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Found 11 results

  1. This challenge was rudely interrupted by a pandemic last year. However, now that we're settling into our post-apocalyptic plaguescape for the long haul, it is yet again time. This challenge, I will endeavour to become the Disc's second greatest lover. "My name's Casanunda," he said. "I'm reputed to be the world's greatest lover. What do you think?" Nanny Ogg looked him up and down or, at least, down and further down. "You're a dwarf," she said. "Size isn't important." This challenge, I'm working my way up
  2. Hi, I'm RisenPhoenix. I'm going to try and be normal here (*snort*) , in an attempt to be somewhat accessible to people who might drop into my thread now that we have merged the guilds. I've been around the block here in some form or another since 2012, so I've gotten lax with how I do challenges. For me, this challenge is definitely about becoming more Normal. Or at least MY normal. Which besides 2020 being 2020 I also mostly had upended in the tail end of the last year after almost nearly keeping it together. Almost very nearly practically together. So, here's to getting ba
  3. COVID-19 has been detected in your saliva sample. Please contact your primary care physician and inform him/her of your test results. That right there is the world's least surprising lab result. There are 5 people in this house, and 3 of them had already tested positive before I went to get my test Monday morning. I've had symptoms since last Wednesday, but if all that wasn't proof enough that i have it, losing my sense of smell last night really sealed the deal. A quick rundown of the cast of characters. I'm Whisper, 36 years old. I work as a maintena
  4. Hi there, I am Casbin! I've been with this community on and off, because life you know. Life is still in flux but I want to get back to the way I felt when I was around here. You guys and gals are so inspiring, breathing positivity, trying to help and encouraging that I can't help myself; I just love this place. This will be a partial Challenge and my Respawn point. Time to take things slow and ease back in. And thus are the daily goals (50% for a pass): Nutrition - 1 Proteinshake a day 0.5 extra credit for a second Fitn
  5. Hi So there were some setbacks. I'm trying to deal with them and get back on track. 1. Selfcare - Try talking to friends and not try to handle everything alone - take breaks - DON'T blame yourself 2. Exercise - 3 workouts a week - go to Aikido on Fridays - everything else is a bonus 3. Study - do a little every day - 20 hours a week would be a nice - 5 pages a week would be ideal 4. Snacks no snacks didn't work. I'll try once a week this time 5. Art at least one piece
  6. February 5 until March 11 So I decided to make 2018 my year and stumbled over this inspirational quote: The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. I want to achieve some things this year and change the things, that made me loathe 2017. I've to write a detailed reflection, but let's start for now. Last challenge I got overwhelmed again, by focusing on too many goals at once. So I’ll only track three goals. I’ll still try to stick to my old habits, but I won’t track them actively for now. Goal One: Self-care All work and no p
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, spirits in the machine, humbly we thank thee. This thread will have loads and loads of bujo (bullet journal) pages posted to it. As well as all kinds of gifs and pictures. I am adapting a bit from various Rangers and Rebels, thank you to you wonderful people, these roads we travel, this life we forge, it's better for the company and inspiration shared on these boards here. Talking about inspiration... @Terra You are an inspiration. Always adapting, pushing, improving. Your year of superheroines, I'm copying it
  8. This has been the story of my life for the past 6 months... So my life has been a bit hectic. Unemployment, lots of interviews, getting injured, suddenly losing a roommate, losing unemployment insurance, finding a roommate.... I'm really in need of having some stability in my life. Things aren't looking up for the next month, unfortunately, so I need to work at making my own stability. Because as today has been going, the universe is just going to keep lobbing shit at me. 1) Python, 10 minutes a day: I finished my Automate the Boring Stuff python co
  9. Mmm, I love the smell of a new year and new challenges. So shiny and full of promises... This year's resolution - stop bailing on challenges. I've let this first challenge be inspired by Finnish folklore as I'll be moving there in March! Disclaimer, I know nothing about Finnish folklore except what I just read on wikipedia. Dance like Näkki aka Do all the things! Dance to one song every day. Because I love it and this will become a habit. Do all the things! I've signed up for unlimited classes at my studio and I need to take at least 3
  10. OUR HERO HAS VANQUISHED THE COLD HARSH WINTER. it's definitely spring. the garden needs gardening and the motorcycle is on the road. and with the changes in season comes a simultaneous CHANGE IN BUSINESS LEVEL. y'all, I'm so glad that the snow is gone but I am starting to feel very threatened by the spring. like, there is SO MUCH GARDENING TO DO. DOES OUR LAWNMOWER EVEN WORK? I am so busy! so I am setting up the most boring challenge ever and you will all just have to keep in mind: all the sparkles come from ME. I have no fancy pictures, I have no flashy gifs. I HAVE NO SHOWER RIGHT NO
  11. While I'm sure most people here are pumped and ready to get back into the swing of things...I'm not. I have 3 days of challenge and then I'm off to sun, sand and relaxation in JAMAICA! I'm extremely excited, this is my first hot holiday, and the start to a very travel-exciting 15 months. (January 2015 - Jamaica, Sept 2015 Camp NF!!!, March 2016 -Europe!!) So it's really hard to set challenge goals when the first 2 weeks will kinda be a wash. The other thing that's tough for me is because I'm a fitness instructor, I start up a bunch of my classes in the end of January, and from now until
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