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Found 6 results

  1. I am so excited by what i achieved last challenge! I am starting late but that wont stop me This challenge will be a step up challenge. Each week, depending how I go, I will add a little to my challenge. My aim is to defeat the level 1 boss by the end. So as well as working out twice a week (which is just my normal now!) I'm going to work on diet. I've been a bit down about being a coeliac lately. It take so much time and effort to eat now. I can improve that though. Week One: FRUIT! 2 serves of fruit every day. I need the fiber and the break from processed sugars! Week Two: 1.5 L water every day Week Three: 4 serves of veg every day. ( i know that the recommended is 5 but lets work up to that yeah?) Week Four: Exercise every day ie. find a light cardio to keep me moving in between body weight work outs.
  2. Hi everyone! Many.....MANY years ago I used to do ballroom dancing. Life made this difficult and I haven't danced in a long time. My beautiful 4yo daughter started dancing earlier this year and I am so jealous! I've decided when i reach my goals I'm going to start dancing again. SO goals are all about getting energy and confidence! Keeping it super simple Goal 1: beginners body weight workout every 3 days. Shiftwork and kids means I don't recover as quick as I'd like. every 3 days is manageable without hurting myself or giving up from exhaustion Goal 2: Improve my sleep by not taking my phone to bed and turning off electronics half an hour before bed. Goal 3: Take my lunch/dinner to work with me every day. Pretty simple but pretty necessary! Goal 4: Track all my spending and create a budget by the end of the challenge (next time I'll try and stick to it ha ha) I'm also a bit of a hippie so am attempting plastic free July!
  3. WOOO! Survived the last challenge! But onwards to better and brighter things! Diet: While continuing meal plans for dinners I want to increase the amount of plants I eat. The goal is to switch out snacks for fruit. 2 serves of fruit a day. Exercise: Continue with body weight x3 a week and yoga x3 a week. I strugggled to keep up last time but am hopeful I'll do better with the aim of finishing the 3 sets! Life: ugh, where do i start? I'm thinking sleep. So no taking my phone to bed. No screens. Plug my phone in with my alarm on the other side of the room. BONUS: I'm going to do a christmas advent with my kids (mostly the 4yo) showing Jesus love every day for 24 days. Big things like buying toys for other children to just writting nice letters to missionaries. Hoping I can fit it in! Again baby steps but important foundations. It's hard with 2 kids and shift work but then I signed up for this life. My husband was very supportive last time which made such a difference.
  4. Hey guys. It has been months since I visited this forum. I haven't really find a concrete routime that works well for a shift worker. I looked through bodybuilding.com and other fitness site most of them has at least 4 weeks progression routines but I find it hard to apply when Im wprking on shift with lots of manual labor too. I'm just losing weight instead of gaining. My cardio and endurance is improving but not size and strength. For now my routine looks like this: First week Sun: wholebody Mon:rest day cardio Tues:rest Weds:wholebody Thurs:rest cardio Friday:legs Sat:rest Sun:rest Second week Mon:rest Tues:push Weds:pull Thurs:rest Fri:legs Sat:cardio Sun:repeat week 1 Well its cnfusing to me too..hahaha. Im gaining strength but not size. Probably need to increase my calories but Im wathing out for my belly fat too.
  5. Hello! I am joining the assassins for the next challenge as I am focusing on body weight work. Now let me start off by saying i am a beginner. In fact, I am lower than a beginner. I had a rough pregnancy that i couldn't exercise at all during. Everything (especially my core!) has suffered. However after being diagnosed with coeliacs I am determined not to get osteoporosis so time to stress those bones and muscles! STATS Mother of 2, wife of 1 Shift working nurse 5 elevated pushups 10 lunges (5 each leg) 20 dumbell rows with 3kg 20 squats (about the only exercise i get with my kids ha ha) 10 sec plank PLAN Meal Plan: Every week have a plan and have shopped for it by the beginning of the week Beginners Body Weight Routine: 3 times a week Yoga 3 times a week Do something I enjoy every day (gardening, sewing, knitting, play piano) Simple but effective! I found a place in my town that does aerial hoop and silks classes I wanna try out so maybe as a treat if I do well this challenge?
  6. So my last challenge was a case of biting off more than I could chew in the midst of too much life/work chaos. This time we are winding down the work but there is still a lot to do and my energy levels are definitely winding down. I will try to make this challenge more achievable. Main Quest: Build strength, lose fat (end goal is 18-21% range, estimated current BF around 26-28% continuing on from last quest ... I do not think I lost a noticable amount of body fat last challenge but I did get a bit stronger and I can tell my body composition is changing, so we'll keep building on that positive!) Mission 1: Strength training 3 times a week (generally in the form of a morning 5x5 every other day, but adapted as needed depending on location and equipment available) Rewards: +3 STR for following it perfectly, +2 STR if I miss 1 a week, +1 STR if I miss 2, 0 if I sit around all day Mission 2: Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night (this had become a problem and I was functioning on about 4-5 which was not cool) Mission 3: Protein! Keep the Paleo fires burning and eat those meats and veggies, stay away from those nasty grains and empty junkfoods. I will try to be realistic and keep this at a 85% Paleo, 15% non paleo ratio as best as possible considering I have limited optiosn to work with in remote camp cafeterias (lunches are such a trial!). I'll try to figure out some rewards for the last two in a bit.... been hella swamped and I'm just currently trying to recoup my energy levels before I head back into the grind tomorrow! Life Quest: I was given these weird mobility exercises to do by my chiropractor that is apparently going to help me increase my range of motion, so I will hold my promise to him by trying to get these exercises done 3-5 times/day as requested (they are very easy and non-strenuous, it's just a matter of remembering to do it) Challenge 3 online, lets do this!
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