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  1. As you know if you’ve been following the Tales of Owlshire, that—quite unexpectedly—I was asked to take on a full time, ~6 month narrative designer contract in January. Although I’d hadn’t been actively pursuing a return to the working world right now, this is career direction I had been hoping to go someday so we seized on the opportunity to make it work. It has rather shaken up our 2021 plans at Owlshire, but as we like to say in the House of Owlshire “a plan is just a place in which manage change.” In any case, now that I’m navigating full time employment for the first time since I became a mother and trying to continue developing Owlshire, I’m keeping it simple for this challenge: Storyteller Kick ass at my job. This is Living the Dream and I don’t want to wake up. 1XP per “Deep Work” (focused and undistracted) hour logged. The view is that it’s hard to sustain more than 4 hours of this on average so that makes a natural “cap.” (And somedays I need to do more fragmented, distracting work than others anyway.) Keeper of the Flame At least one Owlshire green or restoration activity a week. 5XP for the first one per week 3XP for each that follows Multi-activity tasks I’d like to conclude in this challenge: Plant seeds to start in the conservatory Ready the (reduced) vegetable garden for planting Sow early seeds into the garden. Help get all of the trees and berry bushes in (Mr is mostly doing this, but there are ways I can enable him) Map the Leylines Use regular walks and other exercises to: Walk at least 4+ miles a day. Build and maintain my PAI goal (10+ points a day until I get to 100 average, then maintain that average.) 1XP for each, 3 for the day if I make a combo. No XP cap on any of these goals—they’re focused in on my main priorities. I think this may be the first challenge in which Enting doesn’t play a big role, since he’s now in full time nursery school. One of those big changes from starting work! I’ll continue to aim for 200XP (total of 400XP) to get to level 3, if I’m getting close halfway by Week 3 (keeping in mind I start challenges in Week Zero), I will raise it. PS: Don’t worry, there will still be photos of Owlshire! We’re transitioning into spring and how can I not take a million pictures of that?!
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