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Found 3 results

  1. January 27th. That is the date of my circus gym's next student showcase. I've decided I'm going to perform. I have until December 30th if I decide to chicken out (not likely) so I need to really commit to getting this thing going. Choreography and costume decisions. I have some rough ideas for both, but it's time to get something more solidly in place. Costume deadline is 1/13. Endurance & Strength. The planned concept for my routine is a string of ridiculous athletic skills. I need to not pass out or fall from the apparatus while doing this. Circus endurance - Put together in-air sequences of >2 mins at least three times every open gym. General endurance - Cardio at least once/week. With the coming winter weather, this will likely often be treadmill based. Strength - Muggle workouts (1 x week lower body, 1 x week upper body 'push') Flexibility. Circus skills always look better with straight and extended limbs. My hip flexors are my current sticking point for most things, I think. Direct hip flexor work once per week and general splits things twice. (After lower body muggle workout, at end of open gym, after weekly circus class) Self care. I've always been a person who has wanted a skincare routine and have never taken the time to create one. We'll start simple: Wash, tone & moisturize face once per day, every day.
  2. Themes are great when you can think of one. I'm working on being functional at 95. In order for that to happen I need consistency now with good habits. Therefore instead of focusing on not having a theme, I'm focusing on NOT GIVING UP. To be functional at 95 I need to be alive at 95, that means a healthier waistline, physical strength, and mobility. My goals support this. I am a person who does things. 1. 8 lift days. I am a person who lifts twice a week, using the juggernaut program as a guide to get STRONG. This has not changed. 2. 6 Yoga Days. I am a person who does yoga to get and stay flexible. This promotes anti-fragility and prevents injury. NF yoga is awesome, and I noticed some progress in the last challenge. This stays. 3. 6 Walk days. I am a person who goes on walks for physical and mental health. I live next to an awesome trail. It's beautiful and lined with live oaks that are going to stay green all winter. It is energizing for the body to walk, it is energizing for my soul to walk among such beautiful trees. I am a Ranger after all. 4. Cooking. I am a person who cooks and eats Paleo. Twice a week I allow myself to vary from this. This is the most important goal for getting my waist down to a healthy level. I'd really like to get my weight down to 240 by the end of the year. I am at the bottom end of pre-diabetes and want it gone by my physical in March. I had allowed 3 variances in the last challenge, it was too much. I also track what I eat on MFP. 5. Domestic Rangering. I am a person who keeps his home clean and neat. I do laundry and clean the place regularly. That's it. Success is the accumulation of the consequences of good choices over time. It's time to accumulate. Bonus gifs since I haven't added any yet:
  3. ------- In-Character Stuff ------- Hey, sweeties! Harley Quinn, here! So, if you've been reading my books lately, I'm here to tell you, first off, that a ton of that is exaggerated. Well, with one major exception. Mistah J and I have called it quits, for realsies this time. Hey, how would you react if your fella tried to throw you in a volcano? Well, between that and me needing to lay low, I haven't been eating the best, or been getting out much, either. So, now, I don't look too good. Heck, if one of the bat-brats wanted to peg me right now, I probably wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight... Red's been giving me some stuff from her garden to help out, and I've started moving around some, but I got a ways to go, yet. Not as flexible as I used to be, folks! Also, I'm thinkin' that it's time to try my hand at findin' a new man. I've got my eye on one, but... I can't walk up to him lookin' the way I do. We talk, he knows I exist, just not the way I feel. Even if he doesn't want me, I'd be fine with that, 'cause I love just talkin' with him. But, I don't dare let him know just how much I like him till I've got some of my old spark back, y'know? So, if anyone here can help whip me back into shape, I'm ready to make some new besties. *smooch* hope to hear from you, soon! ------- Out Of Character Stuff ------- Below are links to previous posts I made while the other challenge was still on-going. In the meantime, here's my challenge goals. I hope to have a guild pick me up for encouragement in achieving them. 1) Lose 30 lbs by the end of the challenge. 2) I've been keeping track of my calories via loseit.com. They say the total amount of calories I should be eating daily is 2307; I would like to keep it under 2000 as much as possible. 3) I'm currently going to GoodLife Fitness on a 4-week coupon I got via my mobile carrier, but next week is the last week and I'm still unemployed. This makes goal 3 to keep doing exercise without them. So probably every other day do my ballet conditioning (see past posts as linked below) and find a yoga video on YouTube to follow in-between. 4) Self-control. I leave the gym, I crave sugar. I get home, I feel the need to storm the cupboards. GAH! Must. Stop. 5) Find a job. In addition to the obvious reasons of needing a job, it will get me out of the house now and again and help me to pay for a continued membership at GoodLife. As an aside: The guy mentioned above is someone I actually know in real life, not a random dude on the Internet. We're friends, actually; I just would like it if we could be more, but I don't dare tell him. Introduced myself here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/71792-harley-quinn-let-herself-go/ http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/71812-day-1-of-official-effort/ http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/71877-update-on-changes-ive-made-to-help-weight-loss/ http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/72179-week-1-is-over-somehow-i-didnt-do-well/
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