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  1. @mu

    Puzzle time

    Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Epic quest: complete GMB Parallettes 2 (P2) Nothing fancy but an international move in progress (happening in March), hence the puzzle title because there will be a lot of problem solving going on in the background. Not really a full-blown theme here, but I needed at least a title! Goal 1 will focus on keeping my routine, I'll need it. Goal 2 is work-related prep. Goal 3 will be a proper puzzle goal, mostly for fun & play - I like puzzles on my
  2. I'm going to keep this challenge really simple, since I have no idea what condition my skin will be in. My treatments also largely make me want to: 1. Do something stretchy every day. I especially need to stretch my left shoulder, pec, and armpit areas, so I don't lose ROM during treatment. 2. Do something strengthy every day. It doesn't have to be much. Just something. 3. Play with my basement silks every day. Even if it's just for a minute. I got rosin, so I can finally grip them really well. 4. Do something nerdy every day. Reading, python coding, working
  3. @mu

    So say we all!

    Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Main focus: GMB Parallettes 2 Moving on with P2! I completed GMB Parallettes 2 prep phase last challenge. I will now start Phase 1. It is supposed to be 5 weeks followed by a deload week. I'm pretty sure 5 weeks without a deload will be too hard for me (intensity level + I do other workouts). As suggested by the programme, I will tweak it a little bit and run Phase 1 for longer but I will deload every 3 weeks. It is a conditioning phase, it won't hurt to m
  4. Wait! A new board! How exciting! Am I late!? I'm coming, I'm coming!!! Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Focus: handstand, bent arm press, straight leg pulls, shoulders, hips, back bend Other keywords: GMB Parallettes 2, basil Yes I want to have a first go at GMB Parallettes 2! I completed Parallettes 1 last year and it was very enjoyable. After a few months playing on my own, I think it's time to follow a master plan again. There is a 1-month pre
  5. Winter in Alamut was, well, quite heavy! Time to focus on rounding things up and trying to make the heavy stuff feel a bit lighter – if such a thing is possible. Right now, I feel like gravity's little servant. The usual suspects are still around: silks, parallettes, red ball...(and the cat of course) And nothing very new with my goals, this is turning into a sort of battle log. I have reduced the list slightly because my schedule is quite hectic these days and my attention span has gone a bit out of the window. I'm hoping to regain some focus with fewer items Goal 1 Ge
  6. I'm continuing with the Hogwarts theme, even though I might not be around much over this next challenge. This time, it's going to be a very simple challenge. 1. Do something to improve my pulling power or grip strength every day. 2. Do something to improve my flexibility every day. 3. Do something to improve my computer skills every day. 4. Do something to help my mental well being every day. None of these really need to be much. I just want to stay on track with doing at least a little bit. Otherwise, I'm doing parkour class on Saturdays
  7. My circus gym's student showcase is coming up at the end of January. (1/27) Here are the various deadlines/milestones associated with the show (as per the gym owner). 12/30 Music selected/act conceptualized (done) 1/13 Costume complete (mostly done) 1/22 Tech rehearsal 1/26 Dress rehearsal 1/27 Performance day! Performance music: Super strength-based routine with some playing to the audience and a bit of braggadocio. Goals of some kind will be added as I think of them... likely do do with gett
  8. New challenge = new profile photo! Continuing down the PvP road with Hatter from last challenge, plus publicly available PvP ab/core torture videos this time around. Whee! Abs - PvP ridiculousness! +5 points for each completion of a weekly abs vid Inverts - I want a straight arm, straight leg invert on the silks or the rope SO BADLY. To that end, +5 points for focused practice around that. On apparatus or off, but not inclusive of the core PvP stuff above. This is dedicated hollow body work, pike reverse crunches, etc. Also (perhaps not intuitively) this is also
  9. Okay! First, read this. I'll wait. http://www.laurawitwer.com/2017/06/29/post-laura-witwer-ego-smashed/ That blog post hit me preeeeetttty hard in the feels. When my circus gym reopened after >1 year, I somehow expected to pick up right where I left off. Amazingly, this did not happen. I spent a few months bootcamp-ing, aerial style and when i had some strength back, jumped back into a skills class. My ego did not take this well. I'm finally to the point where I'm feeling somewhat strong most classes, but I definitely have the "Comparing myself to myself" moments come back and b
  10. I have never done this before so I am attempting to kinda make this into a story kinda plot line for my own amusement. Maybe it will help me out and actually keep on top of things, My goals are going to be pretty much circus/ strength training. Goal 1: Fitness 5 training sessions/week (usually i am at the studio Monday- Thursday 1-3 classes a day) (3) Run 1x/week (3) Walk 1-3 miles a week. ( I see this as reasonable since Pokemon Go keeps me moving most of the day!) (3) Goal 2: Circus Goals Conti
  11. There is quite a sturdy rumor that my circus gym will be re-opening some time in July. I've been in and out of a fitness-funk for the last 8 months while they've been closed/relocating so it's time to see if I can be in some kind of decent shape once I can get back to class. Lift weights My old faithful push/pull/legs split 3x/week, please! 15 workouts total Core progressions So much about being in the air is reliant on core strength. I am sure mine is not where it was 8 months ago, so lets work on that. Hollow body holds, floor tucks (no idea w
  12. GIANT LIST OF THINGS I like to check things off. I like spreadsheets. So, here's a giant list of things for which I can earn points this challenge. I have no idea how the points will work out, so can't make a weekly goal for # of points, but I will make a goal that each week is better than the last. So, here's the list. Now to figure out the best spreadsheet to do this. That should do for now. Spreadsheet here
  13. "'Like an astronaut that's scared of heights With a heart that's beating at the speed of light You've been waiting for this feeling all your life Sometimes it's just hard to realize When you're stuck in a moment And your spark has been stolen This is our time to own it So own it Baby, we were born with Fire and gold in our eyes Got lightning in a bottle Hands on the throttle Even in the dust we shine..." Main Quest: Rehab, rehab, rehab. Try not to lose my mind or my fighting spirit while I rehab. Be
  14. Last challenge ( http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/78224-lydiajaybird-gets-routine/) I focused on building a routine of weighing in regularly, only eating at home, and waking up on time. Did a pretty good job and lost 4.5 pounds to boot! Woohoo! (Dropped another pound as of this morning too ) Main Quest - Improve my routine and maintain it through the move to Florida For this challenge, I'm going to add to the routine some (reintroduce regular running and carb counting!) while refocusing on the trouble areas from last time (waking up on time). The big difficulty for me is
  15. faille

    Faille Rises

    Hi all! Popping in from the Druids for this challenge About a year ago I started taking Aerial Silks classes once a week. When I started, I had almost no strength... couldn't hold my bodyweight on the silks, and I certainly couldn't climb. But it was SO MUCH FUN, and my teacher was amazing, and the other people in the class were so supportive. So I kept going. In July I was finally getting to the point where I could climb. I decided one day that I was going to go all the way to the top. I made it to the top, but part of the way down I ran out of strength, panicked, and let go. I
  16. I'd like to get back into the challenge thing, but goals are amorphous/nearly nonexistent at the moment. This'll get filled with something at some point, probably? A silks routine to this song must be created. If my silks gym ever opens back up again. Things: Get stronger for return to the silksPull upsToes to Bar progressions Get bendier Straddle drills (on the ground for now, in the air some magical day)Backbends Have some fun HandbalancesPartner acro stuffClimbing gym Eat better MOAR proteinFEWER junky snacksMOAR water
  17. What’s good, Rebels?! I’m back again to try to finish a six week challenge. First challenge with the Assassins! Life Update: Depression sucks. I’m sure a lot of you know that. I moved out to Los Angeles about a year ago with hopes of find a job in the film industry. After 10 months, several hundred applications, and a couple dozen interviews, I was completely burned out and feeling extremely low. I had been working in a cupcake & ice cream shop, and while it was fun in the beginning, many factors led it to become one of the most draining jobs I’ve ever had (not to mentio
  18. What are the needed components to make something burn? Fuel Air Spark put those together and you get Fire --------------------------- Fuel Calories. Sigh. Need to rein them in. Track daily, aim for 1500/day. Air This one is somewhat self explanatory. Open gym 1x/week. During said open gym, work on floor work and flesh out routine. Get full routine planned by Aug 12. Spark Coming off vacation, self-care will be necessary in order to keep the good relaxed vibes. I'm shooting for small things 3x/week. Morning sun salutationsExtra stretching post workoutRemembering to get up and w
  19. "'this is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I'm all right song... my power's turned on, starting right now i'll be strong, i'll play my fight song - and i don't really care if nobody else believes, 'cause i've still got a lot of fight left in me." MAIN QUEST: Keep it simple, keep it fun, and blast through all the obstacles in my path! Have you played this game? No? STOP READING THIS AND GO PLAY IT AT ONCE. It is obscure and ridiculous and completely heartbreaking when you least expect it and seriously so, so lovely. It is also a story about flipping adversity the bird and
  20. "but I've got a plan... why don't you be the artist and make me out of clay? why don't you be the writer and decide the words I say..." I have to thank Hazard for this theme. When I was flailing around, trying to think of a theme for my next challenge, I remembered a conversation that we had had some time ago and realized… I am an awkward flying girl. In fact, I am an awkward flying girl who is trying to find a new place to live… and possibly attempting to be less awkward in the process. I am literally Kiki. Minus the magic (unfortunately) and the teenage angst (fortunately). So
  21. New challenge! After the last couple of challenges, which I failed to complete because of crazy work schedules (work life balance?? What's that??). But now I'm back! LOTR THEME!!!!!!! OMG WTF LETS DO THIS So one of my goals relates to step counting. By my calculations, by the end of this challenge I should have done nearly enough steps to have traveled from the Shire to Bree. Actually, I think we will end up in Barrow-Downs, but close enough. And being in New Zealand, what could be more appropriate than a LOTR theme?? So what're we doing?? Well, I really want to get into the fit
  22. "I’m here to start a one girl revolution, I’m not a perfect ten, paper thin, Hollywood illusion. I thought I told ya, I’m a soldier, And I’m not leaving ‘til the party’s over..." I love me some tough, multifaceted ladies. I especially love them when they can swing swords and hurl fireballs. For my fifth (wow!) NerdFitness challenge, I’ve decided to take my inspiration from a few of my favorite Final Fantasy females, because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that these girls kick serious butt in a lot of different ways - and I personally aspire to look half as fabulous
  23. Not uninspired to workout, that bit is fine. Uninspired to neatly and creatively knit my goals for this challenge into a unifying theme or something clever. But, I do know what I want to do, and that's the important part, yes? Having a plan is goooood. So, the plan: 6 workouts/week Continuing this from last challenge. Pretty self-explanatory: 6 workouts for 5 of 6 weeks. One week of this challenge is vacation and I hardly expect myself to keep to my workout schedule while in a sunny, beachy environment full of margaritas. Pass/Fail Middle Splits/Straddle To progress in my aerial silks
  24. 6 workouts/week General lackadaisicalness and the holidays (Christmas cookies and Dragon Age are a dangerous combination) have wound up with slacker sylph. Time to get back to it. 6 workouts/week is the goal. 3 strength, 3 cardio. Silks practice counts as a strength day. I actually started this week. Yesterday was workout #6. Today is a rest day. We'll see how this fares now that I'm back at work post-holidays. 6 workouts/week for at least 5 of the 6 weeks = pass Less than that = fail Straight arm/straight leg straddle up I am soclose to getting this regularly. But I think I have microbend
  25. Hellooooooooooooo Assassins! I think I am going to try something a little different for this challenge. I am someone who thrives on variety and being able to switch things up, and I have a LOT of different stuff I am working on, so Instead of trying to do a regimented two days of this per week, one day of this per week, blah blah blah, I want to go a little more freeform, with the exception of my primary goal of CORE DAY EVERY DAY WOOOOO! My inspiration for my core goal is: I am still rehabbing my left tricep. It is SO CLOSE to back to normal. During my month of injury and not being abl
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