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Found 5 results

  1. I started my first version of this back in the middle of the last quest of 2014. I did well for about a week, but then the holidays happened and we went out of town, and the preparation for that got me completely off track. (Not to mention my husband's pay-schedule changed and we were scrambling to reschedule all our bill payments and still be able to afford groceries.) We were surviving mostly on rice, ground beef and Little Caesar's $5 pizza for a while, which made focus and motivation difficult. We're back on track financially now so it will be a lot easier to afford healthy food going forw
  2. My main quest is to lose weight (fat, mainly) and fit into size 6 uniform pant (Waist: 28"; Hips: 37.5"). Something had been keeping me from posting my new challenge early. I’d been working on it in a Word document for about a week, and even though I felt it was ready to go by middle of last week, I refrained. Now, I know why. And reason meant my overarching, multi-challenge main quest needed to change. I’d gone back to school (full time) this semester to pursue a new, different career. One that would require me to work at least twice as hard (20 hours per week → 40+ hours per w
  3. Hi I'm QofC and I'm back for my third challenge! I am currently living in Tomsk, Russia teaching English to what seems like most of the city. I am starting my challenge on January 2nd. Main Goal: Increase my self confidence! Motivation: I want to feel good about myself and eliminate the areas that make me feel like a failure. Confidence Boosters: Study Russian: Study Russian everyday, starting with 10 minutes a day and increasing 10 minutes every week. Why? This will boost my confidence because I will be able to communicate with people much more easily and I have little wins when I u
  4. I survived CrossFit!!!!! To make the long story short : - CrossFit training (box inauguration) WOD : Team of 2 - 25 push ups (knee for me, regular for my mate) - 50 V-Sit - 75 Burpee box jump - 100 push ups - 125 Angel jumps - 150 Mountain jumps - 175 Air squats - 200 Atomic situp - 50 Burpees The idea was : While 1 is working out, the other had to run 150 meters and then come back. We smashed the thing and my mate was used to CrossFit. I was so proud of myself (and I still am!) the trainers said that it was good for a first time! Yeaaaaaaah!
  5. Objectives: Learn to lift properly. Push myself. First work out: I actually managed to deadlift properly (with help from one of my ace friends). 30kg. I'm pretty happy with myself, not massively heavy, but better than just the bar. For future reference I've included the full amount of weight for each exercise, not what amount I'm holding in each hand (if it's a dumbell exercise) Windmills (D) : 16kg / 4kgMilitary press (D) : 6kgGoblet Squat (1xD) : 10kgDeadlift (D ) : 30kgChest Flies (D ) : 16kgOverhead lunges (1xD) : 10kgSquat ( D ): BarPush Press ( D ) : BarBent over row ( D ) : 3
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