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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, It has been a while since I've posted on the forums, and since then I've been doing well, and then doing badly. Food is and has always been my downfall. I feel like I've tried everything, and nothing works. I've tried working out, so that I'll be inspired to eat well, but it doesn't work. I've tried not having junk food in the house, but I just buy it when I'm out. I'm constantly slipping up at some point in the day and feeling like any other effort isn't worth it - or at least, using that as an excuse to eat badly for the rest of the day. Plus, working in a supermarket where there is often free food makes it really difficult to not eat that free food! I've taken a short break from working out so that I can work on eating well, seeing as that's my real problem. I was working on weights, and the old Rebel Strength guide, but because my diet is like a rollercoaster, I didn't see results. Plus I'm super impatient, so even six weeks is a long time to wait to see anything happen. Also, I started working night shift twice a week so I need to prepare even more in advance for those days (I do nightfill and uni over two days so I have to plan food and naps strategically!) I'm reaching out for help. I need accountability and support. My boyfriend is great except that he's also super encouraging of self love and he likes my body the way it is. I love this! But it doesn't help me eat better. I know I can do better, but my stupid brain gets in the way. Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!
  2. Hello adventurers! I hope I am welcome in your guild. I promise to bring honour to all adventurers My names Tiffany and I'm a full time nurse (assistant ward manager) with a gorgeous but spirited 2 year old and a very laid back house husband living in Australia. This last year has brought me some of the biggest heartbreaks and challenges I have ever faced. However through my last (and first completed) 6 week challenege I found love for my body and myself. I'm quite shy and coming on the forums was actually a huge deal for me! My main goals is to get back down to my pre-nursing-pre-husband weight of 65kg and to build up enough body strength to do regular push ups and pull ups! That's a long way off though. This challenge I want to get under 75kg (and fit into a nice dress for a wedding I have!). I also want to get into good habits for my daughters sake as we eat way too much take out because I'm tired and busy and my husband is a terrible cook So my actions are....... Food: There is a national nutrition week in Australia in october. They are challeneging everyone to cook every meal with no take aways for a week. I want to see if I can stretch that out! So take aways once a fortnight only for the 6 weeks. that means only 3 time. T.T I want to give up already! ha ha Fitness: to walk my dog 3 times a week and body weight exercise 3 times a week Life: read the bible everyday seems pretty easy but when I have night shift I become a tad of a psycho! Monday is my birthday (26 years old) and I finish a night shift at 730 in the morning. Not the best start ha ha ha
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