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Found 4 results

  1. I'm back! Erf, I'm not proud of myself. I need this community to help stay motivated. And shame me for being lazy if need be. So, this is my second attempt. Thankfully, I have not lost all the progress I have made. I'll post my updated stats tomorrow morning and restart from there. The program: walking. I've calculated the walk I do: it's 5.6 km or 3.47 miles. I'm doing that twice daily at the moment, for a total of 6.9 miles. I also get off the bus two stops early in the morning and evening, so I add a mile from that for 7.9. 8 rounded up. I will do this rain or shine: I have some clothes specifically for rainy days. I'll just get changed once I get home. Also, I will do some basic yoga on weekends. I will pick a handfull of poses I can do and want to improve. I got a free t-shirt from Popeye's supplement store for being a regular, and of course it's too small (I can put it on but it's tight!). The objective is to fit into it within three months. Alright, here's to being back!
  2. Here I am. I said there would not be a challenge thread this time, but things went otherwise and I have to start my streak over, so I might as well start a new thread There will be another attempt to get a 100 days streak on my everyday tasks, with a modified list. I've learnt some things on my first 26 days and I have perfected my approach (see previous challenge). I would also like to retake two goals that do a lot for my well-being: going out, and sitting pauses. Lately I've been spending too much time inside the house, and worst, most of that time was sitting time. And the way you live your days is the way you live your life, remember? 100 days challenge · 10 minutes meditation · at least 1 vegetable in every meal · 10 minutes of reading · 10 minutes of icelandic · 10 minutes of cleaning/decluttering · teeth brush and floss twice a day · 1 kegel exercise · 1 relaxing moment (aside from meditation): breathing, laying down, Feldenkrais, working on jaw tension... · spend some moments upside-down to help with handstands practice · stress thread. This is the only task that is not a daily one, but that must be done at least 3 times a week 100% achievement on 65 days: C ------ reward: a necklace 100% achievement on 85 days: B ------ reward: a nerdy t-shirt 100% achievement on 100 days: A ------ Ástríkur og Kleópatra Rewards are accumulative, so I may get only the C reward if the streak is short, but if my streak is long enough I can win all the rewards as I go through the different stages. Sitting pauses Not many surprises here. Just getting up from the chair at least once every 20-30 minutes when I'm reading, doing computer work, etc. to do something that implies movement: going upstairs, stretching for a while, going on an errand... Go out I said it before: "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing". Days are shorter, and getting sunlight and going outside the house becomes more important as winter approaches. If I want to avoid winter blues, the best thing to do is to spend time outdoors being active. I'll start easy: two walks a week, four a week by the end of the challenge. I might as well spend some time in the terrace (reading, meditation, relaxing moments...). By the way, my 30 minutes - 30 days Doppler challenge is still on (16 days so far) and getting results. Points 100 days challenge. 1, 2 or 3 WIS points, depending on how long the streak. If/when I get to achieve the 100 days streak, I immediately go up TWO levels (aside from the level I might be going up from the challenge going on at that moment). Sitting pauses. 1 CON point. Go out. 2 CON points. Attending all my self-defence and acrobatics lessons: 2 STR, 2 STA and 2 DEX points max. Special points for meditation: 1, 2 or 3 WIS points depending on the streak.
  3. Hi, I'm Troy McLure Dan Schmidt, you may remember me from writing such Nerd Fitness articles as 'A Nerd's Introduction to Mental Health', 'How to Build an Active, Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Kids' and 'How to fight the Tired Parent Syndrome'. But today I'm here to talk to you about my "first" 4 week challenge. (I actually started a challenge in 2014, but couldn't complete it because I had to leave my house due to bushfires I am weak). But I'm damn set on completing this one (it's winter time here in Australia, so the risk of fire is much less). We've just had our third child in May, and since then I've noticed I've slacked a bit with my exercise and I'm not in as great shape as I was when she was born. This tends to happen with the continual waking throughout the night, having no time to cook dinner or make lunch for the next day and being a miserable Australian winter (which really isn't that bad). I spend a lot of time telling how to keep other rebel parents fit and active, so I better put my words into action myself. MAIN QUEST: To lose weight (3kg) I really don't want to be a fat dad, I was about 8 kilos heavier than I am now when my first child was born, and I don't want to get back to that. I'm not in terrible shape at the moment (I'm in what the BMI classifies as a 'healthy' weight, but I'm at the upper end of 'healthy'), but it's best to get on top of these things before it gets too big. My goal weight is 74kg. I figure if I can lose a few kilos this winter, summer will be a whole lot more fun with the kids on the beach. Goals for this challenge: Physical quests: Weights/Bodyweight exercises 3 times a week (my new workplace has a free gym which I have yet to use) Run 2 times a week (5km+) (Pokemon GO will surely help with this, Team Valor FTW) Diet quest: No more eating in bed. (I'm terrible for late night snacking when I'm doing midnight feeds with the baby) Drink more water at work (at least 1.5 Litres per day) Level up my life quests: Limit (non-work and non-NF) social media to an hour a day. Spend one-on-one 'special' time with each child at least once a week. Let's start simple and see how we go. Feel free to check in and say G'day any time fellow Rebels. Dan
  4. Hey all - It's been almost 2 years since I've been on these forums and, as one might predict, I have de-leveled by quite a bit. My weight is back up from around 200 when I left these forums, to 240. I'm 27, male and 6'4. I'm tall and the weight doesn't show dramatically, but I certainly don't feel great as I look in the mirror. My diet and fitness routine has essentially vanished, and I've just simply found it harder to get motivated for most things that aren't relationship or work related. With the tough recap out of the way, it's time to look ahead! I'm in the busy season at work right now, but I've got the drive in me to start making some changes, particularly as I know it will help build my energy back up overall. So, without further ado: CHALLENGE 1 Diet: Habit: Create a meal plan each Sunday for the work week (10 meals total) and follow through with it. Reason: I barely cook at all anymore. Building up the habit to cook for myself and my partner is an important step to better fueling myself. Additionally, my partner is great at motivating me to work out but cooking is where I can be of most help to her as we work towards better taking care of ourselves. Grading: 5 for each meal plan finished (20 possible) 2 for each meal that is home-cooked and not take out. (80 possible) 90% or above = New cookbook 80% or above = Geeky cooking apron (something like this) 70% or above = Better tupperware 100% = Pick 2! Fitness: Habit: Make theYMCA spin class Mon, Wed, Fri. Reason: Spin is fun and is early enough (6am) to fit in with my work schedule. I'm all for strength building, which I intend to get to, but right now I need a group activity that's near work and this is what's available. Grading: 10 classes or more = New workout bag (currently using an old, slightly broken duffel) 8 classes or more = One new item of workout clothing 6 classes or more = New carabiner for my water bottle Make all 12? Pick 2! Level up my life: Habit: Make 10 minutes for meditation each day Reason: I meditate on an irregular basis at this point, but I always feel better when I do it. Making 10 minutes each day to meditate is good for my overall well being and my time management more generally. Grading: 90% or above: New Zabuton (meditation mat) 80% or above: New Zen Zafu (meditation cushion) 70% or above: New incense 100% Pick 2 So that's it! I could definitely use some encouragement as the positive feedback from my last experience on this board was Incredibly helpful, particularly as life got hectic. Also, if I messed up anything in terms of forum etiquette with this post, please let me know and I'll edit it right away! All the best, TwoTone
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