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Found 4 results

  1. I'm back! Erf, I'm not proud of myself. I need this community to help stay motivated. And shame me for being lazy if need be. So, this is my second attempt. Thankfully, I have not lost all the progress I have made. I'll post my updated stats tomorrow morning and restart from there. The program: walking. I've calculated the walk I do: it's 5.6 km or 3.47 miles. I'm doing that twice daily at the moment, for a total of 6.9 miles. I also get off the bus two stops early in the morning and evening, so I add a mile from that for 7.9. 8 rounded up. I will do this rain or shine: I have some cloth
  2. Here I am. I said there would not be a challenge thread this time, but things went otherwise and I have to start my streak over, so I might as well start a new thread There will be another attempt to get a 100 days streak on my everyday tasks, with a modified list. I've learnt some things on my first 26 days and I have perfected my approach (see previous challenge). I would also like to retake two goals that do a lot for my well-being: going out, and sitting pauses. Lately I've been spending too much time inside the house, and worst, most of that time was sitting time. And the way yo
  3. Hi, I'm Troy McLure Dan Schmidt, you may remember me from writing such Nerd Fitness articles as 'A Nerd's Introduction to Mental Health', 'How to Build an Active, Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Kids' and 'How to fight the Tired Parent Syndrome'. But today I'm here to talk to you about my "first" 4 week challenge. (I actually started a challenge in 2014, but couldn't complete it because I had to leave my house due to bushfires I am weak). But I'm damn set on completing this one (it's winter time here in Australia, so the risk of fire is much less). We've just had our third
  4. Hey all - It's been almost 2 years since I've been on these forums and, as one might predict, I have de-leveled by quite a bit. My weight is back up from around 200 when I left these forums, to 240. I'm 27, male and 6'4. I'm tall and the weight doesn't show dramatically, but I certainly don't feel great as I look in the mirror. My diet and fitness routine has essentially vanished, and I've just simply found it harder to get motivated for most things that aren't relationship or work related. With the tough recap out of the way, it's time to look ahead! I'm in the busy s
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