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Found 1 result

  1. I don't like eat, pray, love, or live, laugh, love, or any of that cheesy wall art stuff. The only acceptable version. However, during week 4 of the previous challenge I accepted that I am suffering from burnout. It has affected my nutrition and fitness. The burnout is professional, and it's seeping into other aspects of my life, as evidenced by my waistline, reduced cooking, and anemic workout patterns. That burnout is also exacerbated by perfectionism, which I'm also working through. Tova suggested a book I have purchased called The Gifts of Imperfection; finishing it is a priority this challenge. Self care is one of the important pieces of the puzzle in recovering from burnout, so I am choosing to view my goals as self care. Eat: In the words of Michael Pollan, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." That's nice and simple. Meat, fruit and vegetables are important. Bread and grains are ok. I'm an Intutive Eater, so I'm not eliminating anything. I want to focus on good, nutritious meals with plenty of good stuff. Move: I went for a while last challenge without any intentional exercise, and it hurt. Kettlebell workouts are good, body weight workouts are good, yoga is good. Walks are nice, and they take a while, so they might not happen as often. Rest: This originally started as an awareness of the importance of sleep. Part of the time with no workouts coincided with poor sleep, and not much of it. I was so tired I was almost crying. Sleep is good, and getting enough is a goal. In addition, recovery from burnout includes plenty of rest while awake. One of the things I'll be resting from is putting pressure on myself. Deciding not to pressure myself about stuff was as freeing as realizing I'm not going to restrict food when going through Intuitive Eating. I'm going to be deliberate instead of desperate. Also, it's helpful to accept my role on the forums has changed. Gone are the days when I can follow everyone. That happened at a time when I had no responsibilities with NF (2015), and I had very little going on in general. I was just out of a bad relationship, and had not yet begun to rebuild social networks. I had plenty of time, and the forums filled much of it for me. Now I'm responsible for not just a guild but all the forums, I'm married, a baby is on the way, and we are hoping to buy a house and move in the summer. Trying to follow people like I used to would keep me from doing my best work for NF, and hamper me in my recovery from burnout. I'm already following fewer threads than I used to. I may have to follow even less this time around. (English Majors who know the less/fewer rules, please assume I used the correct one in both instances). Doing my job well means trusting the awesome Guild Leaders to take care of people. Please don't read this and think you can't reach out to me, you still can. I just know what's going to help me recover, and I may not be able to follow some of you that I've been checking in on each challenge.
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