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Found 3 results

  1. Though I never stopped tracking the leveling-up of my life, I wasn't commenting on the NF forums. My old battle log is now inactive. Here comes some more! Me? I'm a family man, physician assistant, sci-fi novelist, and triathlete. I have sucked at all of those except the PA at one time or another, but visualizing myself as a video game hero changed my perception, and I changed my level of success.
  2. Background: I took last challenge off due to a lack of motivation but I did use some of this time to start a Daily Battle Log (well a kinda regular Habit Log). I will be keeping this up as a motivation to do the little easy things without them forming part of my actual challenge. I was sick of always feeling like I was having a back to basics element in my challenges. The motivation: I had a big adventure this time last year and now I feel that I have lost all the extra fitness and weight loss gained while preparing for this. I have another big adventure at the end of the year so I should have all the motivation I need. What I need though is to have my own internal motivation and not rely on booking a big adventure and then trying not to embarrass myself or feel let down by my lack of preparation. The Theme: Self-reliance - I need to work on internal motivation and have the self-worth to guide my actions. I need to focus on mindfulness to keep caring about my goals and not give myself permission to eat crap and sit around doing nothing. THE MAIN QUEST: To work a number of Great Walks - the first being Milford Track in New Zealand. I have actually booked this now and I'm working on an even more challenging end to the trip (details to follow) so I am committed. Goal One: Mindful Eating Self-reliance - plan my food - this makes me responsible for the food I am putting in my mouth Mindfulness - Log food on MFP (StormSkywalker) Goal Two: Self motivated fitness sessions My twice a week PT session has just finished up so I no longer have the peer pressure training to fall back on. I have plenty of opportunity to exercise with a gym at work, a bike and two feet so I am taking control of my own fitness. Participate in some fitness goal each day Goal Three: Personal Reflection Take charge of what I can control and don't stress about what I can't. (I know there is a good quote for this but you get what I'm saying). I have let stress hold the upper hand this year so I need to use my Self-reliance and mindfulness to take back that power. One tool I have successfully used before is to create a to do list - because it is often something sitting on this list that I could deal with but haven't causing issues with stress. So I will create a to do list and a what stresses me out list and then deal with any of them that are within my control. Still a bit vague and not overly SMART so it might get a tweak.
  3. Battle Log. Here it is! I started this in 2012, inspired by Nerd Fitness. This is what I do instead of challenges now, as it's more long-term. i was doing both, but it was too much paperwork. I'll explain as I earn points in each of the nine areas.
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