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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a thrower in track. It meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I don't know before hand if the practice will be strength, endurance, or form, so it is difficult to plan workouts. I'm looking for a day-flexible workout plan that will help me be a better thrower (focus on shot put). I also workout on Sundays with a friend, so there is no need to worry about that day. If you need more info tell me. This is my first post, so I'm sorry if it's poorly written.
  2. It had been 30 days. How I have survived is something to behold in and of itself, but luck alone cannot last forever and I fear my days are numbered somewhere in the negatives- perhaps I'm already dead and cursed to peruse this boundless arid Hell. The celestial fire beast in the sky keeps an ever vigilant watch over me. It saps my moisture and my will with its gaze. Its breath is burning, yet I'm chilled to the bone, which can be seen right through my emaciated flesh. Judge me now and cast your sentence on an innocent man. I lie down and imagine the sand is a pillow of down with sheets of silk to hide my visage from the world. I start to sink in and drift off. A sudden stab in the back jolts me awake. A metal object protruding from the sand. I can only hope that it is a sword to cast myself upon and end this immortal day. It's not but a lamp. More torture for my lack of sin as I prayed for a drink. If only it were a cask of ale, but no, it is a stupid old lamp, though perhaps there is some sesame oil residue left at the bottom. I tip it and only more sand comes out. I let out a tear that drops onto the lamp... a tear? where did that come from? I wipe it from the side of the lamp and realize it was no tear, it was rain. The clouds seem to be emanating from inside the vessel itself and they're coming out of it. The grayish blue fog comes toward me and takes the form of a man-like creature with no eyelids, or lips. "Tell me what three things you most wish, for I am a djinn and am bound to serve as master, he who's touch has freed me from my bastille." I must be dead and hallucinating, but if such pleasantness is where my mind is going, I'll play along. Anything is better than the nothingness that preceded this and for the possibility that I might once again be able to dream of the revenge I desired against those who robbed me and left me to my death. "Alright, Mr. Djinn, here are my wishes"... 1: Strength/Power I want to be able to move heavy objects and hurl them at my enemies. (throwing 3x per week) will include plyo on 2 of those days. 2: Speed We've but two modes of transport, feet and steed. Steeds are unreliable, but our own feet are slow. I desire the ability to move at mount speed with my own two feet. walking with intermittent sprints 2x a week.) 3: Humor No amount of speed will make me quick witted and no amount of strength can crack a joke and it would be nice, so my third wish is to have the power of humor. With it, I shall be adored by all and if I not, at least I shall leave them laughing(at me). (get on stage at first open mic). 4: The Dream But it was all a day dream, the wishes. Most of the story had been factual. He was robbed and left for dead and he had wandered the desert and in fact, he had found a lamp, but it contained only sand. The good news is that a djini did exist. When he found the lamp, it cursed him to live sleeplessly inside and wander it's desert sands eternally. His only salvation is that someone came to free him, for which he'd be so grateful, he'd grant them three wishes. For himself, he wished only to sleep again and dream of the life he'd never a chance to live, with strength, speed and the ability to laugh. Would that he could, give up the sand for the Sandman. (Get to bed by 1 am and get at least 7 hours.)
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