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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All! It's time for Round 3 of our PVP using the daily dares over at darebee. Every day, they post a bodyweight exercise challenge that usually only takes a couple of minutes to complete. This is an open PVP, so anyone can join at any time. It's a great way to try out a bunch of different bodyweight exercises! If you decide to join, declare what rank you're aiming for and sign up on this spreadsheet. Then, just keep track of how many dares you complete throughout the challenge. You'll get 1 point per dare and 1 point for each extra credit challenge. You must complete each dare on the day that it's posted for it to count - no going back to make it up if you forget! If you're not sure about what counts for the dare or extra credit, post here and we'll rule by what seems to make sense to the most of us. Because this is meant to be a challenge with a wide variety of exercises, we will not allow easier variations of the dares. Some days you might not be able to do an exercise, and that's ok! The person with the most points at the end of the challenge will be declared the Daredevil! Leaderboard Rocketbikeninja (67 points) - May 2016 Challenge is our current reigning Daredevil. Geek On Fire (53 points) - April 2016 Challenge Ranks Titanium: 60 points (30 days of dares + 30 days of extra credit) Gold: 45 points Silver: 30 points Bronze: 15 points Custom: A custom goal of your choice. Just make sure to state your specific target in the spreadsheet. We're starting the PVP in Week 0, but you should be able to achieve any of these ranks even if you don't join us until Week 1.
  2. GREETINGS, FELLOW REBELS. Is everyone else as excited to get this challenge going as I am?! LET'S PAR-TAAAY. Background I'm Zho. 26, female, 4'11", 136 pounds as of this morning -- my lowest weight in 10+ years. Torn between classes -- perhaps assassin, or ranger? My fitness goals can be summed up as something between "functional strength and movement for everyday life or emergencies" and "do cool stuff." (Oh, I forgot "look freakin' amazing." That's in there too.) I want to be able to lift heavy things for my day job, flee from an attacker if I have to, do a pull-up, hold handstands, etc. I really like parkour and Ninja Warrior stuff, but I won't be getting into that until later this year, probably. I also challenged my sister to a virtual 5k in April, but I have no idea why because I have zero openings to actually train right now. I'd probably never progress beyond a 5k; I'd rather get faster than go farther (further?). So, yeah. I'm all over the place. Anyway... let's move along, shall we? I was going to save the Zelda theme for another challenge, but I just can't help myself. It's my thing. Zho Tests Her Courage 1. FIND A SWORD & SHIELD. Strength training, at least three times a week. This challenge will cover weeks 2-5 of the beginner strong curves program. A = 3x/week | B = 2x/week | C = 1x/week 2. BE BRAVE. TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND. Practice handstands at least three times a week. 20 minutes of training each; this includes rest time. A = 12 sessions | B = 9 sessions | C = 6 sessions 3. LISTEN TO YOUR FAIRY. Maintain and follow my weekly meal plans. This one comes with a LOT of variables and mistakes (I've only just started weekly meal planning), so success hinges on if we pick up fast food for dinner (unplanned), or if I clearly overeat that day. A = 4 (or less) bad days | B = 7 bad days | C = 8+ bad days 4. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Fun life goal! Post a daily drawing in this thread. It doesn't have to be on time or drawn that same day, it just needs to be one fairly clean or finished drawing for every day of the challenge. A = 22+ days | B = 18+ days | C = 13+ days Rewards My 4-week reward is one shirt based off the theme of my next challenge. Here's what I'm currently considering: One, two, three, four. I might do a two-week reward of $10 towards more equipment, like ankle weights and socks. ;)
  3. Hi everybody! So recently I trained and completed a triathlon and it was awesome. But my training wasn't so awesome. I generally woke up at about 5 AM, and depending on the day would run or sprint intervals for 30 minutes, then lift (I alternated upper and lower body MWF), then possibly swim. And then be at work before 8 AM. Some days I'd bike 15 miles. Some days I'd run for an hour, then lift. But on a typical day, I hit the gym at about 5:30 and leave at about 7:30, including showering. So that's not cool. But I did kick some serious triathlon butt AND I saw a lot of gains in strength, overall shape of my body, the whole works. But now I'm in the post-race slump. And work is stressful. And I'm not very motivated. And I'm also thinking... I'm not going to spend 2 hours of my day at the gym. That isn't sustainable. I can't go to bed at 8:30 every night for the rest of my life. Especially since I got home from work today at 8. So I've been doing some stuff like 10 minute warms up, then my old lifting routines, showering, and somehow it still takes me like an hour and a half. What gives? I used to know a dude who kept his workouts to under an hour. If I could do that, including showering, I could wake up at 6, and still be at work before 8. So I need some short workout ideas. It seems like SS is short, but I'm not so sure about that. I've tried things like body rock/ dailyhiit in the past with little to no results. Although I am better these days about my diet (or I was like 3 weeks ago). From my general experience, body weight workouts just don't do it for me. I used to do a bootcamp workout run by a Navy SEAL (it was INTENSE). And he'd make us do 100,000 step ups. Or push ups. And I never saw a gain in my speed (i.e. legs are stronger) or an improvement in my pushups. Maybe it's because we were focusing on AMRAP and that just doesn't work for me because my form breaks down. I guess I'm answering my own questions... I'm going to go get in bed with a highlighter and SS...
  4. Hello :3 You can call me Jen, I'm 20, and I'm working toward a healthier body and soul through yoga and cardio! I'm short (5'2) and stocky and half my battle will be trying to love and accept my body. I did gymnastics for 10 years so I have quite the foundation. I'm now a full time student at a university. I'm editing my goals now because I have a different schedule. I'm 126 and I'd like to lose 5 pounds. Goals: Run 3 times a week. This is definitely attainable. 3 = A, 2= C, 1= D. Do Yoga 2 times a week at the gym. (Also, if you don't make it to the gym, do it at home) 3=A, 1= B, 0= D. Other goals Try to get under 9 minute mile pace. (I've been doing 10 consistently) Don't eat after 9 pm Cut out refined sugar, do my best to avoid anything processed. <-- This one is going to be REALLY hard for me I'll try and post every couple of days and hopefully some nicer looking pictures after 6 weeks !!! S Support, advice and kind works are all very helpful to me. Peace and love !
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