER THROUGH! Just finished my first month of doing Strong Lifts ... I'm gonna keep pushing it! A - 12 SL workouts B - 11-9 SL Workouts F - less than 9 Life Quest - SUIT UP I've been putting off getting clothes that fit my flabbier form ... time to dress well rather than Buy 2 pieces of new clothing!
  3. I'm back. So, the last five months or so weren't pretty. Long story short, got a year-long internship that I thought would be great and turned out to be hellish, had a bout with several months of serious depression/anxiety (a new and not-at-all fun experience for me), turned into a hermit, watched my health and fitness crash and burn. Great times. But, slowly, I've been recovering, thanks in part to the support of some good friends (h/t to @Treva and co.), and this month I've been on the upswing. Still, I really need to repair the damage that was done by th
  4. 2017 is here, and I'm moving west ... which means wagon! or perhaps okay not really... it means I'm leaving the City I've lived in for 18 years, in the state I've lived all my life in for somewhere COMPLETELY DIFFERENT This challenge is all about change and starting over! Goal 1: Keep calm and move along! So we're moving in about 10 days and honestly its frightening! Movers are packing up things and putting them on a truck to go cross the country at the speed of modern tracker
  5. I thought this might be of interest to some running Rebels and some Rebels who are thinking about starting running: Hogwarts Running Club I'm not a big runner (getting honked at is not fun) but I do enjoy a good event, a cool medal and raising money for good causes! The sign up fees go to charity and they run it through an honour system. You pay to sign up for an event and can complete the distance whenever you like before the expiry date, even splitting it across multiple stints or covering it in someone else's event. You even get a personalised Hogwarts bib which is kinda neat. Plus
  6. This is me right now. I might post later but knows - sort of gotten pretty disillusioned of late ... maybe that's just me.
  7. In honor of Halloween the Scout mini will be monster themed What? You were expecting this? Nope - we'll be trying to conquer our monsters! so strap on your runners and let's get hunting!
  8. For my first challenge with the Scouts (hi everyone!) I'm channeling my inner Dwarf. ("Keep breathing . . . that's the key . . . breathe . . . *puff puff*") For anyone who's just meeting me, I tackled my last challenge with the Assassins, and realized I didn't care for bodyweight exercises and goals as much as I used to - my exercise goals these days are all about improving my running. So, here I am! At the beginning of my last challenge I hit a major milestone, and ran my first half marathon. My long-term goals from here are to keep slowly building my
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Sora, and I'll be joining the Rangers this time around if you'll have me (previously a scout). The last challenge was my first in a very long time; I rejoined after a long hiatus, and semi-successfully completed my challenge with the scouts. I'm hoping to join the Rangers as I begin to explore different types of workouts. I have historically been a distance runner (cross country and track team in middle and high school). In about a month, I'll be a Freshman at the University of Michigan, and I'm hoping to try out something new. For this challenge, I w
  10. Welcome welcome this is my ... 14th .. er 15th challenge so I'm just saying I might be out of ideas ... here have a laugh Alright enough of that, let's get to it! QUEST 1 - Refocus! Of late I've gotten seriously off track on food'ing and boozing! Time to clean the diet back up and talk with the wife about adjusting all the things we've gone wild on. A - 5 bad meals a week - this includes boozing and eat out B - 6 bad meals a week F - 7+ bad meals a week QUEST 2 - What am I doing here?
  11. Greeting fellow Nerds! This is my 4th Challenge, and I'm still trying to get stronger arms. I think this might go on for a while. It IS working. I can see a little definition in them, and they began as just kind of sad fleshy sacks that hung from even sadder shoulders. I've always been so powerful down south, that I just sort of neglected the North. In an attempt to measure my strength in push ups, pull ups, and dips, this challenge is going to focus on the push up. I am still very very very bad at the push up. And even though I'm nearly a week late to the
  12. So the third challenge of the year has come and gone ... how'd we do scouts?
  13. Intek

    Round 2.... FIGHT!

    So last month was my first month trying this out. The goal was to set habits in place to do something different other than doing nothing and wasting time. This month, I'm taking it a step further and building on the momentum from last month. Goals: Be in bed by midnight I'm setting this up just because I want to wake up earlier and get things done earlier in the morning. I still have a habit of staying up until I crash so this should help prevent that. Meditate Daily for 30 days (No Time Requirement) I've seen how meditating has been helping lately. I fel
  14. Quest 0 - Hoard of the Dragon Queen I've been letting work get in the way of my workouts ... I'm frozen! (see how I made that work?) before week 1 I'm going to do at least 2 runs and a kettle bell workout! Quest 1 - The Rise of Tiamat Stretching! Everyday I'm going to do 10 minutes of stretching! A: 28 Days of stretching! (Wis +3) B: 20-27 Days of stretching! (Wis +2) F: <19 Days of stretching! Quest 2 - Princes of the Apocalypse Movement and mobility! 6 days a week I'm going to d
  15. So I have a few active goals I'm working towards: 1) Bodyweight exercises or go for a run before breakfast 2) journal every week day with breakfast 3) do more social things with friends and make new connections 4) further my gardening and photography skills Battle log day 1. - Bodyweight routine? Check! - Journaling? Check! - Social goal? Rejoining my martial arts school next month to reconnect with friends (and hey, cross training) and writing this post, so check! - Gardening? Starting seeds this weekend, so also check! - Photography? Daily snap taken, check! Today is a good day and is off t
  16. Hey Scouts!! This is my first 4 week challenge! After taking a break from 6 week challenges, everything changed! WAT!?! Since I started with NF, I have lost lots of inches (I won't weigh myself, so to that), I have completed a marathon, and I have PR'd lots of run times, though my fastest mile is 7:00.05. I want to be faster. Just a little. But faster. In finishing up my doctorate, getting serious with the boyfriend, and making all these wonderful life changes -- I've hit the wall. My changes aren't big anymore. I'm not seeing a lot of that progress like I did when I started out NF ove
  17. Bard Brainstorming: Bards are famous for being quite versatile and also for being the life of the party. Things I find unique about Bards: 1.) Music (Instrument) - I feel they are primarily known for being travelling musicians and therefore a pre-requisite should be either knowing or/ currently learning an instrument (singing could also be applicable in my opinion.) Though an instrument (ie. Drums) could definitely be implemented into an exercise routine. 2.) Music (Writing) - Many bards became famous for the unique stories/music they wrote, which set them apart. After all, nobody real
  18. Hey rebels! I'm Talos - I've been a member of the Rebellion for . . . a long time, actually (since 2012 or before, maybe?), but I've barely dipped my toe into the community until now. But the stars have aligned, so to speak, and I think this would be a great time to get to know everyone. I'm still not fully committed to a guild; I used to focus heavily on Assassin techniques - training parkour skills, bodyweight exercise, the like - but in the last couple years I discovered a bit of an affinity for the Scout life in my endurance running workouts (I have my first-ever half marathon coming
  19. Hello fellow Scouts! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I had a ridiculous chest infection which is still hanging around unfortunately. Anyway my scouting plans for 2016 involve a half marathon in March, a marathon in May and a 10k at the London Olympic Village finishing in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in July. That's all I've got booked at the moment but I'll book more as I go along. So the plan is Goal 1. Run three times per week as per my marathon training plan This is a long slow run on Tuesdays, fast 5km on Thursday and a steady 7-8km on a Sunday. The long slow runs ar
  20. Entering the Arena is Strickland5! 5! 5! 5! "This half-orc scout is returning after a long absence, and the crowd seems to have high hopes for him!" "That's right, rumor is he's run two marathons and has his sights set on a sub-two hour half!" "We'll just have to wait and see what this kids got!" All ... or most ... silliness aside I'm going to start a new battle log as my goals and in general my life has changed since my previous one was being used I'm currently chasing a sub-two hour half and am hoping to do so in November. If/when I manage that feat, I'll be shifting my focus to fat b
  21. My name is Valerie and this is my 2nd 6 week challenge, and my first as a scout. I've been a member of the Nerd Fitness Academy for a little over 2 months, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm getting SO much out of this experience, and I'm feeling amazing about myself and my performance. I am a PhD candidate in my last year of school, and I'm working hard to keep both my mind and body in shape. I was born a runner, but I lost a lot of my fitness abilities when I dove headfirst into school. I want to take that power back and be proud of my strength, my body, and what I can accomplish. Ove
  22. To be the greatest thief of all time I have to do what the greatest have done, makes sense right? Malek Yes Malek is one of the Greatest thieves of all time because he never got caught and he was always stealing something, two very important things for a thief to do. To be more like Malek I need to get his focus, but instead of stealing I will be using his focus to record and track my food and water A=perfection 42 3 points B=Good effort 30plus 2 points C=Acceptable 20 plus 1 point Dick Turpin Dick Turpin and Black Bess were legendary for there ride
  23. My name is Valerie and this is my 2nd 6 week challenge, and my first as a scout. I've been a member of the Nerd Fitness Academy for a little over 2 months, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm getting SO much out of this experience, and I'm feeling amazing about myself and my performance. I am a PhD candidate in my last year of school, and I'm working hard to keep both my mind and body in shape. I was born a runner, but I lost a lot of my fitness abilities when I dove headfirst into school. I want to take that power back and be proud of my strength, my body, and what I can accomplish. Ove
  24. Just hit level 7 and I think it is time to incorporate some Titansgrave and Critical Role into a challenge so let's do this! Titansgrave is Wil Wheaton's RPG show on Geek & Sundry, and Critical Role is a D&D game run and played by voice actors (also on Geek &Sundry). I enjoy them both as they tell cool stories and entertain me ... plus make me want to play/run more games! Quest 1 - Umm ... I just rolled a 1. Seems I've still got some hip/knee issues going on ... to fight this I'm going to incorporate more stretching into my daily activities. So 3 time a week I'm going to
  25. I was wondering if we have somewhere that has detailed types of workouts for each class? What I find on the main page is a little unhelpful, IMO. For example, for Monk, it says: Go to martial arts class. Or for Assassin: do a handstand. Are there not other things you can do on a daily basis that pertain to each role? Is each role just made up for achievements or is there actually something we can work with? I have no problem going to a martial arts class. I think it would be fun! But I also think it would be helpful if we had a section that has a few things you can do in lieu of going to a c
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