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Found 4 results

  1. Thank Thor for amazon. Managed to get 90% of christmas shopping done last night
  2. I'm really unsure where to post this topic, so feel free to move it if I decided on a wrong place. Anyhow. I'm travelling to the UK soon, and will be staying in a small town/village in Leicestershire for about a month and a half. The thing is, I'm fairly set in my ways of where and what fitness-related stuff I buy in my own country, but in the UK... I have no clue. So, UK nerds, please educate me! I'm mainly looking for online store recs (Amazon and eBay sellers included), but I'll also welcome tips about shops in Leicester, Nuneaton, or somewhere around that general area. Some things I'm looking for, hopefully in student-budget-friendly price range: Supplements, the usual creatine, citrulline, caffeine, etc. Also if you know a pre-workout that tastes good (I'm very partial to lemon and bitter flavors in general) and that you can order without enormous postage, do sharae. Protein bars. This is a tough one, since I'm quite picky about the taste and composition, so I need options to try out. I like them soft and not too sweet (many chocolate and berry flavors are sooo sweet). The bars I regularly eat are some combination of chocolate, orange, and lemon (yes, there's a pattern here.) In Finnish Lidls, there's this sport supplement brand called Sportyfeel that has really good and cheap protein bars, do they have that in the UK as well? Fitness clothes/shoes/gear, because while I'm bringing my own, let's face it, you can never have too many workout tops. Lifting and running gear mainly, as those are my drugs of choice. Especially if there's a secret Diagon Alley where they sell affordable lifting or running shoes, you need to tell me. Non-fitness clothes/shoes. Ok so not fitness-related, but if I wanna head out and buy some affordable summer clothes, which shops do I hit? Hair products and cosmetics. Another thing mostly unrelated to fitness, but as I started packing, I realized how many of the brands I usually use are Finnish. Not because I'm particularly patriotic, they just make products here that work for egg white pale skin and fine* hair here. (*Not fine as in 'gorgeous', but fine as in 'if I cut bangs, the size of my ponytail will shrink in half') Also, while I'm there, if anyone lives in the area and wants to meet, hit me up. And, in case I get lucky: if you happen to live near Gatwick airport and wouldn't mind lending a fellow nerd a couch to crash on next Sunday night, I'd be very grateful. (Stupid flight schedule is stupid - my plane will arrive too late for trains and buses, so it's either couchsurfing or sleeping (not sleeping, in my case) on the airport floor.)
  3. So. I'm pretty sure there is a thread like this and I know there is a tee furry site bit search via phone is a pain... And is midnight and this is way too fucking awesome to not love and share with my fellow engineer nerds. Please feel free to share your nerdy gems as well. :-) http://teespring.com/engineering3
  4. Yo scouts! The focus of my challenge this time around is to get fully prepared to start Pete Pfitzinger's 12/55 marathon training schedule for this fall's Chicago Marathon. This will be my third marathon, but the first one I've used this program for (I used Higdon's plans for the first two). The training schedule is very demanding from both a physical and lifestyle perspective, so for this challenge I'll be tackling both sides of that to make sure I'm as prepared as possible come July 22. Goal #1: Build mileage up to 35 mpw, including one early-morning run per week [+4 STA] (Starting stats: 25 miles the week of 5/20. Early-morning runs sporadic.) There are two main things I need to do to be ready to take on the Pfitz 12/55: increase base mileage (obviously) and improve the flexibility of my running schedule. Once I start the program I'm going to need to incorporate early-morning runs on a fairly regular basis. This has never been a strength of mine, so I'm going to start the habit as small as possible and see how it goes. Method: Adhere to training schedule (4-5 runs per week), increasing steadily except for two step-back weeks. Decide at the beginning of each week which day I'll target for an early run... and ACTUALLY DO IT. Goal #2: Maintain 70% paleo-ish diet [+2 CON] (Starting stats: Was hitting 80% last challenge but have spent the last 10 days eating and drinking everything in sight on vacation) It seems like this shouldn't even be a goal, since it's a less restrictive diet than I was rocking last challenge... but I'm putting it in here so that I don't slack off on it. Method: Paleo-ish to me means avoiding most grains and most added sugar. I don't stress about legumes, dairy or quinoa. 70% means six of my meals every week can fall outside of this restriction. I will also continue drinking no more than twice a week, and this time around I will add a daily multivitamin. I almost never take the vitamin because it tastes horrible and if I forget to have it with dinner I can't bring myself to take it, but I really need to. I'll at least track this. Goal #3: Mandatory yoga! Mandatory climbing! [+2 CON, +2 STR, +2 DEX] (Starting stats: N/A) Method: The heading says it all. This is for strength and mobility to avoid running injuries. I will go to yoga once a week, and climbing once a week. Life Level-Up Goal: 6 week shopping hiatus [+4 WIS] (Starting stats: Um... lots of shopping, apparently) Recently I sold/donated about half of my closet and threw out half of the contents of my bathroom. The result is so soothing to look at and to use. I want to keep that going instead of mindlessly filling the empty space with more stuff. Method: I will not buy clothing or beauty products for the duration of the challenge. The only exceptions are to replace anything that runs out/breaks/gets lost during this time (because the point is to avoid accumulation of stuff, not just to experience deprivation). If necessary, I will keep a list of things I want to buy six weeks from now and consult it when the challenge is over. Believe it or not, last summer I actually did not buy clothes for the entire summer - Memorial Day to Labor Day. But then when September came around I immediately ran out and bought a ton of things! So I'm just going to go six weeks this time, and hopefully that will result in a more focused, moderate approach in the months following.
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