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  1. Well, I am back for my 2nd challenge. I really enjoyed the last one and found out a few weaknesses that I have. My theme for this challenge is "Time to Put Up or Shut Up!" The reason I chose this theme is due to this challenge will end 6 days before my Triathlon. This Challenge is all about being ready and not having excuses. Quest 1: Train for that TRI! The TRI is getting closer each day. I want to make sure I can do the 1500M swim, 40K Bike and 10K run. NO EXCUSES! A - 5+ Workout days each week (Run, Bike, Swim) (30+ workouts) (+2 STR, +2 DEX) B - 4 Workout days each week (Run, Bi
  2. I'm a newbie runner and I'm halfway through C25K and run with a beginner's running group. I use Map My Run app on my iPhone to track my distance and speed. These aren't actually that important to me at the moment, I'm just aiming for that 30 minutes of continuous running and consistency. I carry my phone in a Flipbelt. I'm looking at all the GPS trackers as I'd like something I can look at as I run, rather than analyse at the end. I want to see how long I've run for, distance etc. I don't have a computer, so it will need to be able to sync to my iPad/phone. I've been looking at the Garmin f
  3. So, here we are again. I took a much-needed break to get my head straight, and we're off again. BUT! I need your help! I'm starting off another 6-week challenge a day late(Asia.....). So, here are my goals! Main Goal: It's more long-term than six weeks, but I gotta start somewhere. I'm heading back to the States to visit my family and friends this summer, and I'm going to look and feel fabulous. As far as this particular challenge, I will lose at least 5 kilos while maintaining the good health habits that I've built up along my break from six-week challenges. I will do this in four pa
  4. Salivanth Does 10k Training! Who Am I? Hi guys! I'm Salivanth. To get the stats out of the way, I'm male, 23, 5'4'', 59 kg (130 lb), Australian, and getting ready to study Computer Science via distance education starting in July. As of April 13, I'll have been working out for exactly one year. I've mostly been doing bodyweight strength training with the Assassins, but a few months ago I started running. Last challenge I improved my 5k time from 29:56 to 28:16, and this challenge I'm increasing the distance to 10k. 57:26 is my goal time (I'll explain why a bit later in the post), but I'd
  5. Introduction: Hi I am Trizza and this is my first challenge. I am a big running Nerd and I train mainly from thaw to freeze in the New England region. I have four kids who keep me busy and tired and work a standard 8-4 work day. I would like to improve my running as well as gain some strength (I'm not good at sticking with this) and improve my endurance. Main Quest: Run a 1 hour 50 minute half marathon this year, my first chance is May 24 at the Boston Run To Remember Half. Quest 1: Stop running until my calf heals. I have overtrained and pulled/strained my calf. It's REALLY hard f
  6. Main Quest- Master Firebending Being the avatar is tough and I've still got a long way to go before I'm ready to take on anyone. This time I'm here to learn how to master firebending! To do this, I’m going to need to learn the firebending techniques and see how far/fast I can go with my fire power. And what better way to train than with the masters themselves; dragons. But training is hard work. It wouldn't hurt to stop by the Jasmine Dragon and have a cup of tea with Iroh. Goal 1 Firebending Training (+3 STR, +2 STA) CHALLENGE 1: tae bo 3 times a week CHALLENGE 1: use stationary row
  7. So, I'm training for a Sprint distance triathlon in August, and tuning up with a mini-sprint in June. I need a way to keep accountable with all the training, hence this challenge! Main Quest Finish a Sprint Distance Triathlon! Subquest: 1. Hit the training. Make 80% of all scheduled training over the next 6 weeks. I realize life will get in the way. It's a busy month for birthdays, so I understand it may not be realistic to get 100% of training. If I shoot for a hundred, and get 80, I'll be pleased! 3/54 2. Track food honestly. Track 90% of days in the challenge, allowing for a
  8. A little bit about me. I started NF a year ago. A friend/math tutor's recommendation brought me here. (He was in the assassins guild.) I failed my first challenge a few times and the stress of changing majors, college, and general irl problems caused me to put on a little weight. But I'm not giving up! I've learned new habits and found out that I like working out. There's just something about getting the blood pumping, working up a good sweat, and feeling the rush afterwards. It's like a whole new kind of me time. Plus a cold shower right after a good workout is like the cherry on top. I don't
  9. “Hi I’m Xantall Farwood and I like the Backstreet Boys and wolves.†Ugh I will never live that down from high school. I hated days like that when you had a sub, a new student or just a new teacher. They always made you say your name and say two things you like. I hated talking about myself I never knew what to say that won’t be miss interrupted so I just said something stupid and simple. And then the laughs would start so I would skip my next period (or find a way out of that one) and end up in the weight/mat room (went there a lot more than that). I would spend the next hour working ou
  10. Introduction Hi all! I am Nerine, and this is going to be my first NerdFitness challenge. I am a university student, which means I have access to our university's gym for cheap, and I'm hoping to finally put that gym membership to use with some strength training. I also started running towards the end of last year, so I'm hoping to get better with that as well. I joined the rebellion because i love the idea of having other nerds around who are working towards the same overall goals as I am: to get in better shape, to get stronger, to feel better about ourselves. Main Quest Lose 45 lbs by the
  11. No one in their right mind would trust a robot dinosaur. Imagine the destruction... a deathly strong, deathly smart combination of prehistory and the cybernetic distant future. This is why Dr. Asimov considered his most important invention the Three Laws of Rawr-Botics, meant to neutralize any possible threat to humanity. No robot dinosaur could be built without including the Three Laws, and the Kail-o-saurus was no exception. Law 1. A robot dinosaur may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. The saddest injury of all is eating a bunch
  12. It was the dawn of the Third Age of Fitness, two years after the back injury. The Achgiguwen Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to create a healthy lifestyle where I can truly enjoy the remaining years of my life by being active, free to engage the fun parts of life at home and homes away from home. It’s a calling, to be active, more fit, more restful, a better father, husband, and friend. I went from 255 to 320 during the back injury years. It’s not going to be easy but it’s my last best hope for health. This is the story of Achgiguwen, the lively one. The year is 2014. T
  13. Ahoy ye mateys! It is I... Rookie! This challenge I want to focus on training for my marathon on July 26 and getting some stamina and strength for my horseback riding. For those familiar with me you know my last month was a bit ... dirty, sore and on the ground Pretty much looked like this: So yes... Lets get to the details. Main Quest Run in my first marathon July 26. Subquests 1. Do C25K. A: 2 times a week B: 1 time a week C: Swapped in a different cardio instead of doing C25K. F: 0 times a week / no effort 2. Do some stretch/exercise that will help with
  14. The earth is getting hotter. The trees are drying up and strange creatures are starting to appear. There are insects and reptilians of every description taking over the land. To touch the ground means pain, agony and burns. To be out in the environment, you cannot last more than a few minutes without respite. This is life in Tucson, AZ. Dizz wanders the desert, watching it change from a temperate paradise to a burning hell. She must adapt or die. She meets a lizard and it is glowing with a strange iridescence. The lizard is friendly and climbs her clothes to her shoulder. It whispers i
  15. I am going to start this battle log - but I am going to put here my previous battles. I need a place where I can put my story all in one place...which is what I think is the purpose of BattleLogs. But, here is one of my inspirations, sent to me by TennisGeek:
  16. So... My first attempt at my second challenge went poor. My goals were not realistic for the amount of stress life and work was about to throw at me, not to mention weather, an injury, and sinus infection taking me down... As a result, I am going to back my goals down a bit and even include a more attainable life goal. Background: Post-hibernation... Proxzerk… the Half-Gnoll... out to feast, run, and hunt... and do it healthy! Currently, I am an intro-level endurance runner running around 8-11 miles a week in 2-3 sessions (when I get around to it) and occasionally train on a Gaelic Hur
  17. I did it! I've just clocked 100 miles for this challenge! And I've still got a few more to go today! 8) When I get home, I think I'm going celebrate and make paleo pancakes! Pictures of my bike to follow. <3
  18. Okay... been reading nerd fitness for a good two weeks now. I FINALLY signed up for forums. I am a busy busy yoga teacher who also loves long distance bike rides. After reading more about body fat and the ideal amounts for endurance atheles I decided to try cross training into weight training. I am currently at 26% body fat... two weeks ago I was at 26.6% so its working! My goal is to get to 20%. That way I can keep up with my husband on our long bike rides. Also, its important to me to 'practice what I preach'. I have private students all with their own needs. Some of them would greatly benef
  19. Main Quest: Get into butt kicking shape, for image, health and personal reasons. 1. Run a 5k in July (With my sister!) - 12 weeks to go: each week increase jogging by 0.5 km. 2. Clean up my eating - Add more fruits and veggies and meat to my diet - Make my own meals -Eat minimum 3 meals a day, rather than my normal 1 a day. 3. Run/walk every other day and do the beginner body weight workout 2-3 x a week 4. Walk home from work, 3x a week 5. Take up aerial dance again, as it's a workout that I love, while being easier on my joints.
  20. Well I've been perusing the site and have come to ask for help. I'd say that I'm a slow scout who would like to be a ranger. I'm female, 30 yrs old, average build. I gain weight on my hips/love handles and stomach. I began running about 2 years ago. In that time I've completed a marathon, a bunch of 25K trail runs, a few half marathons, and lots of smaller runs. Let me emphasize, I am not a fast runner. I am happy if I can run on flat ground under a 10 min mile. On trail runs it's really just hiking and slow running on the flats and downhills. Diet: I'm 5'6'' and I weigh ~145. I think wha
  21. Hi all, my name is Rolf and I am from Germany, so apologize my English skills. I am a single dad with a full time job. What I want to achieve: I want to know new people around the world. I want to run in November a 50k Ultra only just for fun. Where I am? Since 4 weeks doing some sport is a daily habit. I lost 3 cm around my belly. My endurance is enough now to run for 2h. And I need 3h more! So I hope for a lot of motivation of you! It is not very easy as a single dad who works at night and and at daytime educates children to achieve this goal. But it is not imposible.
  22. This is a bit of fun, pushup PVP between @Blaidd (scout) and @dominic (ranger). Expect dominic to pull Blaidd's leg as much as possible along the way but also encourage each other Anyone else is welcome to join in, in fact the more the merrier so please come along for the ride, even if you join late or whatever. Rules: You need to "score" 150 points a week for the last 5 weeks of the challenge. If you do more than 150 that's good for you but the extra doesn't count towards the PVP, this is capped to prevent psychotic competitive injury (mainly from the berserk warrior oh ok main
  23. Background: Post-hibernation... Proxzerk… the Half-Gnoll... out to feast, run, and hunt... and do it healthy! Currently, I am an intro-level endurance runner running around 8-11 miles a week in 2-3 sessions (when I get around to it) and occasionally train on a Gaelic Hurling team a soccer team. I run to eat… I run to drink... the owner of my actions and have my actions as my arbitrator! A lot of my goals are brought from my Level 1 challenge with some additional miles and additional core work through the 30-day Plank Challenge. Main Quest: Running a total of 520 miles in 2014
  24. Djinn’s Main Quest Over the next six weeks, my goal is to work up to running a mile, happily, without injury. To achieve this, I have three specific goals: Run 3 – 4 days per week (on alternating days), gently increasing the distance each week, until I get up to a mile. A – Completed every scheduled run (be it 3 or 4) B – Skipped 1 C – Skipped 2 D – Skipped 3 F – Didn’t even think about running/ missed all I'm editing my eating goal because this one is making me crazy: Now, I'm going to simply be mindful of my hunger and fullness levels and make a general effort to eat hea
  25. From my previous challenge: As some of you know, this April I am becoming 40, so in full mid-life-crisis mode, I am training for a Half Ironman distance triathlon (that's 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run, in under 8:30 hrs), which I hope to accomplish in time for my birthday, I am running the RAGE Las Vegas Half, on April 12th. Based on free online plans, with some help from a coach, and some tweaking to allow for life to happen, I came up with this Awesome 70.3 plan, I'm currently on week 5, so this challenge should bring me right into the r
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