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Found 2 results

  1. So, I fell again. I had really good intents last challenge, but once again my spawn died in the first half of the challenge. This has happened consistently for the past few challenges (and all the ones I did not do). So how do I make sure that I don't fail this time? Well, I need a stronger starter. I was like a low level Grass Pokemon trying to win at the Pokemon League against a Leader whose specialty is fire. (Hint: NOT. HAPPENING.) Bulbasaur!!! So cute! Winning? Will be challenging. But even Grass Pokemon have strengths. They have deadly attacks, and the ability to restore their HP even if they are hit. (Take that Fire Pokemons!!) So, since I cannot change my Pokemon type, I will make sure I take a loooooooong time going around in the first town before advancing to the next, more challenging one. I will even try to evolve my Bulbasaur into an Ivysaur before I move too much forward. Ivysaur has much better stats and ability to defend itself against attacks. But this is a long term view. For this quest to be successful, I also know that I have to set myself small, attainable goals. I am a very imperfect Pokemon, so I will miss my attacks, not be able to withstand enemy attacks and faint, and need my trainer to care for me a lot (Pokebeans!). Chi va piano va sano. Bulbasaur starts up with 2 attacks: Tackle and Growl. Not strong, and not even leveraging the Grass-type moves which are stronger. So I will go and try to learn Vine Whip - This is done by Leveling up to level 7. I am currently starting, so I am level 5. I need 2 levels to learn this new attack! Vine Whip! How do I gain points to level up? There are 4 ways! 1- Spend time in the tall grass - Fight off other Pokemons and get stronger! 2- Go to the Pokemon center regularly - Always be full of energy! 3- Eat good Pokebeans - Make sure my body is fed the right nutrients! 4- Visit all the houses on the way - Pick up skills and hidden objects! This will enable my Bulbasaur to grow in a balanced way, without too much pressure or fear of not reaching my objective. Boring point details Let's say I need 100 points to pass one level, I thus need 200 points to pass 2 levels and learn Vine Whip! Today is the first morning, and I already earned 2 points by having a balanced breakfast and doing 30 minutes of exercise bike! I sincerely hope I can continue and become a stronger, healthier Bulbasaur! Let's be happy Bulbasaur!
  2. Hey there! Time for my second challenge in the Assassins D8< The last time around I made some pretty good push-up gainz, as well as mental gainz. This time around, I will take care of my brain, and work with my body to live a happy, balanced life 1. Create the Fox-Box look at this random picture I found and how well it fits this!! I've lived most of my life harbouring toxic thoughts and not dealing with failures very well :'D Things have started to turn for the better during the past few years, and this year has been especially fruitful: I became aware of my unhealthy relationship with food, and how my willingness to please everyone has lead me to keep up relationships that are no good for me. I have decided to forgive myself for my past mistakes, and keep going for a more balanced future. I'm not a religious person, but I do believe that since we as a species have evolved the capacity to ask questions about our existence, it is a part of my mind that needs to be acknowledged and taken care of. So, I'd like to build a daily ritual, and the Fox-Box will be a part of it. The Box will have a journal, stickers, pencils, pictures and postcards, and other items that make me feel good. There will also be luxurious chocolates or other sweets, and I will have one every evening ** Evening Ritual - Take the Fox-Box and sit in a chair. Put on some nice lights - Forgive yourself the mistakes you possible did during the day - Meditate for 5 minutes - Wrap up in a blanket and have a chocolate - Spend a few minutes journaling. Answer these questions: How am I truly feeling today? How is my relationship to my life today? What did I achieve today? Who did I meet today? What am I grateful for? Spend a few minutes journaling freely - Go through the inspirational pictures and other materials that are in the box, spend some time daydreaming - Check the next day's schedule - Thank yourself for the day well lived ** I hope to do this one every day, and I wish this ritual to ground me and give me a better sense of myself and to change my thought patterns that don't serve me well. 2. Fuel! My issues with food came from the fear of gaining weight and black-and-white thinking (good and bad foods). After a few months of ditching calorie and macro counting and instead practicing intuitive eating and eating a ton of carbs, my relationship with food and my body have completely changed! I have started to figure out my own way of eating, and I have a few guidelines that I wish to follow. 1. Eat 5-6 meals a day 2. Have most of the daily energy before 4 PM, preferably at breakfast and lunch 3. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are punches, and snacks are light jabs that keep the hunger at bay before an actual punch 4. Stay mindful while eating. Focus on chewing the food. No Internet or TV while munching 5. There are no good or bad foods, but stay aware of how different foods affect your energy levels 6. Don't think: "I will eat less now so that my overall energy intake will be low", but instead, "The more I eat now, the less I need to eat later." I will stay mindful of these guidelines, and do my best to follow them. I will also follow some rules that I learned from @Terah's challenge: uhh easy there 3. PUSH-UPS!!! Well, not only push-ups, but other bodyweight exercises, as well...! I will do some tests during this week, and fill in a proper plan before the actual challenge starts. This is the most Assassin-y goal of my challenge, and I'm happy to say that working on push-ups during my previous challenge made me feel really good about the way my body performs and looks. ** Here we go! Have yourselves a good challenge!
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