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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone ! I should of started this a while back when I was on fire for the Lord and hungry to learn and memorize scripture. I'm still hungry but have recently got out of the habit of daily devotionals and wanting to guard my heart with the Good News of the Bible. I want to get back to my daily habits of reading the Bible, memorizing scripture and continuing to walk the narrow path for the Lord of Lords. I was hoping I wouldn't be alone in this journey. Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another." (CSB version). How true this statement is. The devil seeks to isolate us. God seeks to bring us together for the Glory of His Kingdom. This is why I choose to make an accountability group. Together, through prayer and worship and encouragement, we, too, can be like iron and sharpen one another. Over the course of...well, forever, I want to keep this group active and strong as we all work to grow closer to God through daily sharpening. Like the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:7, we cannot allow the seeds that fall among thorns to be choked out. We must guard our hearts from the enemy at all cost because he seeks to choke out our faith. He seeks to smother us and keep us living in darkness and sin...to be bound in chains and to be as far away from God as possible. I know that together we can form a community of Christ followers and combat the devil and his wicked ways by the Power of the Word of God. I know that we can lift each other up in prayer and form bonds that will be blessed and powered by God Himself. Who's with me?? When I started my memorization, I started with 4 verses I wanted to learn. Not all at the same time, but over the course of a couple months, I learned; Romans 8:28, Ephesians 3:20, Philippians 4:6 and Jeremiah 29:11. These are more well known verses but each on of them carried significant weight. I would read them. I would listen to them. I would turn them into songs. I would wake up in the morning and recall them all before I brushed my teeth. The goal here is memorization and the ability to recall scripture in the heat of battle. If you have a specific method for learning and memorizing, then please share with the group. You never know what failed methods you've tried may help another person out, so please, don't be shy. I also realize that not all of us will read the same translation, and that's perfectly fine. As long as you are actively trying to learn and read from the Good Book, then I don't think it matters in the slightest which version you read. I prefer the Christian Standard Bible or the CSB, so, anything I post and refer to is usually referencing that version. If I reference another translation, then I will add that in parentheses. ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP GOALS: The goal with this accountability group is to choose 2-3 verses each month and memorize them. We can actively as a group choose these, or we can all have different pieces we are working on and encourage one another during the month-I'll let the majority decide on that. I'm fine with either one . Post your memorization methods for the group and see if we can help each other out! And, I want this to be a place where we can generally just talk God, faith, salvation, promise, struggles, sin, and anything else. This is a judgement free zone as we will leave the judging to our Lord and Savior. This is a place for ALL God's people to come together and exhibit the most important commandment of all: LOVE. Ask questions. Encourage. Learn. And continue to fight sin together as one People under God. Wolf
  2. Good day. My name is Wolfen, and although I call the Adventurers guild my home, I felt that since my focus for this challenge is more spiritual than usual and my goals are to increase time studying scripture, praying, and meditating, that it would be great to join the Druids for this challenge. Below is a quick bio that will add some context to my reasons for this challenge. You can skip it if you want to go straight to my challenge goals. My main goals for this challenge are: Pray the Lord's prayer every morning, as well as a more personal prayer. Study scripture daily; this includes journaling as I study. Meditate daily after studying scripture; this should be a balance of quiet time and contemplative prayer Bonus goals: WHM breathing during meditation time cold showers daily 100 bodyweight movements/day continue running regularly (see past challenges, especially Wolfen Runs for His Life and Wolfen Hits the Trails) read at least one book about Jesus; title suggestion to be posted later
  3. Alright - I feel my last challenge was a success, now it's time to work on getting a little more done. Goal#1: Like my last challenge, I plan on keeping up with my meal plan. Six small meals a day. Hobbit-diet for the win! Goal#2: I'd like to add in some activity. I'd like to spend time each day do some sort of movement. Whether this is a walk or lifting or yoga doesn't matter. I just need to move. Goal#3: I'd like to focus on some spiritual growth as well. I'd like to read my bible or meditate every day. I know my goals are vague, and I know that's not generally a good thing. I'm making them that way, however, so I can again find success. The last challenge I did I felt was successful. I'd like to continue that.
  4. Hey there! I figured I wanted to get a bit more involved (and I realise that a battle log isn't the best way to do *that* but it might help me to remind me to check the forum, and participate ). For food I think it's important I don't obsess too much (hence the 'keep it simple'). I'll post my weekly meal plans and comment on food when I have something more to say on it. Exercise-wise I aim for at least 3 solid work outs a week, so I'll track those. Other than that I cycle to work every day (15 minutes each way) and if I don't have to work I cycle to the stores, city centre, church etc. Other interests which might pop up are scripture reading (reading 15 minutes/day was my goal during the last challenge, I try to keep it up), reading (in general, fiction and non-fiction. My goal for the year is 50 books, I'm currently at 47) and music (I play the harp and ocarina, focussing on the harp lately. I try to play a little bit every day (didn't play for about 2 years, need to get back into it). So... Let's start! Meal plan for this week (And because it's the first post: Last week ) My workouts are always over at Dailymile (see signature). This week I didn't do a lot just yet But it's in-between challenges, so I'm taking a rest-ish week. I'm going to do a BW workout today, and I plan on doing one more (or going for a run, depending on the weather) this weekend. Which will bring my 'official' workout count to 2 for the week. I also did some handstand practice (anyone else get achy eyes when upside down? ) and went for a walk on Tuesday.
  5. 3 sentence intro (Hiya druids!): I’m Pretzle, 25, Dutch, of the female sort. I teach English at college, like reading, cooking, good coffee & tea. A former (and future) assassin who has been mostly primal for the past month or so, loves BW stuff but can be a little mentally unstable at times. (This will be 4 but: I’m also looking for some friends (of the online and/or real life versions).) (Also, I write long posts. Just read the bold/underlined/italics and you'll get what I'm aiming for .) Main goal: Become/Stay sane & healthy - whatever happens. Ok, not really ‘whatever’, because sometimes you simply don’t have a say. But whenever I do have a say, I want to do all I can to achieve my main goal. Goal 1: Feed my mind and soul. * Read and study scripture for 15 minutes a day, before bed. I already have a solid habit of reading. I read about a book every week/10 days, so that’s absolutely fine (and fun) in a general sense. But I need sustenance, proper food. I’m a Christian, so I’d like to study the scriptures a bit more than I currently do. Why time based? I’ve read through the Bible in a year before, with a schedule telling me which chapters to read for the day. This means I would sometimes just read as quickly as I could to get through the planned reading. Good for general Bible knowledge and ‘just having read it all at least once’, but not for actual studying purposes. By setting a time goal it doesn’t matter how much I read. I can decide to study a few verses and really think about them. Which would be a good idea, I think. WIS 1 STA 2 Goal 2: Give them what they pay me for. * No work e-mail after 8 pm, only check once on Saturdays. I’m a teacher. It’s normal in my profession to work a few more hours than you’re actually paid for. I’m absolutely fine with that. The thing is, I’m addicted to checking my e-mail (both personal and work… I still checked my uni mail 2 months after graduating - until they closed my account!). I check my e-mail in the morning before work if I have time for it. I think that’s fine - it helps me anticipate some things which will happen (or suddenly won’t happen) during the day. But still mailing back and forth with a colleague after 9 pm? That’s just silly! So to allow me to get ready for bed, and really enjoy my weekends… I won’t check my work e-mail after 8 pm (all days) or check more than once on a Saturday. This will be difficult for me. … Ugh, habits CON 2 WIS 1 Goal 3: Keep up the good work. * Exercise 3 x a week I feel a bit silly for including this, but I’m afraid I’ll slip back into old (ancient by now) habits if I allow myself to do so… I’ve exercised for about 3 times a week ever since I started running in December 2011. I’m busier now with work, though, and the autumn has started and winter is on its way. That’s why I will still include it as a goal, just to keep myself accountable on days I simply don’t feel like it. Forms of exercise will likely consist of: Bodyweight circuits, balancing, Poi, jump rope, swimming, walking, sprinting… Basically bodyweight exercises (which I love) … and whatever else I feel like! STR 2 STA 2 DEX 1 Lifequest: Try something new! * During this challenge do two things I’ve never done before! Tentative ideas: - Go to KB girl’s KB workshop (I’m terrified, but really want to try ) - Go to a classical concert - Send my grandparents a letter explaining what I’ve learnt from them over the past 25 years, saying thank you - Go to a gym and get a PT to explain weights stuff to me - Organise for a native speaker to visit my classroom (the organising part, not sure I could make this happen during the challenge) - ... I’ve actually been doing REALLY well with this particular goal. I’ve graduated, started a new job, tried in-door climbing, got myself a museumcard and visited a few of those (even went to one all by myself)... Still, I’d like to keep it up and expand my horizon even more. CHA + 4
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