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Found 10 results

  1. Hi awesome community, I'm a newbie at fitness and i decided to just do pushups for about 1-2 months on a schedule, and then maybe add different exercises in addition to the pushups. As i'm a newbie, i do only 3 sets every other day (48 hours for rest). I do them maxed out for my capabilities - i do about 8-9 in the first set, then i believe something like 8 or so in the second set and about 5 in the third set. The first set i don't really max out in that once i can't do anymore i don't try to continue. The second one and the 3rd one, once i can't do anymore of them, i try to do one more. Maybe at the 2nd set i succeed, at the 3rd one i don't succeed to do one more and i give up after about 5-6 seconds. I do them like in these videos: Video 1, Video 2. Please watch them fully to understand and tell me if it's wrong. I did these 3 times (that means 1 day, then 1 day rest, then again 1 day). 3 sets each time. between 9 and 5 repetitions in each set, progressively lower in the latter ones. I was really missing physical activity, so i did see results even after only 3 days - definitely now when i bend my elbow i muscle is really definitely harder and larger (or maybe only harder and not larger, not really sure). But also a negative side of this: I don't experience shoulder pain, but i feel like my elbow once i let my hand to relax starts to move on its own somehow to separate from the body. I don't see it, it doesn't hurt me, but it's a really strange feeling. Like some tendon is expanding, being pulled by the shoulder. i haven't done them for 4 days anything. I definitely feel something like more muscle around the shoulder, and i am not sure what exactly is happening. Whether this muscle which is now definitely really harder than it was before is pushing my shoulder, or it's not really my shoulder but some tissue around it (i doubt it's not the shoulder). Last night i go to bed and i relax to fall asleep. My hand again feels like it wants to disconnect from the body, and i also hear like some liquid or i don't know, maybe the shoulder, making some strange noises on its own. Like then you unstick something that was glued with dry glue - this is the most accurate representation of the noise, it wasn't loud. Then i woke up this morning and hopefully it was still okay and on its place (the arm ). Should i do less reps in a set. Not max out? Rest for 1 month? Not sure what i've done wrong. If there are some fitness instructors here, i would really appreciate you helping me. Thank you once again.
  2. Yep I have no shame, it's Europe to the rescue! Bust out the big hair, we're headed for Venus!! Summary I set out on Jan 1st this year to drop 20kg, there are 4.4kg remaining. This challenge will be focused on cutting the final 4.4kg to get me under 80kg. Goals: 1. No alcohol until I'm sub 80kg. (2 exceptions allowed, this Saturday is my friend's 60th and 28 March I have a work lunch) 2. 4 x F45 challenge sessions a week 3. Eat 100% to the F45 meal plans for the first 2 weeks and 80% after that. 4. 2 x 6km walks a week 5. Rehab my shoulder. Physio exercises 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday Friday. Please feel free to hold me accountable for this, I never do them. Measures: 1. I have an F45 end of challenge body scan in 2 weeks time, that will be a difference scan of 8 weeks. 2. I have a full DEXA booked for 17 April. This one must see me at under 80kg or I will be disappointed. Rewards 1. I have a drive day lined up for 11 April where I take my MX5 (Miata) on a track with some friends. I'd like this to be my weight loss reward which means I have 3.5 weeks to drop 4.4kg. 2. Something else I haven't decided yet, maybe some new clothes, maybe a massive wig! Let's Rock!
  3. I decided to jump back into the challenges. A little last minute, but I hope it's the right decision. I was considering taking a break or at most jumping to the accoutabuddies to do some even more last minute cramming pre college. Maybe that AA degree would look cool on my wall, but would it benefit me more than something else I cold get done with the work and time I have right now? I know my mom would be upset, but given the choice between what to do with the few hours I have after work and the realistic amount of motivation I could put into a goal, rehabbing my body is always going to take precedence over shiny things to hang on the wall. I can go to school, actually that's the plan. Who cares? I just don't see the long term benefit of throwing all my effort at a slip of paper I'll only ever use for transfer credits. I will for certain be using this body. Is it the best decision? Who knows, but I'm going to make it.
  4. Lifestyle Fitness #1 a:)Apply for a raise at my job, finding and sending in the right documents to do so. b:)3 needfitness checkins pr week. Handstand: do handstand work every day for the challenge period - can be: - kick ups - linework - floor work Fitness #2 L sit: To compliment the handstand work do I want to work on L sits 3 times pr week at least - compression work - paralettes work - ring work - floor work Fitness #3 strong hips! -work up to the following 3 step horse stance: 3 minutes 5 step horse stance: 2 minutes 7 step horse stance: 1 minute Work on pancake stretches 3 times pr week
  5. Hey, I struggle with a bursa inflammation in my right shoulder for a few months now. I had 12 appointments physiotherapy without any improvement. I do my exercises and stretch my shoulders like they told me to do. I told my trainer at the gym that I want to get a cortisone injection because I'm fed up with going to physio and nothing changes. He said I should try osteopathy first. I only have a few month left in Germany and would like to be pain free when I go abroad. Can anyone tell me if it's worth trying? Thanks in advance
  6. 2 workouts down and my elbow and shoulder are not giving me any crap, though my shoulder does feel a lot weaker than everything else, but that will pass with time. Here's to not overdoing it again! :-D
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but anyway..... Have hurt my shoulder, actually did it a month ago but have been working through it til now. I think it needs to be rested now though. I did it either doing incline bench or dips, not sure which as it didn't flare up properly until the workout was done. Its some sort of rotator cuff injury. Whether its a tear, tendonitus or impingement i'm not quite sure. I need to register with a doctor after moving house so appointment there will be about 3 weeks I will be going so please don't just say "go to a doctor" Getting the bar on my back is painful on the shoulder during squats, but it is possible. Should i stop squatting because its painful or carry on as its not really weight bearing on the shoulder? Deadlifts and rows seem totally fine, but if i need to stop all lifting to get it better quicker then i will. If you can't do a decent lifting routine then what do you to prevent from losing strength while you rest up? I guess i'll have to go back to boring cardio for a while too. For anyone with good shoulder knowledge: The painful arc test is not that painful, sort of dull ache. Which i believe suggests not a tear Neer's test hurts, which suggests impingement, but its a lot more painful with palm facing inwards than outwards. I'm not sure what that means. Thanks
  8. My oh my. Feels like a whirlwind this time. Like, we just finished the last one and the next one is already here. Weird. I know we usually can't wait for them to come, so I'm glad, but at the same time, just, wow. Oh well. Let's get it on. Goal 1: Mobility Work on Off Days Pretty much what it sounds like. I've found all of the things that I need to do for my body so far. I've found yoga for my shoulders and knees, and the HFS for my hips and lower back, and SMR for the other pains in my body that I have to deal with. It's all good. But it's not enough to know that these things work. They also have to be applied. The general rule I've heard before goes that you need to spend at least as much time on your mobility work as you do on your strength work. So, if I'm doing strength/power stuff three days per week, then I need to be doing mobility stuff three days per week as well. Graded out of 18. +2 STA, +2 CON. Goal 2: Integrated Martial Arts Training Just like before. This started strong and finished weak, but I really think that I was onto something there, given myself. Unfortunately, there's no hack to get around getting things done. I can't make the training happen if I don't show up to do it. So. Here we go again. Combination work, uchikomi work, and newaza work at the end of the training session. No matter what. Graded out of 42. +2 DEX, +2 STA, +1 STR And now to be a loose cannon... Life Goal 1: Walker University What? Have I somehow tricked a university into giving me more moniez so that I can earn more useless papers? Pshaw. Naw, y'all. One of the ways that personal trainers are encouraged to get ahead is to go for a walk and plug in an audio book of some kind. I spend so much time reading fiction on my own as it is that I don't need to plug in fiction books. So, it's time to start listening more to podcasts and the like relating to fitness business and writing stuff. Any time it's nice enough near me to go for a walk, I'mma do it. Graded out of a possible 30, with adjustments as needed depending on the weather. +3 WIS Life Goal 2: Write Our Story Well. Y'all asked for it. My mom's asking for it. My friends are asking for it. So, now I've got no choice. I have to buckle down and get to work. Every day, I need to be either writing some on the story, or working on characters, or plotting scenes, or something. Each day has to have a concrete step taken toward the completion of this bloody novel. RisenPhoenix already has an expy in it, though it's not really him so much as a character who shares a couple traits with him. I feel like I'mma have to make this disclaimer repeatedly: these characters are not y'all. So please, please, no freaking out if you end up reading this and you spot someone whom you can clearly tell was based on you and they do some decidedly not-you things. Graded out of 42. +3 CHA Also, unofficial savings goal: gotta start working on saving up for the Spartan. First step: registration fees.
  9. Okay, I've done a cursory search and can't find anything on this specifically. Apolgoies if I missed something obvious. I was doing some heavy bag cardio a week ago and suddenly my right shoulder began to hurt. I've continued my work outs as it doesn't seem to impeded any of the pushups, situps et al I'm doing. However, I inadvertently did a forward shoulder roll after finishing some stretching and now it seems to be worse. I explored it a little and it seems okay, though aches, when I do pushups but if I try to ease my self to the floor wtih just my right arm, the shoulder hurts and gives out. Is this indicitive of a muscle injury or something more like a meniscal or ligament injury? To complicate things I don't have any money or insurance to trott off to the doctor and investigate. Any suggestions are helpful but if the bottom line is 'go to the doctor' that will have to wait for now. Thanks in advance.
  10. I just started the Level 2 Recruit exercises in the Rebel Fitness Guide, but unfortunately, I'm dealing with an impingement in each of my shoulders. The following exercises irritate them: -Bent-over row (hurts at the top) -Overhead dumbbell press Are there any alternatives to these that would involve the shoulders, but still be challenging? Thanks in advance for your help.
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