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  1. Alright, so last challenge I had a go at loving myself... Which didn't go too well. Yes, I did see some things in my appearance that I liked. Yes, I did see I am worth something and that I'm fun to be around... But loving yourself goes so much further than simply liking yourself for who you are and what you look like... Loving yourself means taking care of yourself and that is one major thing I haven't really been doing, which made me feel disappointed in myself. Thus I have decided that I failed last challenge. Not miserably, but I failed enough to have a go at this again and not let myself level up. I'm not going to make it too easy for myself, it's not called a challenge for nothing. So, the plan for this challenge is... Taking care of myself! I am going to take care of myself in various ways, which are all important. Physically: This means becoming fit. I need to exercise more (seriously, I don't do a thing when it comes to exercise, I am super duper lazy) and I need to start doing SOMETHING which comes close to exercise. I also need to eat healthy. This means enough veggies and fruit. And cutting back on sugar. Which is difficult, because I am dealing with an addiction. Fortunately having an addiction doesn't mean you will NEVER get rid of it, so I'm going to show myself some love by fighting for my own health. Mentally: This means loving myself as a person more and realising and BELIEVING I am worthy of existence. And that I don't make mistakes all the time. And that even when I do make mistakes, it is alright to make mistakes, because that's only human. Right? But mentally making sure I take care of myself also means doing things I like, things I find fun, like face-painting myself, drawing, singing, playing piano, baking, having a facial mask, watching films... Things like that. Also... Pokémon!!! TL:DR - Exercise, eat healthy, love myself, do fun stuff Plan de campagne I am going to make my daily list again, only stricter. I have been too soft on myself and I need to give myself a shot in the arm, to say it neatly. Basic needs - I need to win all of these, in order to win a day. One fail means failing a whole day. In that way, I must win at least 75% of the days. - Sleep 8+ hours - Eat veggies - Eat fruit - Drink 1.5L + water I need to have at least 12 sugar free days in this challenge. It is hard enough to have 1 sugar free day each week, but this calls for me to have an average of 2 sugar free days each week. It will be a real challenge for me. I am, however, allowed to fill these sugar free days in whatever way I like. Exercise is mandatory to this challenge as well, since I need to get off of my lazy... uhm... bottom. Yes, that's a neat word, right? I need to (partially) stop being a couch potato, as much as I love being a couch potato. This calls for me to exercise at least 12 times this challenge, which, again, means an average of 2 times each week, but again I'm allowed to schedule this at will. Dancing for 30+ minutes counts as exercise as well, because it is something that gets my heart BPM up in no-time and it is something I actually enjoy doing, despite not being good at it. Doing the things I love is also important, which means I need to take time for myself to do the things I love. I want to do something I love at least 18 times this challenge, which means an average of 3 times a week and again planning my own schedule with this. And then there is the to-do-list of things I really need to get done this challenge. I like to use my challenges as to-do-lists, because it allows me to push myself to get a few things done before the end of the challenge, which helps me keeping my life on track. I will stick mine in the logbook, because that's easiest to do. Then everything's stuck together. Logbook Keeping track of stuff is very important, hence I am going to do that here. Week 1 (5 wins, 2$, 1€, 4£) Day 1 Win £ - Day 2 Fail £ - Day 3 Win $ - Day 4 Win £ - Day 5 Win $ - Day 6 Fail €+£ - Day 7 Win Week 2 (6 wins, 2$, 2€, 5£) Day 8 Fail £ - Day 9 Win €+£ - Day 10 Win $ - Day 11 Win - Day 12 Win £ - Day 13 Win £ - Day 14 Win $+€+£ Week 3 (7 wins, 1$, 0€, 1£) Day 15 Win - Day 16 Win - Day 17 Win $ - Day 18 Win - Day 19 Win - Day 20 Win £ - Day 21 Win Week 4 (7 wins, 2$, 2€, 5£) Day 22 Win $+£ - Day 23 Win - Day 24 Win £ - Day 25 Win €+£ - Day 26 Win - Day 27 Win £ - Day 28 Win €+£+$ Week 5 (6 wins, 2$, 1€, 5£) Day 29 Win $+£ - Day 30 Fail £ - Day 31 Win - Day 32 Win £ - Day 33 Win £ - Day 34 Win $+€+£ - Day 35 Win Week 6 (3 wins, 1$, 1€, 3£) Day 36 Fail - Day 37 Win £+$ - Day 38 Win £ - Day 39 Win £+€ - Day 40 (count: 10) $ for $ugar free day (goal: at least 12) (count: 7) € for €xercise (goal: at least 12) (count: 23) £ for doing something I £ove (goal: at least 18) WIN (count: 34) Daily wins (goal: at least 32) WIN to-do-list (still subject to change, I need to complete at least 50% of these tasks, rounded up) WIN - Find room in Cambridge Win - Finish reading "Directing the Documentary" - Order 2nd book for Cambridge Win - Buy mini SD card USB reader, for my camera to my laptop Win Weight at start of challenge: 85.0 kg (never expected this, since I ate fairly unhealthy during my holidays, I even lost weight! LOL ) Weight at end of challenge:
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