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Found 3 results

  1. I am a member of a secret hunting society that tracks and kills monsters. The bounties are high, but so are the risks. The smallest mistake will cost me EVERYTHING- my bounty, my gear, my life and my very soul. Some hunt for wealth and some for power. Some hunt to protect others and some hunt for glory. I must track my quarry through a dark and treacherous world. Winner takes all. Fail, and go straight to hell. Welcome to my first challenge of 2018! My name is Wild Wolf but most people just call me Wolfie. If you're new to my shenanigans, then please, take my sincerest apology for wasting your time Father of 4, husband, wolflean, sheepdog and Werespartan. I've been with NF since September 2012 and have never looked back. I've made countless friends over the years and even got to hang with a few nerds for what is dubbed as an "Epic Meetup" :). This upcoming year is a lot like most years but if you take a closer look, you'll see some very specific details that make it different. This is a year I'm a "do'er" and not a "don't'er" . It's rather simple really. Not to do ALL the things. But ALL the IMPORTANT things. Things like, Getting my family out of the apartment lifestyle and into the house lifestyle Fixing my shoulders Finding a job that can support us better-whether that's a new job or my current one Write a book Climb outdoors (maybe not THAT important, but something I want to do) Take Dadhood to another level. I only get to be a dad once and I want to excel at this! Spend more quality time with the wolf pups Read the Bible cover to cover That's to name a few. Basically, 2018 will be a year of positive and successful change. How will I do that? Easy(ish). By collecting bounties on each challenge and reaping the rewards. My first bounty is the Hype-Stealing bastard from the last challenge! My theme and possible running theme for the next couple challenges will be based after a PC game I recently discovered called Hunt: Showdown. The closed alpha is supposedly coming in January and I'm really excited about testing it out! The graphics and theme say it all. The setting takes place right at the end of the 19th century in what is referred to as The Gilded Age, referring to the serious social problems we had that were masked by a "thin gold gilding". (This is also where the Wild West was nearing an end and pre-WWI weapons like the German Mauser C96 were coming into play.) You take control over a bounty hunter and tasked to patrol the swamps of Hunt, Louisiana to battle the forces of evil. You can go in solo or with a partner but death is permanent in this game so the tension factor is ALWAYS high. Since my dad is more of a PC gamer, I told him about this and hoping we both get a chance to play together. Here's the kicker though. You have to be invited to the closed alpha. There's a strong chance I won't even get to play right now but how freakin cool would that be if I got selected?!?! It would almost feel like destiny... So there's that. I am a bounty hunter and bounties will be collected. You may be asking yourself, "Ok swanky, I feel ya, Wolfie. This is a schweet theme! But why Bloodlines?" Bloodlines or "bloodline traits" stands for the progression system/skill tree in the game. XP, gold and bounty rewards are all stored in your Bloodline and some of these traits will be transferred over if your hunter dies because remember boys and girls, death in this game is PERMANENT! Any gear, consumable or extra item left on your hunter when he dies is lost forever. One would dare to say this game has only one mode: HARDCORE. This lines up perfectly how I wanted to kick off the New Year. #NoExtraLives GOALS: I'm taking the old school NerdFitness approach to this challenge and starting my stat line over from scratch. We originally started with 15 total points to put in our 6 starting stats and I stopped adding to that over a year ago. I miss the leveling up and upgrade points so I want to get back to that. Visual and tangible upgrade points make the world go round . So I will re-work my starting 15 stat points and do my best to earn another 15 across this first challenge of 2018. Starting Stats: Strength- 3 Dexterity- 3 Wisdom- 2 Endurance- 2 Charisma- 3 Constitution- 2 Goal #1: Study Thy Prey Has anyone ever heard of Supple Leopard? Yeah me too.... Oh yeah! I own the damn book! It's time to study up on my prey: my body. It's getting a tad older and things aren't working as good as they used to. This is a lot of my own fault. I don't mobilize daily and I need too, especially because I work a desk type job and spend WAY to much time sitting on my butt. #NoRestDays when it comes to mobility. The goal here is to pick 1x body part that's been bothering me and then implement mobility WODS from Supple Leopard to combat the trouble areas each week. More body parts can be worked at one time, but let's start with one and work our way into more. I'm 100% wolf but wouldn't mind the suppleness of my large feline friend . Possible Upgrade Points: +2 CON, +1 STR Goal #2: Stalk Thy Prey At the beginning of 2016, I suffered a type 2 AC joint separation on my left shoulder from playing real life Quidditch down in Austin, Texas. At the beginning of 2018, I'm dealing with my other shoulder now. It appears to be a slight AC joint sprain that may have been caused from bouldering like a boss. It's more discomfort than pain but still...something to deal with. This goal is all about getting my shoulders in a healthier state and by doing that, I'll visit my PT 2x a week (given time, money and some other factors) and work PT on my own 1x a week minimum. Possible Upgrade Points: +2 CON, +2 STR Goal #3: Hunt Thy Prey Ahhhh the fun part. The Hunt. Why do I do what I do? For the thrill of the hunt? For glory? For my family? All the above. My ancestors were hunters. It is in my blood. I'm limited with my shoulder at the moment so now I need to figure out what I can and cannot do with it. This means testing myself in all areas and aspects of fitness. Find what works-discard what doesn't. Test all major lifts and talk with Paul (my PT coach) about getting me back out on the battlefield. Bouldering problems need to be sent and iron needs to be bent. Les do this! Possible Upgrade Points: +1 STR, +2 DEX, +1 END Goal #4: One Life to Live I will write a book this year. It may not be edited and pretty but I will write one. To get the creative juices flowing, I'm starting out by doing something fun this challenge with my writing. I call this "Interactive PVE/PVP". It's where I take an idea, sometimes an original idea, and include people from the Rebellion in the story and have them complete PVE (Player Versus Everyone) tasks with me. Example; like cover a certain amount of miles walking or lifting a targeted goal of 10,000 ponds. I write things in a group setting, so that way everyone can interact and take part in the weekly task . Think of this like a mini-Mini challenge, lol. The story has already been laid out for the most part (with some changes coming soon). Me and everyone else who signed up have been coming up with bad guys we get to fight which has been a lot of fun. Brainstorming sessions like that are always a blast! If anyone is interested in signing up for the last spot in the story, please feel free! HERE's the sign-up sheet. NPC's and other secondary characters are needed as well so if you want to be included in the story without having to participate then sign-up. Possible Upgrade Points: +3 CHA That's all I got for now. Let's hunt. Wolf
  2. I am a ruggedly handsome ginger who has the ability to run...All. Damn. Day! Who am I? Well I’m Guy Dangerous, of course! Welcome to my Temple Run themed challenge, runners and explorers alike! Yep, that’s me. I’m working on my best Blue Steel face. This challenge is about running and surviving...surviving those evil Demon Monkeys to be exact!! *Shudders* Those things scare the CRAP outta me! Their empty, soulless eyes make me pee just a little... So, the plan is to avoid those scary bastards for as long as I can. And how will I do that, you ask? By running my stark white ginger butt off. But why, Mr. Guy Dangerous, are you being chased by those scary evil demon monkeys?? And my response is, “Coins!”….but more truthfully it’s about a funny lookin Golden Idol that was ripe for the taking. Did I swipe the idol for myself? You bet your bottom dollar I did! That thing has to be worth a FORTUNE and when the locals said it was mystical and sacred...well, it was enough to seduce me. I took the dare. UnFORTUNately the second I grabbed the idol was the second those furry, skull faced chimps took after me like bats outta hell... And yes...that's me...screaming like a girl at the top of my lungs.. Annnnyyywho...So, I’m on the run now and I need y’alls help. All you need to do is loosen up those opposable thumbs and swipe left to help me go left….or swipe right to help me go right. Swipe up is jump and down is slide. Think you thumb warriors can manage that?? OH! Let’s not forget leaning. Lean left for left lean right for...yeah, you got this... Right? Are you sure??? Because my life is on the line here guys and gals and these demon monkeys are hungry- I need to know you are ready! Ok, good! I new I could count on you, Explorer! Now, time's a wastin’, so let’s crack some evil monkey skulls and get ready to run! Goal #1: Don’t. Look. Back. Run 2-3x a week. Shoot for 3. Be cool with 2. Anything less than 2x a week results in being evil demon monkey fodder. The goal: 50+ miles. Really shoot for 60. The New Goal here is to just cover as many miles as you can while becoming a "fat-adapted " athlete. I'll re-work the 60 mile goal next challenge. Honestly, i'm shooting more for 75 next time Goal #2: Mind the Gap and take a Nap 1x 20+ min daily nap. This should be easy. Always go for MOAR when opportunity strikes. Goal #3: “Hey Derek, you know what’s good for a hurt shoulder? If you lick my butthole.” MOAR shoulder PT. Daily. Lighter on the OHP days-No Macho Man shit. Goal #4: PvP’s and Accountability Run PvP with my UK brother and sister (TBD for this) and accountability with @Laghail and @mr_willes (and the other dirty gents). Keep up with both. Also, record the jump rope video because I owe @RedStone Whoooooaaaaa baby! That was a good test run! I think you and I are gonna get along juuuust fine. Well don’t let up now, Explorer, we got lots more ground to cover! Yeeaaahhhh...let’s not let this happen, m’kay Real Talk with Wolfie: Hey guys and gals, welcome to my challenge this go round. Thanks for joining me I’m fired up and on a path of obsessive seriousness about getting myself to an ultramarathon level by the end of next year and that path starts now. Every run counts. It’s about building that mindset in the longer miles and training both that and my body in a way that I can be safe and successful. First, I want to knock out a half after the baby is born, maybe before. I definitely want to be go for a full around this time next year if not before and another half just to have those miles (and experience under my belt) I would love for one of these halves to be a Spartan Beast because I am the Wearspartan afterall. I think the PSE program is going to take me far. Especially once I get up to running the 10 miles they usually have scheduled on Saturday’s. I want to test a few benchmarks this challenge, like my 1 mile time and my 5k time just to get some #’s out there. Honestly, I’ll probably test my 10k towards the end of the challenge since I’ve been hitting about 6 miles as it is on my longer runs. Fueling. This is now more crucial than ever. I need to start experimenting and see what works and what doesn’t. Especially how much water I’ll need per hour and calories on longer runs. Electrolytes, gels, H2O, gear..it’s all going to be a factor. Using fat for fuel opposed to carbs is something else I'll be looking into. This means my diet should reflect more of a paleo/keto type structure. Batch cooking and adding in lots of healthy fats will be a core focus with food this challenge. I will be posting meals occasionally to keep myself accountable. I’m using Zero Week to knock out the remaining 13 miles from last challenge. Once those 13 are crushed, I will have set out to do what I challenged myself to do. To cover 50 miles. 40 was the actual goal but 50 meant a reward (and maybe a little pride ). I got lucky my reward was a free pair of shoes from my brother. This challenge will "run" through my birthday, November 14th. I'll be turning the ripe age of 30 and I want to do something crazy. TBD there. Inspirations this challenge are: Timothy Olson, Dean Karnazes and Guy Dangerous lol. Tim Dean And we all know Guy… Les do dis. Wolf
  3. Orion Team- A highly secretive organization supported by the CIA but outside the Agency. Steering away from Absolver this challenge and getting back to my Sheepdog routes, I want to forge things this challenge. And by things, I mean: resiliency, strength, fortitude and creativity. How will I do that, though? How do I measure these things? By pushing myself. By burning my boat, pressing forward and never, ever quitting. I am here to rebuild the status quo and I think I have just the plan. Once, long ago, I was given a name. A name in which I earned: The Werespartan. Then, something happened. I broke. At the end of January 2016, I took a nasty fall playing RL Quidditch and separated my left shoulder. They diagnosed it as a Type 2 separation and this type of injury is one that never really "heals". The AC joint remains separated but I basically have full range and control over my shoulder. The next 6 months was spent rehabbing and getting back to a normal routine. It was tough, but I endured and remained positive. Now, I'm not limited to much. Just the past weekend, I went the Ninja Warrior gym near me with my two brothers and spent almost 2 hours there! (BTW, the 14 ft Warp Wall aint got nothing on the Wild Wolf . My brother is editing a video together and once it's complete, I'll post it on here for everyone.) I want to get back to being the Werespartan. Maybe even run another Spartan Race?? Firs things first.....my cardio base sucks ass right now. I haven't ran in a while and I'm out of practice, so, running is the first step to getting back to Werespartan status. If I could have it my way with running, it would be trail running, and I'm looking to hit up the trail this weekend and every weekend this challenge. I also need to diversify my workouts again. There's nothing wrong with what I've been doing but I feel like I'm becoming one dimensional and I don't like it one bit. I'm pulling out my Obstacle Dominator 12-week minimalist plan to help aid me over the next couple weeks. It will need to be scaled down which is fine, but it offers various degree of strength training, power, and running. An example workout: 400m repeat until you have a 4 second fall of from your first repetition- once you are finished rest 5 minutes and then complete a 400m lunge for time Yeah. Lol. Just cuz it said minimalist doesn't mean it meant "easy" lol. Since my gym doesn't have a rower, I going to subsitute with the stationary bike and jump rope, I'll just double the distance required for the row and perform that on the bike. It really sucks we don't have a rower cuz I love that thing! Now that you guys know my game plan, what does this have to do with Orion Team? Coming out this Friday is a movie called American Assassin. It's based off a book by Vince Flynn of the same name and is about a young 23-year old named Mitch Rapp and how he becomes one of the most deadly operatives to ever live. American Assassin is the....7th book in the Mitch Rapp series? but this book starts out when Mitch is young and how he becomes the worldly badass he's known to be in the early works of fiction. (I decided to start my reading here and not in chronological order due to the movie and wanting to start things from the very beginning.) Orion Team is the secret organization that Mitch is apart of that works outside of the Agency to fight terrorism and I liked the idea of myself being apart of this group. Running, push-ups and pull-ups will be apart of my regular routine and I will embrace the PT lifestyle + the Werespartan lifestyle to create something new and something fresh. What does it take to be apart of Orion Team? Resiliency Recovery is always overlooked in training and that is something I do not wish to do. I can train hard but I must rest hard as well. Bedtime has become a small issue for me and lack of sleep is just hurting me in the long run. During the week, especially on training days, get 8+ hours of sleep. Recovery also consists of eating clean and getting in adequate amounts of protein. Back off the fasting on training days and fast on non training days. Strength PT training + Obstacle Dominator. 3x a week minimum. Post workouts for accountability. Fortitude This goal is all about running and accumulating miles throughout the challenge. Let's say 40 miles total this challenge. Bonus: If I reach 50 miles on the challenge, I can reward myself. (Reward TBD) I also need to start using my training mask I bought like a year ago. I've hardly used it and it makes me sad it's collecting dust! Creativity Keep reading my Bible Chapters-Keep listening to audible-Keep sharpening my mind with creative writing. Dedicate 1 hour a week to creative writing. Also, apply for 3 jobs each week and finish polishing off my profile on Linked In. Thank you all for supporting me and journeying with me this challenge! I'm excited to get back on my running game and hit up the trails this challenge! Wolf
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