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Found 3 results

  1. HAPPY ZERO WEEK! Once again I was considering not doing a challenge. I'm not 100% sure on why I've been meh on the challenge front, but I think it has something to do with being over/underwhelmed in that - treading water - kinda way. I appreciate those of you who have reached out to check on me, wondering why I'm not rocking zero week like we all know I love to do. ZERO WEEK!!!!!! ZEROOOOH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK But I digress. I really do have some things I need to do. I think I'm a tad overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me, and lethargy and laziness have been settling on my shoulders. I seem to be on the same field trip to Six Flags as @Taddea Zhaan with the rollercoaster highs and lows with everything going on... One week I'm up with a ton of DO THE THINGS energy, the next I'm feeling desperate to recover. SO. I need to break things down a bit. I find that once things get going, the tasks aren't nearly as enormously insurmountable as they first seemed. CLEAN THE FUCKING HOUSE Not like, sweep or dust. CLEAN OUT THE FUCKING HOUSE AND GET READY/MOTIVATED TO MOVE. Here is the spoiler/painful version of everything that needs to get done that will absolutely take more than a month to do. MAAAAAAN seeing that all in one place! No wonder I'm overwhelmed. Getting this biz done means breaking it into small bites. This challenge I will create a list of small, bite size tasks that chip away at this megalith that's been weighing me down. I will attack with gusto, at least 2 items on that list every week. I like the idea of working on the list for a few minutes every morning as a way to seize control of the day. I will try this in the beginning and see how it is. COACH STUFF Next up. 20 Seconds in spoiler cause dayum. TLDR: connect with Coach Lauree, move forward as appropriate. TOUCH HANDS In workout news, I did my thing until evil tooth came out, then I rested like a good girl. Then I got back to work and sort of was super blah and uninspired by it until I touched hands (kung fu stuff) with a willing coworker/lifter bro. After a short session I hit the weight room with great focus and energy and verve, all the things! It was a great workout and I really enjoyed it, and touching hands kicked it off. I'm going to strive to touch hands with someone once a week for this challenge. This may be a little challenging, but I think I can make it happen with at least coworkers. ONE AND DONE Contact the finance guy and the realtor I was recently referred to. This requires getting Mr Red involved. Involve Mr Red. Make him do whatever he has to do to get things started. Do it. This is so easy. Just. Fucking. Do. It. SELFIES Lastly, I've been having some body image pushback. One selfie set per week. Bonus points for vlogs. (Remember when I used to do vlogs???) You got it. - we're doing a selfie challenge! And by we I mean me. Unless you want to join me? It's a great practice for anyone struggling with body image issues, truly, my first time was eye opening! I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO POST EMPOWERING SELFIES ON YOUR CHALLENGE!!! 1 REDSTONE POINT PER SELFIE Just like, tag me on it and I'll keep track somehow. Cause I just decided I will. So anyhoo... in the spirit of Zero week...
  2. Here we are, another Challenge. The last one was mildly successful, this time we need to have both feet firmly in the square! So goals may include: 1: Finish up "The Cube" and test 1RM. ( finishing this and 1 RM's first week of Challenge ) 2: Start another round of Madcow. 12 weeks, improve lifts, ( so at least another 3 Challenges ), accessorise these workouts, ABS, CORE!!! 3: Get serious about walking ( cardio ) and diet and drop the BS to drop the BF%. LUYL: Involves schooling the Lads into the next level. Get my shit together, which means be a better housewifey and seriously work on my relationship with my SO. See how how this one goes eh?
  3. I'm going to continue to post my workouts in my BATTLE LOG but might x-post here. I might also post gymnastics fun here, because who doesn’t want to learn about cool shit that I’m doing in gymnastics. 1) HEAL / Do less I have an owie somewhere in the general region of my left hip flexor. It’s been bothering me, I have some stretches and things to do. My friend is massage therapist who is going to try to help me diagnose it. If not, I’m going to see a doctor. To prevent other injuries from happening and to help this one heal, I’m going to · Do my prescribed stretches/therapy 5x/week. · Foam roll 5x/week · Rest if I need to · Heat/ice if I need to This is conveniently timed (I guess?) with my program. As my workout starting tomorrow eliminates all assistance work and is solely big 3! (As I’m running up a peaking program, aka do less) 2) GET BIG This again a rollover goal from last challenge, modified slightly. I've started taking creatine, it’s pretty much habit now. But I’m having issues with it, mainly digestion and headaches. This leads me to believe I’m not drinking as much water as I should be. I’ve ordered a half gallon water bottle that should arrive at some point soon. The goal is to drink at MINIMUM the half gallon of straight up water a day, in addition to any teas, coffees, diet sodas, etc I have throughout the day. Take creatine daily. At least half a scoop, more if I can tolerate it. Drink half gallon of water daily to ensure maximum swoleness. 3) GET FAT My nutrition is still all over the place. If you’ve been following me, you know that this is a thing I've been struggling with. My challenge is finding BALANCE between tracking compulsively, yet still eating enough to fuel my body and my workouts. If I don't track, I don't eat enough or eat in proper ratios. Especially fat, I am ALWAYS low on fat, it's just so much easier to eat proteins and carbs! I also binge eat, so my calories will vary from 1400- 3100 over the course of a week; which is unhealthy, inconsistent and unsustainable! Last challenge the goal was to focus on the weekend, and I didn’t find any real improvement by focusing on that. This challenge the focus will be meal prep and trying to get back to a carb cycling type of diet. Meal prep: Ensure I always have protein sources prepped and available for lunches and dinners (aka meat). 1-2x/week prepping should be sufficient. Do that carb cycling thing again: Track my macros. Aim for P/F/C = >135/~70/[<100/~180/~250] based on that day’s activity level (rest=low, gymnastics or cardio=medium, lifting=high). Doesn’t have to be perfect, just try. The part I will score is on the low carb days: all carbs should be coming from fruits, veggies, beans, etc aka all NATURAL sources. No breads, cookies, ice cream, pop tarts, cereal or other junk on low days! I’m still going to allow them on medium and high days, as I suck at going cold turkey and think that I still need some leeway there. Life Goals for this year will be COMPOUNDING as appropriate. The idea is to produce HABITS! 1) Don't be a hoodrat (challenge 1) Look fabulous. Take selfies. Post here for everyone's pleasure. 2) Don't get too fat (challenge 2) Crushed this goal last time at 1x/week so I’m going to up it! Walk or bike to work. 2x/week minimum. Note: This goal is highly dependant on the progress of my hip. If I am having hip issues, I will nix it. 3) Read (challenge 3) Last challenge I did really well with reading more. I didn’t finish the books like I intended to, but I read more than I was. This is good. Continue reading at least 3x/week. 4) Don’t be a hermit (challenge 4) Weekends I have a terrible habit of laying on the couch watching Netflix and doing housework all weekend. It’s rare if I see sunshine. I need to do SOMETHING that involves leaving my apartment on non-work days. Go to the store, go on a date with Mr. J, go to the gym, nerd meetup for tea, or just go for a walk or bike ride. Just something so I don’t fall into that deep red glow of Netflix that is so comforting. Leave my apartment on non-work days. Other things I’d like to accomplish, but aren’t necessarily goals Finish my cosplay by this weekend Buy presents for my cousins for next weekend. Sell things that need to go Set the April budget (sooner than later)
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