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Found 7 results

  1. I just got back from my shift as a bouncer at a local club last night/this morning (2000-0330 GMT. This shift caused a significant disruption to this month's challenge but I'll post about that in my challenge thread for people to shame my weakness after I've slept) and I got into a bit of an altercation without any backup due to circumstances and it looked pretty dire. Luckily things were resolved relatively easily. But this got me musing about fighting multiple attackers. When I say fight I mean specifically street fighting, which will generally be in self-defense unless you're either a sexy
  2. * I just saw that my status is "Innovator". It is so fitting with the Tinkerer theme * I love these books! The girl is of mixed heritage and grew up with the Tinkerer. He taught her all kinds of things from carpentry and metal work, to building a flying machine and how to make things go "BOOM!", as well as respect for nature (she has an affinity to nature) and cooking, cleaning, basic math, science, etc. My boys probably think they are The Tinkerer's Sons because I'm usually busy building or making something, whether a cage, bookshelf, or just painting the house, drawing pictures, workin
  3. I'm getting back up on my feet with His strength, to fight another day. You raise me up... to live / fight on...
  4. Here I am hiking after Gyddyn, a ranger from Middle Earth. Why? I don't really know except yesterday after my grandmother's funeral I found out that my mother was a distant relation of King Legolas of Mirkwood, or as it is now known, the Great Greenwood Forest. Guess I now also know where my almost pointy ears and my affinity to animals and plants, come from. My father was a human from "New Earth", in a different dimension to their Middle Earth, who accidentally stumbled upon the portal. He was gone for a long time, and when he returned to his own dimension, my grandmother couldn't make head o
  5. I had everything worked out on another theme when Oldest made a comment to his riding teacher: What I'm aiming for... but maybe without the lasso This cowgirl-to-be needs to be STRONG, and obviously has to be able to RIDE (again). She needs to be FIT and for various reasons must be able to defend herself and her loved ones. Most importantly, she needs to take CARE of herself. STRONG: Self Defence (1x/wk), Strength training (1x/wk), Flexibility (2x/wk) [16x for the challenge] RIDING: Get back in the saddle, literally (
  6. Theatrical Trailer inside spoiler A couple years ago, Tris and Four caused major ructions in The Community. The known factions are still there: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite, but the new leaders of Community made a pact with other communities outside the Wall. Since then, if you fall outside the … normal parameters, and you choose to, you are sent to Divergent. They have become the defenders of the civilized world, the defenders of all the communities. They are known as The Rangers, home of Divergent. http://divergentthemovie.com/aptitudetest
  7. Hi all! If anyone interested in starting a group for Monks let me know (I don't know how to start the group so help please!) Just a group to talk about what martial arts or self defence we do and to give each other encouragement throughout the next 6 weeks! Maybe say why you got into it and why you continue with it? A little about myself. My name is Adam but everyone calls me AJ. I am 22 (23 on June 30th) I weigh 13.5 Stone (189 Pounds) but I have a beer belly so that is my main focus to tone up and loose fat and gain muscle. I currently train in Krav Maga http://en.wikipedia.or
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