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  1. *Down from the heavens descends a scrawny looking white male in graphic tee and jeans* Hello I am ComebackConn. *fireworks erupt behind the figure* And i am here to take place in this 6 week challenge. Now let us get right into the good stuff. MAIN QUEST : To form new habits that will set me on the track to becoming fit. GOALS TO GET ME THERE 1: Slowly dwindle my way off soda (again) I will slowly decrease the amount of soda I drink in till it reaches zero. Last year i went cold turkey on soda and lasted 3 months but stared to drink it agian after a stressful situation. My plan is 1st week : can a day 2nd week: only 6 cans 3rd : 4 cans 4th: 2 cans 5th : none 6th none 2: Eat 6 Servings of Fruit and Veggies Each day. This one should be easy. I like fruits and vegetables I just keep choosing junk food instead. My intake has slipt to the point were my doctors are worried so a change may be a good decision. 3: Do a simple workout plan or walk 60 mins 4 times a week Now this , This I'm worried about. I don't hate working out but there is this thing called the internet that makes it hard for me to want to. Any ways i have a small workout that i found on fitocracy that i will be using for days when i don't walk. Well I'll keep you all updated hopefully daily. But now i must go *scrawny white boy is sent back into the sky via clearly visible string* My fitocracy
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