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  1. Hello, all! I was on here a long while ago working on my fitness and am returning several years later (and several years older - welp!) from an entirely different country and with completely different goals, ready to work on myself again! 😄 Back then I was in my late teens and concentrated heavily on cardio and studying to great success, but I also had far less to contend with back then. I'm quite a changed person now, with a job I love in a city in England, an intolerance to lactose that I was free of as a youngster (boo), and an only slightly detrimental work ethic (
  2. Woohoo! Welcome to 2021 everyone! Usually I love New Years...so much open possibility and excited energy for all those awesome new plans. But I'm having a hard time getting into that mindset this year. Not sure if it's due to exhaustion with 2020 making me feel worse than usual, witnessing the recent death of my maternal grandmother (December 28th), or something else entirely, but it's definitely a thing. I've been hitting that "I slept for 8 hours and still want a nap and have no energy to do even things I normally enjoy doing if it means getting off the couch" level
  3. Hello everyone, for those of you who don't me; I shall give a short intoduction: *daughter of the King *bibliophile *tea lover *creative Anything else you want to know? Just ask.
  4. "But if you can survive mentally tearing yourself apart for decades, you can survive confronting that, in whatever form that takes." Mark Bradley, Creator of Bugbops I had posted a challenge last night, and Tank and Deffy pointed out that I was projecting. I had to admit that I wasn't feeling very genuine in my first topic, and I took some time to really assess what I was trying to say. Mark Bradley, creator of Bugbops posted a thread on Twitter about suicide awareness and it really resonated. Not the suicide part, but the depression and how sometimes
  5. This is a short cycle, but I’m determined to roll into this new year on track. At the start of this challenge, I’ll be on vacation celebrating my 40th(!!!) birthday with friends in a place I never imagined I’d actually get to visit. I plan to OD on junglescapes, Insta-worthy healthy food, yoga, boutique shopping and (hopefully) some culture. While I’m put, my goal is to maintain or increase my yoga schedule (a solid 2x a week - hoping for 3), and look into which other classes I might want to get into. Word around the campfire is that more friends are moving on, so I nee
  6. Yes, the picture has changed, I may go into the reason why at some point....but don't be fooled I am STILL a badass So the big goal is still this... Lose 50 lbs (total) by October, 31st, that's 5 lbs a month January - Done! February - Done! March - Done! April - Done May - Nope June - Double Nope July - Nope Nope Nope August - Yes! The Plan.... Run: I'm following NYAR 10K training plan currently, so points for when I do what is scheduled (including rest days) Eat: Continue
  7. The Ranger drops the hood of her cloak as she approaches the hilltop cabin. Already, the serenity of the area washes over her, easing the anxiety that has built up over the past...weeks? Months? No. Years is more like it, though only recently have the flood gates opened on it all. She quietly enters the cabin and, after taking off her traveling gear, finds a comfy spot near the fireplace. The cabin's host brings her a mug of hot tea, which she graciously accepts. Closing her eyes, she takes a deep, restorative breath. "Finally..." The full context is a long, long story,
  8. So, this is likely to be a minimalist challenge: Summary: Due to being way behind at work and Ms. Moros being very sick (but recovering), I will focus on what I can do each day, rather than what I would want to do or my perfectionistic self expects me to do. So, keeping it brief, Ms. Moros has been very sick since our son's wedding. She's gotten extremely anemic, and last week, was in the ER due to a bad infection. She's getting better now, but is very weak and it is taking a long time for her to get back to normal. In addition, I am still very far behind at work, an
  9. - Recent words of wisdom from a good friend. Introduction: Last month, a nuclear bomb went off in my life—I gave birth to my son. We’ve survived the first four weeks, but I’m struggling with creating new balance in my life especially after my husband has returned to work. So for this challenge, I’ve left my adventuring pack behind, and wandered into the druid’s grove, to focus on being, (un)becoming, and the transition into fallout. Around the time I gave birth, a blog post appeared that really spoke to me—it’s about Being—being who you are rather than alway
  10. THE SILVER ARCHER: BOOK II Chapter 5: Solo Mission The theme of this month's challenge is really about self-care. I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately and I'm more than ready to get back to butt-kicking, but as the sun rises on Week One, I will be in a van driving ten hours away from the only hometown I've ever known, preparing to spend three months working an incredibly high-stakes internship, living with two strangers (and their cats!), learning the rhythm of a metropolitan region, and basically upending every imaginable portion of my currently quiet,
  11. When people talk about stress management, I get this image in my head of a man or woman sitting in a bar after work, her suit jacket draped on the chair and sleeves rolled up as he says confidently "I manage the stress department. Those guys are killing it!" and takes a confident swig from their glass of whiskey, neat. I don't like whiskey, and I look terrible in suits. Stress is significantly impacting my well-being. Last night I was awake for 4 hours. I have panic attacks, and while I'm usually a stress eater, lately, I've lost my appetite, and feel too upset to eat.
  12. Sticking with similar things from my last challenge and adding some new ones. I meant to have this all typed up over the weekend but life got in the way. Nutrition *Bring lunch to work at least 3x/wk -- I've been falling into the habit not preparing my lunch bag the night before and then I end up running out of time the next morning. *Veggies with lunch and/or dinner -- I did ok with this during the last challenge but I need to do better. I wasn't consistent *One non-water drink/day -- This will be difficult for me because I always seem to think I have to have some
  13. Hey Druids, I'm joining the Circle this month, had a change of plans from my Monk activities due to injury, and also just general stress and need for self-care and things, and it feels like this is the place to be. Hello! The name of my post is the Utada Hikaru song featured in Kingdom Hearts, it really seems to suit what I need in my life right now: Simplicity in a hectic life, and clean pure eating and living to treat my body right and calm the heck down. Without getting into detail, 2 small kids, full time job (including drama there out of my
  14. Today they are moving my grandfather into hospice care. In the next few weeks, I'll be attending a funeral, my annoying uncle will be here, my aunt may fly in and my mother will be sad, mad, and many other things. I will be tired, and I will want to over-eat, drink too much and become anxious and self-destructive. So this challenge is simple. Be kind to myself. Instead of eating and drinking my feelings, I'm going to go for walks, play the ukulele and journal. I'm going to eat healthy foods that will make me feel better, and I will give myself permission to walk away from my fami
  15. I've been complaining for two years that I did not want to be "Luke Skywalker, Jedi Legend", and withdraw. And while the Jedi Master was redeemed in my eyes by his character arc in The Last Jedi, that didn't mean that, starting in December, I had to go join him in hermit-like seclusion until now. But I kind of did - except there was no awesome island monastery, just frozen-assed wintry Minnesota, and no straight-from-the-source liquid nutrition. I didn't completely collapse into my couch - I've been working out, although not consistently, and I'm not back to square one as a runner.
  16. Greetings! Sassyfrassy here. You could call me the artist formerly known as roseofmay, kelliestrasza, and other monikers. It has been quite some time since I've participated in a challenge, but the amazing @shaar made sure to poke me to start the new year right. So, here I am to do just that! I'm starting off small since I'm getting back into things. regrowth - establishing & learning I'm going to get back into tracking my food intake on a daily basis. I'll be able to see what I'm eating, what I'm not eating, and assess my mood and feeli
  17. Written 2016-05 I'm starting my battle log because I want somewhere to record my progress when I'm not in a challenge. I think my first challenge will be the one coming up in June (2016). Written 2017-05-25 I'm putting the rest of the original post of this battle log in a spoiler and starting with a fresh first message, written in May 2017. So a year after joining the forums and a year after starting this battle log which I barely used because I've done a year of consecutive challenges. If you want to learn more about where I started, he
  18. Hello all! Bulba and I are back after a difficult challenge last time, who saw us lose some steam and some of our spirits, so it is time to get back on track. But this time the goal will be US. It will be okay if we do not go very far in the forest. It will be okay if we don't do everything we had planned to do. (Many many thanks to @Manarelle for reminding us of that last challenge!) It will be okay if we ask for help. It will not be okay if we are not okay. So this challenge is all about finding the right balance to be okay and move forward in a positi
  19. Hello! My name is Angela and I am here because I have lived the last few years of my life in a way that led to me packing on around 50 lbs. Whoops! Backstory I started at a stressful job around 3 years ago and moved to a even more stressful job 7 months ago. I was laid off and was devastated. After about a month and a half of funemployment, I started working again at a place earning less money, but also with much less stress. It is a job with the state, which means great benefits and job stability (at least in my state it does). I feel such an unexpected and palpable sense of
  20. PRELUDE I’ve heard it said that the spirit leopards of the frost-touched highlands know there is no glory in a death of age, that they seek the deadliest lands and foes when old age threatens and winter steals into their enigmatic coats, that they may die as they lived. And thus came I, Rurik Harrgath, wild-bearded and sullen-eyed, gunblade in each hand, a ranger, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the wild places of the earth under my booted feet.” Starting weight baseline: 207 lbs. CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Metrics
  21. She blinked as she woke up. She reached for her glasses on the nightstand...good god, it's covered with stuff. What happened to the sleek modern nightstand with a couple magazines and a fancy ipad that controlled the lights? This place is a wreck. She finds her phone...it's 7 am. She never wakes up that early without an alarm. Slowly she begins to remember. She's not in London anymore. The view outside her window is no longer the impenetrable Tower of London, it's...a two-story 1960s LA apartment building. She can see the smog in the distance, and it's already pushin
  22. So, hi! This might come out a bit jumbled. I didn't really get much sleep last night. And while I know what I want to do this challenge, I'm having trouble putting it into words. I guess you could call me a traveling assassin, and I'm spending some time with the rangers because it felt like a good idea. For this challenge I'm drawing inspiration from the elements: fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. One of the things fire represents is change. A big change that I have to work through is finding a new job. This is something I ne
  23. This is mostly a placeholder but here are my thoughts at the moment: Goal 1: Walk 4 times per week. Goal 2: Prep at least 3 lunches per week, five breakfasts and five snacks. Goal 3: Write and post a poem every day. Goal 4: Meditation/focus goal? Next week is a big conference that is always super exhilarating and super exhausting, and this year promises to be more of both. So basically all my goals for week one are out and I'm going to be doing something. I think: Goal 1: Stay hydrated (3 nalgenes per day) Goal 2: Lie down on the fl
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