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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, I live at the beach but the water here is damn cold and Ive never swam in it. One of my big goals is to get a wet suit and do that. Ive lost 23 lbs now but Im still big, and Id get a lot of encouragement if I could find a suit or somebody who could make a custom suit. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. I've been leveling up slowly for years, quicker for the last 3 years, and quicker still in 2016. I've read the books, I've tried the things, and now it's time for my first official NF challenge. Main Quest: To be fit. To be fit enough to hike the Rocky Mountains with my son this summer. To be fit enough to run the Dallas Marathon injury-free, and something UNDER my previous, stunningly slow times of 6:01 and 6:02. I suppose the true quest behind the quest is discipline...that's what gets me fit, gets my company moving forward, and gets me to the really fun stuff. (Half finished scuba lessons, anyone?) The quests: Strength workouts 3x per week, improving incrementally each time. I've completed 7 weeks so far, and each time it's another rep or two, another bit of weight, another set of something.2x weekly run and 1x weekly hike with my son. We've got to get conditioned for hiking, after all! And it gives us an excuse for the occasional foray into the semi-wilderness around north Texas.Three servings of veggies a day. It shouldn't be that hard, as I love them. I just forget.Life quest: 20 hours a week working on the bones of my company. I'm co owner of a software startup, and so much of my time is spent planning travel, marketing, messing with social media, and so on. I haven't made enough time for the code, the testing, the documentation. That's going to change.Motivation: To get to the fun stuff! I want to hike, to travel, to get the really fun stuff! Worked out Monday and Today, ran yesterday. We're on track for starters. Onward...
  3. Wow this new format doesn't leave much time to do a new challenge. Anyway here we go... "What a piece of junk!" - Like the Millenium Falcon and Optimus, I plan to be more than meets the eye by the end of this challenge Goals: - Alcohol max 1 day a week - 1 hour a day of 'exercise' - 4 weeks of Paleo Bonus: - Each day I don't play video games is an extra drinking day. This one is about body transformation, would like to drop another 3kg this challenge. I was going to count calories but I know already that it will just piss me off so I will go full Paleo for 4 weeks. Other important things happening this challenge: - I will sit my Advanced Scuba Diver certificate - I'm getting back to squash - Planning to finally book my dive on the Yongala.
  4. I took a break, got back on track, and now I'm ready for the kick up the butt that I need. I'm heading over here to the Scouts because this time round I'm doing more riding/running stuff, particularly hashes, cycling and walks. SMART goal: I want to hit 75-8kg by the end of the challenge, on my way to squeezing into my wetsuit at my upcoming family reunion. Because... My oldest sister was put up for adoption as a baby, and she tracked us down somehow (despite us moving to another country more than 22 years ago) and I'm going to meet her in person for the first time in August, and I want to be at my best when I do. To measure my success or failure - I have a particular pair of jeans that I want to fit into, rather than obsess over numbers. It's achievable, if I stick to my goals. Goals: 1. Complete the Darebee Hero's Journey (I'm 38% of the way there already - why fix what's not broken?). After that, complete a Neila Rey/Darebee workout every day for the rest of the challenge (balanced out with leg days, arm days, core, rest/recovery and cardio day), or start another one of her programs... I'll decide when I get there. (STR +3, DEX +2) If I miss a day, I must make up for it the next day. 2. Go on every hash during the challenge, regardless of illness, hangover or weather. (CHA+2, STA+3). They happen every second Sunday. I may flip a coin for the running or walking trails, but must jog at least 1/3 of the walking one, and run as much as I can of the running one. PASS/FAIL. This will probably be easier if I stop drinking, which comes into goal number 3. 3. If it's not paleo, don't eat it. Stick to the diet, drink lots of water or tea. No ordering take out. No fast food. No bread. No ice cream. No beer. Concession: rice (half a bowl) is OK if inescapable, because this is Asia. (CON+2, WIS +2) Measuring: logging food with a weight watchers app. 6 cheats allowed before failure. Water is being logged with plant nanny. Bonus Quests: 4. Early to bed, early to rise. Go to bed before midnight and wake up at 9am each day. (This is early for me, because I work from 2pm to 8pm) (CON +1) 5. Couch 2 5K (zombies) I'd like to start this again. Now's as good a time as any. (+1 STA), pass/fail for completing the at least 4 weeks during this challenge. So that's it. Let's do this thing.
  5. What constitutes my version of the perfect fairytale? Let's find out (work in progress) 4. become fluent in Spanish 5. take a vacation to Portland 8. Move out of Florida by summer 2016, to the Northwest or Virginia (either would be awesome) 9. Start daily Ashtanga classes in a Mysore Style studio 10. Travel to Mysore to study for a summer, 15. hopefully somewhere in there, have an amazing relationship and live happily ever after with them 16. visit one new country every year with my significant other 17. Take aerials classes 18. Read all of these: 60 Most Recommended Yoga books + Al Kavadlo's Stretching the Limits + Some Ashtanga books + Yoga and the True Self + Books related to Yoga and Trauma My "I'm Possible"List (smaller meanwhile goals I want to achieve) 1. Do a handstand 2. Do a handstand straddle press 3. become proficient up to the Fourth Series in Ashtanga Yoga 4. Learn a 3rd language 5. Do humanitarian work to help save the rainforests 6. Eat in a way that honors my body 7. Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon 8. Go to Jerusalem for Tasneem's wedding 9. Visit Paula, Jenn, Vanessa, Sara and Hiram 10. help more people than I hurt, love more people than I don't, be a light for the world by being the best me possible. 11. live to see my great grandchildren 12. have a beach house 13. climb a mountain 14. dive the Great Barrier Reef 15. never forget to be grateful 16, Cosplay 17. LARP
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