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  1. This is the challenge through the end of summer! Whatttt! Craziness. Building off of some things I learned last challenge, I've decided on a different sort of set of goals. Lifting and gymnastics will continue as per usual with additional glute accessories in my lifting days and a continued focus on press handstands for cast to handstands at gymnastics, but these goals are going to be trying to break me out of the schedules I like to set for myself. And I won't be afraid to call myself out when I'm slacking and expect you guys to do the same. Goal 1. Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent *Get out and do at least two fitness things each week that aren't just lifting or gymnastics. (Must be in different categories. Bonus points for getting a full set of 4!) -Hiking, rucking, going out of the way to walk for errands (at least 2 miles) -November Project, GymnasticsWOD workout -Outdoor crossfit, circuit workout of some sort -Yoga class, outdoor yoga, yoga video at home Lifting and gymnastics are my two loves right now, of course, but I want to be working in some other fitness activities in the coming weeks. This goal is to help address my weaknesses (cardio endurance), to get outdoors more and enjoy the summertime, and to prep for our vacation at the end of August. I need some SPICE in this life. Goal 2. Love yourself *5+ minutes of self-care (sun salutations, nail-painting, callus maintenance, foam rolling, etc.) per day *45+ minutes per week While I am good at giving myself care in the form of fitness and food, I definitely could stand to benefit from actually paying attention to other needs like taking care of my visual appearance better, taking care of my hands, and really doing a better job with foam-rolling. Something simple like sun salutations will count toward this as well. While I'd like to make a daily habit, I've also set a goal for the week in total as just five minutes per day may not be enough for the whole week. Goal 3. 5 Gs, Please *Defeat the prosnacktination habit of doom with a basic, visual points system on the fridge +1 point for every adulting task done between getting home and eating dinner -1 point for every snack eaten between getting home and eating dinner *Each week, try to get more points than the previous week This is going to be my new approach to try to tackle my habit of snacking when I get home from work or practice. I think it should be applicable to the weekends as well, as I go out and do errands and it's between those errands and making food for dinner that the habit really rears its head. Adulting is up to my own interpretation, but includes: dishes, laundry, folding laundry, unpack boxes, taking out trash, clearing out kitty litter, cleaning up desk, wiping down the counters, etc. #GAMIFICATION Goal 4. Back rolls?!?! (Cinnamon rolls!) *Revive the blog beyond the Bundt Bakers Club posts *12 posts to the blog before the challenge ends *Only 6 desserts can count toward this challenge goal I really do want to have a more active blog, and with the decrease in snacking from G3, I should be making more substantial dinners that will be worth posting about! Plus, I'm using up the weekly CSA and should be making sure to feature those veggies on the blog rather than just cookies, cookies, cake, etc.
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