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  1. "i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly i'll do what it takes 'til i touch the sky. and i'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway..." Coming up with this challenge has been tough, mostly because I have little room for new habits without sacrificing my very solid exercise regimen, and I hate giving myself stat points for doing something I do anyway! I have my eating/calorie goals dialed in (in fact, I should hit my weight loss goal very soon!), I'm settled into a good lifting regimen, I'm set for aerial twice a week... what to do? Step out of my comfort zone a
  2. Nothing fancy this time around, the overall goal is to keep on keeping on. Silks 1st performance done! Had a blast and learned a lot. Video is exceptionally helpful in pointing out weak points on this apparatus. Current class session runs until the end of November, then it looks like some schedule funkiness at the circus gym and my teacher is going to be gone for most of the month of December (!?). I'll have to ask about that during next class. Goal: Do silks. Love it. Work on neatening up form (pointed toes; straight legs and arms, or purposeful bending; no extraneous movements; etc.) F
  3. Third challenge! After last time, I did really well (if I say so myself!) but then fell off track in the gap between challenges arg! So getting back onto it, trying to stick with it despite getting busier and busier towards the end of the year and Christmas! My main goal is still to lose 20kg by around September/October next year. This challenge in particular I am aiming to lose about 4kg Quest 1: Do gym work, aerial silks or PT for 45 mins a day, 4 days a week I am getting good with the consistency now, but my work is picking up so I need to make sure that I plan my workouts well enough t
  4. This is my third challenge and my first with the Rangers! I am working on a little bit of everything so I figured this would be a fun guild to try. Little about myself: I decided to completely overhaul myself around a year and half ago. I had gotten quite overweight in grad school and lacked any athletic ability whatsoever. I have since cleaned up my diet, lost over 60lbs (about 30 to go!), and I am loving finding new ways to be active. I have gone from not being able to run a mile to completing a half marathon and have found a passion for the trapeze and hanging upside down. I am also a huge
  5. More to come here as I actually think of it over this week. High points: 1st silks performance on 10/11Need:finish choreography, smooth out transitions between moves.hair/costume/makeup planHave:songchoreography outlineintermittent minor freak outs.Hand/finger joint pain/strengtheningContinue previous happy hands routineTheraputty! I bought some of this stuff to help with hand strength. It should arrive today or tomorrow. Hopefully I've ordered the correct resistance. I like this list of exercises​ Last week or so of the challenge (after the performance, thankfully) I'll be at a conference
  6. Ok here is my challenge outline! This is my second challenge, and first in the guild. Main Quest: lose 20kg by around this time next year I've done it before, I can do it again, I just have to get my sh** together!! Quest 1: Do gym work, aerial silks or PT for 45 mins a day, 4 days a week Last challenge i did well at this but I need to be a bit more consistent and log my progress each time so I keep the motivation going Quest 2: Eat 1350 cal/day for 5 days per week. I was pretty average at this last time but I know it really works for me. I'm trying to be more wholefood-y, I'm not comple
  7. Alrighty, let's try this again. Last challenge ended mid-stride with busy life stuff and a slight overwhelming of the mental muscles. So, reset on challenge number 4 with different goals and a better outcome. My hand(s)! Hands have been taking a beating (also feet, calves, hip flexors and lower back, but we'll focus on one thing at a time). Silks, motorcycles and lifting weights all put varying degrees of stress on the hands/fingers and mine are telling me they need some help. Goal: Week 1: Find some kind of Happy Healthy Hands routine. Weeks 2-6: perform it 3 x week minimum. Train
  8. So its week three and I am restarting my second challenge from earlier this year, because I sort of fell off the face of the nerdfitness planet. I found out I was pregnant (again), had to stop working out, and then miscarried in April. So I spent the last two months trying to pick up the pieces and I'm ready to get to it again. I will post my challenge goals later tonight after trapeze class, but I'm basically going to be focusing on aerial silks, trapeze, and calisthenics this challenge. Peace and love!
  9. After much tweaking and chitchat, I do believe this is the final product. (Actual challenge Day 1 starts a few pages in, somewhere between post 45 and 55) Level 50 My Level 50 is vague--at 33 years old, I'm starting to see other people (not much older than I am) start to complain about how they are too old for this or that, or they've taken such poor care of themselves over time that their bodies are just breaking down. I don't want to be those people...even 30 years from now, I want my body to be well-cared for, fit, and capable of doing what I want it to do. Fitness, yo! (+1 DEX, +1 STR,
  10. Hello Assassin's guild! I spent my first challenge in the first timer's club and spent a time deliberating whether to join assassins or druids, but here I am for this challenge focusing on an acrobatics goal which fits more in the assassin's realm. I really enjoyed the first challenge, saw a lot of growth, many compliments were received when I got home and even my parents commented I look like the best shape of my life! So very rewarding overall. this first post will sound very businessy and numbers. kind of dry material, but my updates and other posts will be more candid I promise. I welcome
  11. Woo hoo! Challenge #2 Thread now, start on Monday. I never expected to find myself here in the assassins, but I've recently discovered the world of aerial--silks specifically--so here I am. Main Quest Abs. I've never been disciplined enough to see them and I'd like to do so at least once. I have a beach-y vacation coming up in March and I'd like to have them by then. We shall see... Goal 1 Track cals. Every day. To lose fat, my goal is ~1500 cals/day, though I'm not grading on amount of calories this time, just the tracking of them. Currently using MFP for this. Grading:
  12. I'm still picking up the pieces from 2013, and I'm two days behind on posting. I'm still kicking butt though. Getting closer to fulfilling my epic quest. Main Quest: To get back to silks. My strength has really improved, so I'm focusing on slowly integrating air workouts this challenge. Goal 1: Lower my assisted pullup weights by 20 lbs. I'm nearing the final stretch of my assisted pullup weight, so I know I progress is going to slow from here on out, so I'm realistically looking at a 20 lbs decrease over the next six weeks instead of the weekly decrease I've been doing since I began work
  13. Main Quest Sunshine-y beach-y vacation toward the end of March. While right now I look 'fine,' I'd like to get beyond that. Getting rid of some stubborn back fat is the primary goal. Visible abs by the time the trip rolls around would be awesome. I have 125 days total for this. Yes, vain. Sue me. Supporting Quests 3x strength training/week 3x cardio training/week Decrease diet pop consumption. 2/day max allowable during weeks 1-3, 1/day max allowable during weeks 4-6Life Quest I don't seem to have one at the moment. I paid off my student loans this summer, am happy in my job and generally
  14. Hi all This is my first challenge. Fitness was never a pleasure for me when doing it for it's own sake.I am naturally lazy. Dance was my first love! A few years ago I discovered pole dance and aerial silks/hoop/trapeze.I found myself wanting to do pushups/V ups/leg raises and running so that I could get better at my sport! My body type is not naturally agile, however I gain both muscle and fat easily. I wish my starting race was an elf..but I'm more like a cross between a dwarf and an orc?I am naturally quite flexible and if I was a superhero I would be Elastigirl!I used to say I had the wea
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