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  1. Since we're about to set off on another adventure together, let's take a minute to recognise the achievements of the scouts who exceeded all expectations and did absolutely amazing stuff last time around. As ever, it's hard to pick because there are so many great achievements from so many people but here are the people who came through in the popular vote as deserving of special recognition. First up, Harnvin Ginn Lantana who had near-perfect consistency, (which is the main thing!) and (cake, icing) also had really fun presentation of his thread theme. Here is an inspirational poster dedicat
  2. Greetings! I am Thrillho, largely of the Monk's guild, and recently of the Warrior Guild. For many reasons, I wanted to explore the other guilds, leaving behind my fellow Monks to see the world. The Warrior guild was selected as my first detour, as I was focusing on powerlifting at the time. For various reasons (personal, financial, and health-related) that challenge didn't go very well. Rather than try again, as most of the health reasons are still present, I am coming to the Scout guild! I am entered in the 2014 Iceman relay marathon with a bunch of people in my office. I'm only doin
  3. Checked this out around June 2013, rolled my ankle bad and trashed my fitness abilities... So here I am starting my adventure a bit late! Background: Race: Half-Gnoll. Based on a few D&D sites and how I view my current abilities; Dexterity and Constitution seem to be my strong suits. Currently, I am an intro-level endurance runner running around 8-11 miles a week in 2-3 sessions (when I get around to it) and I also play on a Gaelic Hurling team locally and scrimmage with a soccer team occasionally. However, just like full blood Gnolls, I am constantly caught up in the pack-animal be
  4. I'm a halfling who decided that she is probably mostly a scout and a druid with a dash of ranger thrown in. Am I allowed to join more than one guild?
  5. This is my first time ever posting on a forum! Main Quest: To be stronger, faster and leaner. I’m doing a marathon later this winter…that’s not really part of this quest, but it’s one thing motivating me. Stuff about me: I’m a distance runner and also like yoga and some gym exercise. I just turned 40 and haven’t been able to get into my running groove for a couple of years. To be honest, since it's my first time here, I’m starting out a little gently to see if this works for me. This format seems like fun! I hope I can finish it and try something bolder next time! Main Q
  6. I am starting late but I didn't want to put it off any longer. My main quest for this challenge is to be able to run a mile without stopping to walk. My smaller missions are: 1.To run from zombies three times a week 2. To always use the stairs to escape the zombies. 3. To not let a noisy car attract the zombies and weigh me down when I could walk. My Life quest is to get A's in my college classes this semester.
  7. Hola Scouts! This is my 3rd challenge. My first was ok but I dropped the ball weeks 3,4,5. My second was good but I dropped the ball early on in terms of exercise but came home strong. My overriding goal is to lose weight. I want to get to 80kg, I am currently at 96.5kg, I was 103kg mid 2012. I don't expect to get to 80kg this challenge or next, probably more a 12-24 month type plan but in order to get there I need to start building healthier habits. I will exercise, I will, I will, will I? I have recently gotten back on my bike and have been really enjoying it so that is my go to cardio p
  8. Good day Rebels! I'm all signed up for my first six week challenge but I'm a little behind in posting. Here's my first set of goals: Main Quest: Simple. Stick with it. If I want to make it at all I have to start small. So basically, instead of saying my main quest is something like, bike 200 miles in the next six weeks, I just want to see if I can follow through with my first challenge. Kind of lame maybe but hey, I'm a busy chick and I dare say I know me better than you. 3 Goals: Attend a group cycle class twice a week at the gym Do the beginner body weight exercises 3 times a week (s
  9. Main Quest: Run a sub-three hour marathon at the 2013 Chicago Marathon (2013-10-13) ​Follow the Hanson's Marathon Method pacing guidelines religiously:​Recovery: 8:43 - 8:28Easy A: 8:10 - 7:56Easy B: 7:36 - 7:23Long Run: 7:17 - 7:05Tempo Workouts: 6:29 - 6:4010k pace: 6:07 - 5:575k pace: 5:52 - 5:42Speed Workouts:1600m Repeats: 5:501200m Repeats: 4:20800m Repeats: 2:55600m Repeats: 2:10 - 2:14400m Repeats: 1:25 - 1:30Strength Workouts:1 Mile Repeats: 6:20 - 6:301.5 Mile Repeats: 9:30 - 9:452 Mile Repeats: 12:40 - 13:003 Mile Repeats: 19:00 - 19:30Do 15 to 20 minutes of stre
  10. Main 3 Goals Increase runningCross trainIntermittent fastingLife quest Increased RunningThis is about my passion. In my early years of being active - a long time ago - running was something I thought was probably a boring activity and wondered why any one would do it - let alone actually enjoy it. So fast forward to my the past three or four years of my life and I have a passion for running. So much so that I did zero cross training. I just ran - run Forest run. I didn't think I needed to cross train. If you have read some of my other posts you found that I need to cross train. I starte
  11. Kiwi’s 6th: Globetrotting Kiwi goes further. Goodness knows where I will be in 6 weeks or how I will get there, if all goes well I imagine I will be jumping around from Australia, New Zealand, USA (road trip!) and Mexico (Hola new home!). My main aim of this challenge is not to let travelling derail the good progress I have made in previous challenges – keep up the running and general healthy goodness. Last challenge I improved my running speed well but I want to be able to get back into my beloved half marathons so need to run further. Main Quest: Be able to run for 2 hours* pain f
  12. Howdy! Thanks for stumbling by. Feel free to piddle around and hang out. A little bit about me - I'm a crazy ass Texan who accidentally fell into traveling around the world. I'm based in Seattle however spend an extensive amount of time in Cairo, although my time there is minimal due to the current political situation. I am 6'3" and 214 pounds - down from 245 originally! I thought it was time to join the community and finish the job! Trying to choose between eventual ranger or scout guilds, I think. Well, here it is: Main Quest Train and run 5 miles by the end of the 6 weeks -
  13. Hi all!!! This is a group for anyone that is training to do their first (or maybe it just feels like you first) running event. Training for an organised event is a great goal to have and a great way to get a running plan going. It doesn't matter if you doing the couch to 5k, or training for a marathon, all are welcome.
  14. I'm back!!!!!!! Spidey reporting for duty for Challenge # 2!! Starting info! Weight: 232lbs Waist: 36 Str(7), Dex(2), Sta(13), Wis(2), Cha(3) Goal 1: Paleo life is the life for me!!!+3Sta So last challenge I made the amazing decision to start my journey down the paleo way of eating. I really wasn't sure how I was going to like it, because I am a major foodie!! I was extremely surprised to find that this is definitely something that I can do, and I have never felt better in my life. My acid reflux and other fun stomach issues have been kept to a minimum since switching to pa
  15. 1. Main quest: To be quick and strong like an assassin 1.1 Specific quests: - Do the beginner bodyweight workout at least 3 times a week. - Run in intervals for at least 20 min. at least 2 times a week - Get 8 hours of sleep every night 2. Life quest: Save money, at least 200 per week would be great 3. Motivation: Before this challenge, I ran for a month, did yoga for a week, did bodyweight training for two weeks all at the same time before moving to another place and taking a week of rest. After that, I had a difficult time trying to go back to what I was doing
  16. Kiwi’s 5th challenge: Finding my happy p(l)ace in the outback This challenge’s motto: “Don't get stuck in a bog... I'll go for a happy juice jog" Thanks to fellow Scout Aimless for that! OK challenge 5: Last challenge I managed to stop taking my antidepressant meds (tapered down over 6 months) so the aim of this challenge is to look after myself to avoid any relapse. Dr Kiwi prescribes running, healthy eating and some fun strength exercises! #1: Scout Quest 1: 10km speed STA 1 DEX 3 I have found a 10km race on July 7 (only 550km drive away! apparently just around the corner
  17. Goal 1: Cut out soda (2 pts to CON) Goal 2: Finish weeks 1&2 of C25K (3 pts to STA) Goal 3: Hike 1 mile or more in one session (2 pts to STA Goal 4: Learn to use a sewing machine (3 pts to WIS)
  18. Hi! My name is Charlie and I'm new. Right now I'm overweight, but I'm not tall enough to be an orc so I guess I'm a human? I'm middling height. It's whatevs. My profession, I hope, is scouting with maybe some druid and ranger woven throughout.
  19. Hey everyone! Take some time to read through these write ups from the last challenge and vote for your champion by Friday 6/7 @11:59pm EST! The mods will then give the scout champ to the rest of the guild leaders to choose an overall champ!!! Anwyl: Write-up Sora: Write-up Phoenix Burning: Write-up Good luck all!!!
  20. Well Hello there. My name is Seth Rue. I am a nerd. I am going to college for I.T. and Mathematics. I am 21 years old, 5'10" and severely over weight. I want to begin my walk towards a healthier lifestyle, and am using NF and a group of friends at home to make it happen. My main reason for this is because I already enjoy life as it is, but I miss out on a lot of the cool stuff that my friends do simply because I lack the ability to do it. So my thoughts are, think of all the wonderful adventures that are awaiting me out there that I can experience if only I take a little action. My task is
  21. What up, what up? Welcome to my first 6 week challenge. This could not have come at a better time. I am currently 5 weeks out of running my first marathon on 7 July, 2013. I injured my ankle on run about two weeks ago and have been off it ever since and am struggling to get back into my training regime. A little background on myself; I didn’t seriously get into my running until a couple of years ago, and since then I love it. It is my lone place of solitude. It is my Batcave, my cone of silence, my forced restart, if you will. I have always wanted to run a marathon. This year I realised th
  22. I'm so excited for my first challenge. I have to confess that, until yesterday, I was set on joining in with the Ranger crowd. But the love I discovered for running called to me, beckoning me to surround myself with other supportive runners (who are all awesome because they can run farther and faster then me...for now) to keep me motivated and accountable for my running. So, with that said, I am glad to have made the choice to join this guild! Last year was my first year for running, and I managed to train for and complete two 5k races. My winter months here in the Midwest were terrible in r
  23. Kiwi’s 4th challenge: Kiwi hits the road. Looks like life is going to be busy and I’m once again off to find gold in obscure parts of the world! Also I want to get back into road running (beep beep) as I’m heading far far away from my beloved beach, so that means that this kiwi is hitting the road. This is going to be interesting as I will not have complete control on the things I usually do (food and time to exercise), so this is going to be a good challenging challenge. Goals #1: Scout Quest STA 2 DEX 2 3 runs a week (total 18) on sealed roads, working on building my road running ba
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