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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings folks, I hope you've all been keeping well. I'm starting up a new challenge after holiday and covid (at least not together) and planning on simplifying for this one. There are a few exercisey things I've got sorted as habit now and I really don't need to keep them in my challenge for the sake of it. If you're interested: Things to improve The exercise parts that have dropped off are cycling once a week, and keeping up my walking when I'm not in the office. I'm starting a new job in April so I won't have the river walk, but I will be getting off the tube in zone 2 and walking in which saves money and gets the steps in! Food-wise has always been the biggest problem - eating when bored/stressed particularly and I do find counting calories (1600 a day) to be the only way to stop me eating for the sake of it. I'm very rarely hungry, I just like food. I also started sleep improvement at the end of last year, not looking at my phone in bed, and that's totally failed of late. So on to this new challenge! Food Under 1600 calories = 10 points per day Two days in a row = 5 points Total points = 520 but much more likely to about a third of that Sleep No phone before bed = 10 points per day Two days in a row = 5 points Total points = 520 Walking Two miles walking = 10 points per day Two days in a row = 5 points Total points = 520 Cycling Cycle once a week = 10 points Total possible challenge points = 1610 To pass the challenge I need to get at least 800 points
  2. Good morrow fellow adventurers! Apologies for the huge absence over the last few months, hope you have all been well and adventuring good and proper As per my last challenge (back in the day), I'm working on adding little things that I can do on a daily basis without having to think about them, so the whole getting healthier and stuff can be sustainable. Currently I do the following: - 2.5 minute squat when I brush my teeth in the evenings - 25 press-ups when I get out of bed, on every morning I go to work - 10 minute jog on every morning I go to work - 3x10 reps on the dumbbells/barbell each morning I go to work (Mon, Wed, Fri - biceps curls and lateral raise, Tue, Thu - bent over rows and military press) - commute walkings (just over a mile from home to tube, and again from tube to work) So my commute walkings have got a bit lazy and I tend to hop on the bus if it's there. Also the jog is sometimes cut short depending on how tired I am in the mornings. I've also got pretty bad with calorie counting (as in, I'm just not), and am getting back on the flabby side... So, goals for this challenge: - Calorie count staying under 1900 at least 4 days per week - sub-clause: don't eat like a dick on the other days - Make press-ups an everyday thing - sub-clause: catch ups allowed if I forget - Do full commute walk at least 4 out of 5 days per week - sub-clause: walk time can be made back at lunch or after work - If I cut short the jog two days in one week, I have to go for a 20 minute run at the weekend or one evening that week - sub-clause: none, but I wanted the list to be neat Points and scoring Keeping things simples, I will either pass or fail for each week. I need to pass three out of the four weeks to pass the challenge and level up. Boom.
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