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Found 24 results

  1. I am looking for some shoes for powerlifting and I am running into a lot of conflicting information. I am looking for a single shoe for all three lifts because I don't want to have to haul around different shoes on different days; not to mention the added cost of buying multiple pairs of shoes. I want a flat bottomed shoe with minimal toe to heel rise and stiff soles. I have tried on chucks and they just don't fit. The toe-box is not big enough for my foot and I am a weird size for them (11's are too small, 12's are comically big, 11.5's are nowhere to be found minus taking the chance and ordering them online) Any advice or suggestion is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi there! So I'm pretty flexible and agile, and have quite a lot of stamina. My body strength... pretty feeble, but I reckon I can improve upon that. Anyways I live by the woods and I'd love to try just, well, "wood elf-y things". Parkour-ish, but using the trees, logs, etc around me, So basically parkour. Just wondering; what kind of trainers should I get? I mean, are "barefoot" style ones good - but then, I might be susceptible to nettles and low brambles... High-tops too high? Low-cut ones not enough protection? Let me know!
  3. So, I decided I want to become a scout, especially since I have an upcoming 5K. However, I am missing a crucial part of this equation. I need shoes, sneakers to be specific, dress shoes don't do me any justice when trying to train, in fact, I think they may be inhibiting me. I need suggestions, (COST EFFECTIVE) suggestions on a good pair of "jogging shoes?" (to be honest, not sure what they are called these days, but they need to be good for a 5K race). I ride on my heels hard, and therefore the shoe heel tends to get destroyed rather quickly. Support is important and I may find that inserts might the only solution for my issue. Thank you for helping me choose my equipment!
  4. Hey guys and gals! I am Chanel and I am excited to join the community and connect with you all about what is important to us all - fitness and our well being! I have always been active and been in pretty good shape, but not until recently did I really commit to making a conscience effort to make this a habit. I am excited to continue to better myself and see where this takes me. Feel free to drop me a line and say "hi" :-)
  5. My wife and I are going to be doing a warrior dash in October. She has some concerns about what kind of shoes to wear. I was thinking my Keens would be perfect. Is there anyone who has been there lend some advice about foot wear? What worked? What didn't?
  6. Greetings!! Quick question for you lovely folks. I just purchased an awesome pair of Reebok Nano 2.0 shoes in a size 8. I usually wear an 8 in everyday shoes and an 8.5 in running shoes, but I heard these ran long, so I bought the 8. They fit, but my toe feels like it's bumping the front of the shoe a bit. Would y'all recommend going up to an 8.5, or does the shoe stretch a bit? It's not uncomfortable, but I haven't worn them to a WOD yet. Returns and shipping is all free, so returning for another size is not a problem, but I wanted to see if anyone had the same issue at first. I've heard some people say this is a shoe that, once you wear it in, it stretches a bit. Thanks!! Here's the shoe
  7. So I want to try a pair of Vibram FiveFingers but I don't know which ones to get. Money is an issue so I would like if they were under $100 They would be used for weightlifting and doing intervals on machines at the gym but also casual wear and possibly hiking. So I am looking for a good "Middle of the road" type. I've looked at a few blogs but many of them are just confusing or out dated. Anybody out there that could help me out?
  8. I'm a fairly avid runner and I've never really gotten into the barefoot movement, but, recently, I saw a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine (DO) and he recommended that I gradually transition over to either Vibrams or barefoot running. This seemed a little unusual to me, but I understand that minimalist running is supposed to be better for your body alignment. That's what my DO thinks I need to do to help better my running for my body. I was wondering if anyone out there has vibrams and uses them for running. How do they compare to running shoes? What sort of things might I need to be aware of before buying a pair? How long will it take me to adjust to them? Any other advice?
  9. I've been using a pair of New Balance minimalist trainers for a couple of years now and it's time I changed shoes. Looking for recommendations on a pair of shoes that I can use for both cardio and weight training. Not really keen on buying 2 pairs as it would be difficult to lug 2 pairs around. haha. I use cardio as a warm up (45 min - 1 hr of walking on a treadmill on incline) and the rest of my workout consists of weight training (squats, deadlifts, bench presses etc). Not looking to repurchase the NB minimalist trainers as I find that my left heel hurts after extended cardio sessions (when I decide to jog/run instead of walk). Thanks!
  10. I'm seeing they're on sale for £40 at the moment and I was thinking I could do a lot worse for an entry-level shoe, but any feedback welcome. I'm thinking mainly for my back squat - I strength train (squat, DL, bench and accessory work) but I don't compete. Thanks!
  11. I have been looking for a pare of minimalist sandals and I found these online. Anyone ever try them? If so, opinions? http://xeroshoes.com
  12. So I didn't do all that fantastic on my first challenge. I did complete it so I’m OK with not being fully successful. I really wanted those shoes but alas it wasn't meant to be. I did however learn something about myself and about the nature of challenges. I plan on trying a new approach this challenge. A lot of my challenge will be similar to my first challenge; the difference is in the measurable results. I’m not measuring my diet right now as I’m eating better than I have been each week on my own without focusing too hard on it. I’m still struggling with my unhealthy relationship to food and focusing on it now won’t help me and might make me quit. Mind- 42 points available per week Log on and complete one thing in my course ware each day.Measurement points 3 per dayJournal entry each dayMeasurement points 3 per dayBody – 42 points available per week Yoga twice a weekMeasurement points 3 per session Run/Walk/Train for 5K twice a weekMeasurement points 3 per training session Walk the dogs once a weekMeasurement points 5 per week 15 minute morning afternoon routine each day (mornings aren't working for me)Measurement points 3 per day Go to the gym once a week Measurement points 4 per week Soul – Working on being a better person is cumulative and not measurable. Give back to the sport (Volunteer at local 5K race)Not scored. Give back to the community (Continue work with Museum)Not scored. Read for pleasure each dayNot scored. Consistency is my weakest trait. I’m going to award 16 points per week for being consistent, (8 completing the day’s tasks as scheduled, and 8 scheduling consistency) Having so many points in this category I will have the ability to quantify activities that merit some but not all the criteria. This gives me a total of 100 points per week, and 600 points total for the challenge.This is a pass / fail project.600-420 points will be counted as successful challenge.420 or less at the end of the challenge means no reward. I still have the envelope with the $50 taped to my project board, now I have to decide on my reward. (apparently I can't add... so with numbers that actually add up to 100...)
  13. Hello everyone! I'm a rookie Assassin, look for a good pair of shoes, specifically for climbing, parkour, free running, maybe even for bouldering. Anyone have an idea of what, where, and how much?
  14. Okay I'm writing this thread out of hope that others are as stupid as I am. I don't know if this is the most suited board but it seemed as good as any. To the point, I have really frustrated myself today by ruining my favourite running shoes. I went for a run in the wood and got caked in mud, so naturally I had to wash them. But I must have put them on a hot wash because they're f**ked. I'm hoping the shoe man can fix them and I guess it's a good excuse to buy new ones but I was just hoping for a bit of closure that others do these things.
  15. This Challenge I Will: Be More Consistent "Consistent training promotes the physiological changes which are necessary for better performance, while inconsistent training stresses the body and can lead to injury," says Robert Martin Make It Happen: This is harder than I thought. This is why it’s my primary goal. This is the first stepping stone to attaining all my other goals. This Challenge I Will: Go to Yoga Twice a Week Yoga is my foundation exercise. It gives my body the workout I need and my mind and emotions a centering that brings me happiness and peace. It reduces my stress and makes me easier to live with. Make It Happen: My yoga studio has expanded the classes I can take, so I need to plan to attend at least two sessions a week. There are classes offered every day of the week. This Challenge I Will: Run/Walk with my Dog (s) Once a Week Poor Bitsy, she loves running and I have deprived her of that with my inconsistency. I have to do better for me and for her. Tink is too old to run, and she doesn’t like it but I need to take her for walks more often too. Lucy is technically not my dog but while she is with us I should include her on the walks too. She loves going places. If my son doesn’t take her with them when they move out, and she becomes my dog, I need to try to train her to run too. Make It Happen: Not only have I neglected my health, I have neglected walking with my dogs. This must not continue. I must take them either one at a time or as a pack for walks and runs. I need to do this no less than Once a week This Challenge I Will: Go to the Gym once a Week I am uncomfortable in the gym. I’m old, overweight, and awkward in the gym. So I am going to challenge myself to go there. Do my little workout and get out. With consistent exposure to the environment and the rhythm of lifting, I should be able overcome my discomfort. Make It Happen: I have a lifting plan, and I have watched several YouTube videos and done some reading on proper form, so I am as prepared as possible. This is about learning to be comfortable in the environment not in a focused lifting program. This Challenge I Will: Give Back to the Sport The best way to learn about a sport is to volunteer, so I will sign up to hand water out during the race or assist in whatever way I can. I won’t set a number of times for this because I don’t know how many races will be held in the Challenge time frame. There should be at least one. Make It Happen: I will find a local race and sign up to volunteer. Extended Goals not tied to this Challenge but certainly important. This Year I Will: Stop Giving Up Make It Happen: I will accept that I am starting at a place that is so far away from being fit and healthy that I will not be able to reach all my goals all at once, or even quickly. I will give myself a break, and be kind to my shortcomings. I will work harder and focus on the best I can do. This Year I Will: Run a 5K Make It Happen: The Zombie run next October or the Elf run next December is the goal. If I CAN I’d like to run in an earlier race. If I can actually learn some consistency I should be able to run something in the late spring. Reward: If I succeed at the end of this challenge... I will reward myself with a pair of shoes. I have an unhealthy relationship with food, which I am substituting for a healthy relationship with shoes. I put $50 into an envelope and its taped to my project board. If at the end of the challenge I succeed... shopping we go. If not the money stays taped to my project board and I don't get new shoes. (No cheating and buying shoes anyway... with the exception of better running shoes because that is a need not a want.) The shoes I plan on getting when this is over! Comments/Suggestions/Advice/Random Encouragement are always welcome.
  16. If I'm getting blisters on the bottom of my feet, when walking for exercise, is it more likely caused by the shoes, or the fact that my feet are not used to that kind of activity?
  17. Quick question; how often do the runners in here buy new shoes? I never had this problem in Jr and Sr. high, cause I outgrew them year after year. Now, not so much. Thanks!
  18. Hello! I am interested in purchasing shoes that have a "barefoot" feel. I have never owned a pair before, but I do know that there will be a change in gait and support when using this type of shoe, and to start off slowly. I am interested in the Merrell Glove Dash 2 and the Merrell Access Arc 2. As of now I am planning on just wearing them for walking, and then will try running in them after a little while. I am not trying to run a marathon, just a few miles around town. The Arc 2 has 8mm cushion, whereas the Dash 2 has 4mm. A customer service rep told me that I might want to start out with 8mm, but that I will probably want to transition to the 4mm later once I get more comfortable. What do you guys think, have any of you owned these specific shoes before? I don't necessarily want to drop $100 just to purchase another $100 pair six months later. I want to make an informed choice, and I trust this forums opinion. Thanks!!
  19. I have been trying to get into doing things more barefoot. Since it is getting cold, I was looking for a good pair of minimalist shoes. Everyone recommends the five fingers, but I have abnormally long toes and they just don't fit. I was wondering about other options and came across ZEM. Does anyone know anything about them?
  20. I have knee problems - I don't know whether they come from running or running just makes them worse, but they're there. I went to the doctor, who told me it's not arthrosis but shoes would likely help. My trainer said the same and send me to this amazing shoe shop that put me on a treadmill first, filmed the way I walk/run and then recommended about 10 pairs of shoes. I tested each of them, including running up and down the street. The winner were Adidas Boost shoes. They're also 150€, which, for me, is a lot of money. I don't have a problem with the price for those shoes especially, as the shoes that came in 2nd and 3rd were only about 10€ cheaper, but I'm scared of spending so much money on running shoes and then, if I'm not lucky, they won't help and I have to stop running completely (which I'm currently doing, I haven't been on a run in almost 2 weeks because the pain won't go away - and naturally I don't want to make it worse by running through the pain). Does anyone have a similar issue? Or maybe you've bought those shoes and found that they're awesome or awful? I'd really, really appreciate your opinions!
  21. Looking at getting some more barefoot-style shoes for gymming. I do a basic bodyweight circuit right now, but as I get stronger I hope to intensify and work on flexibility, strength, and general athleticism, assassin-style. I am using a pair of Brooks running sneakers for gym time right now, but I'd like to move into something closer to barefoot. My body prefers being barefoot as much as possible. Does anyone have any thoughts on/experience with these shoes? http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/free-run-2-shoe/pid-683268/pgid-654028
  22. I have kind of a weird question, I guess. I recently bought some Merrell Road Glove Dash 2 and have been slowly working on the cool running couch-to-5k program. I've just finished week 2, and both yesterday and this morning I noticed that my feet want to pop. Like the joints in them. All of the joints. I switched to a forefoot strike after my first heelstrike run resulted in shin splints, and I've found it quite pleasant aside from the desperate need to pop every single joint in my foot. I used to be a diver in high school, and one of the things we did was work on making our toes pointier by putting the tops of our feet on the ground and then leaning back to stretch the tops. That's the same thing I want to do during/after a run in these minimalist shoes! Anyone else experience something similar?
  23. I really want to start training in parkour, but I am flat footed so arches in running and tennis shoes are very painful to me. How much does running and tennis shoes improve parkour compared to skateboard shoes? I have tried seeing a foot doctor (can't remember the name for now) but nothing has worked. I am doomed to eternal flat footedness!
  24. Saucony Progrid Kinvara Running Shoes ($55) | Amazon | Originally $100 Just ordered a pair. I usually spend over $100 for Triumphs. $55 seems like a great price to test out a cushioned minimalist shoe.
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